Warning to all about Swearing and Rules

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  1. We repeat that we will NOT tolerate swearing or personal attacks to other groups or individuals, regardless if the victim of the attack is a member of the IVF Connections or not. You may use your own words to express frustration in your posts, we recognize the need to vent, provided you do not bring it to a level of personal attack and swear at other individuals.

    We run this board at no cost to our users for your benefit, but we will not run a board where people in their annonymity feel it is ok to offend and attack others. IVF Connections is a place for support and respect.

    We will continue to ban users from breaking our rules.
    Here are the rules (also posted at top of each page)

    No selling, donating or asking for medications. Here is why.

    No defamatory comments about clinics, doctors or their staff. Read more.

    If you can't say it nicely, don't post it! Read more.

    See Terms and Conditions

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