Waiting list at Cornell: why so long?

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  1. Just curious, why are the waiting list at Cornell so long? Do they not have a large pool of donors perhaps?

    BTW, I am a former Cornell patient. We are using a gestational carrier which is illegal in NY so have to go elsewhere. Also, photos are important for us.

    Thanks just one of those random thoughts that keep me from doing my work

  2. Bella -

    My understanding is that Cornell is ridiculously selective when it comes to it's donors. Not only does it require them to be young and attractive, but it also requires them to pass a very stringent exam containing lots of questions designed to elicit whether or not they would be intelligent and trustworthy enough to follow all directions and administer all meds properly. I was told that the vast majority of girls who apply to be donors at Cornell are not selected. Hence the wait...

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