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  1. Hi there. just wanted to find anyone who is waiting to get their first pregnancy test and who is going through IVF for the first time. This is my first time and I take my test this Thursday. Let me know if you're out there. I'm starting to feel emotional.
    thank you.

  2. Hi asiootus, I am not where you are right now, but I have been there in the past. It is such an emotional time. The next couple of days seem like forever. I hope you have good news.

  3. Hi. thank you. How many times have you been throug this already and have you had success? two more days and I'll let u know

  4. asiootus...there is a board on here for women just like you going through the "two week wait"...you should check it out!

  5. Thank you very much. That was a lot of help and thoughtful of you. Much appreciated.

  6. you are very welcome...best of luck to you!

  7. Hi there. Just wanted to let you al know the great news, positive. Wow. I have to take another blood test next week, just wanted to share the news with you all. Thank you.

  8. asiootus, That is great news on your positive beta test !!

  9. Hi everyone...I'm new here and am 4 days away from my first pregnancy test with ivf...i feel like i could get my period any day now and im getting kinda bummed...guess i just wanted to voice my nervousness and say hello I think God is tired of hearing me ask for favors

  10. I have my first pregnancy test this Saturday, also waiting anxiously.

  11. Hi All. It's been a while since I've been on here riccardo morri. I've had two other beta tests since then and they have all gone up. Thank goodness. How are you. I'm going for my first ultrasound this Thursday the 30th.

    And good luck to both of you, paolo6657 and axylokota. Please let us know the results. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  12. I've had 2 positive tests also with good numbers. I have an u/s on the 6th bright and early, 7am.

  13. axylokota, that's great news. So I went for my ultrasound thursday and sure enough, two heart beats. Talking about freaking out. I was really sure it was one. Wow. I'm still shocked. Good luck with your ultrasound. Let us know. How exciting.

  14. Congrats to both of you !!! I'm getting ready to start a new cycle soon. Hopefully I'll be following your lead!

  15. I have also been in the 2ww and was so sure I would start my AF since I have had lots of cramping and very light spotting and guess what...positive beta!! Am keeping my fingers crossed and drinking lots of fluids...

  16. ...tha bad news is I dropped to 13 today. Chemical. Damn.

  17. I am so sorry educamb

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