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  1. I am ready to go for a donor cycle and am not finding a match I like with my clinic's in house donor program. I have located a donor I like with an agency; she will need to be medically screened.

    In your experience, what is the time from initial inquiry with an agency to retrieval, assuming no schedule limitations on the donor?


  2. Action- well I don't know any of this but if I assume u choose her- u have to fill out the paperwork- she has to agree she is ready to cycle right now, next month, or over holidays. It only takes a week or less to get all the infectious dX testing back- do they already have baseline labs like fsh, lh, e??? If they have all that it is really probably just coordinating your cycles which could be quick or not quick.

    I would think it will take at least 2 months to get all synced and to retrieval.


  3. Thanks. I am hoping to have retrieval in January. But, my clinic will need to have her out for medical screening at their clinic first. Sounds like it's doable but I'm going to inquire about her availability.

  4. Action - is the donor proven already? if so, she's probably already been tested for the big genetic stuff, ms, cf etc - those tests take a couple of weeks for the results to come back.

    therefore, assuming she's available to cycle you'd just need to wait for her day 2 and then get her hormone levels tested, only takes about 24 hrs for the results, along w the FDA tests which take a day or two to come back. if that goes well, then they'd put her on bcp for a week or two to sync you both up and then you'll be good to go.

    if the stars align, it may only be a month until you get to ER, exciting stuff!!

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