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  1. Trina - It does seem funny not seeing her, especially when she's about 3 miles away from me. But hey, she's fine with that, so I guess I'll be fine with that. Because of being out of town for Thanksgiving, I have a reprieve until Christmas at this point, but I'll probably drop by before then.

    As for the office urine samples - I'm stumped. I've been trying to think of some label that will warn away any potential office fridge raider. Unfortunately, labeling it breast milk is the only thing I've come up with - which would keep away all of the men. But that might catch the eye of IFC, she'd insist on knowing who in the office was breast-feeding so she can commiserate about her exyoungihmiences with it, just how difficult it is to do the right thing by your child when you work, and what pumps are you using?, I used this pump, yada yada...

  2. kate - So sorry about the cold. Ugh. I hate being sick. I'm sure your sister will understand. Mine told me to come or not come and that she wouldn't be hurt because she understood how hard it must be on me. Actually it was partly the fact that she was so understanding that made me decide to go for her labor. I figured if I couldn't handle it and walked out she would understand. I'm counting down too. I will have my beta just a few days before Christmas. So I'll either have a wonderful present or I'll drink myself into a stupor on the holiday.

    trina - Hopefully the urine samples will not be an issue if it falls on the weekend. But, couldn't you seal them in a payoungihm bag that says "do not open" or something?

    As for me. Not much going on. Just waiting for AF and my ultrasound on Thursday morning. Oh, and a blood draw too. Not fun to get stuck first thing in the morning but as many times as I've been stuck I really don't even notice it anymore. Well, as long as they aren't idiots and mess up. The in-laws are indeed clean the fridge out nosy. They know we've cycled in the past so it isn't a secret. But, I just don't like telling people anymore because it is too hard to deal with the sympathy when it fails. And MIL is apt to say something stupid like "why don't you just adopt." When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and it wasn't clear whether they were going to have to do a full hysterectomy or whether I'd be able to keep my uterus MIL told my DH to tell me that "pregnancy isn't all it is cracked up to be." I don't think she realized how hurtful that statement was. She's also made some comments that I think she thought would be supportive of adoption such as "we'll love any child you have no matter how you come by it." She's just a typical insensitive fertile. Not mean, just stupid. So I just don't want to discuss these things with her anymore. I will probably just bury the drugs in the crisyoungihm and hope she keeps her mouth shut.

  3. Hi Girls, It sounds like we are all counting down the days. I have one u/s check on Tuesday (same as Kate) and probably a blood draw. I have to go back on Dec 1st so the RE can put a stitch in my cervix. He had a hard time during my mock transfer getting the catheter in so he wants to put a stitch in my cervix for traction. Seems very strange to me but I trust him. In the past he never had an issue inserting the catheter but now suddenly I have a new problem.

    My transfer is Dec 4th and my beta is Dec 14th. I will be like you mpapa - either very happy or very drunk for Christmas.

    BTW - I know what Kate & Trina are going through with your siblings babies. My younger brother & his wife had their first baby in June (SIL got PG first month off bc pills by having sex). It was so hard for me to go to the hospital and act happy. I'm dreading seeing them at Christmas and watching my mother coo over her 1st grandchild. It will be like a knife to the heart.

  4. Mind if I join? Started my 3rd IVF cycle yesterday. Not really hoping for anything at all, just using up our insurance (so later we won't look back with regret, thinking we should've kept trying). Had the donor egg discussion last week with my doctor. He said he's never seen a patient quite like me and he's been in practice for a very long time.

    I have a deep appreciation for dark humor as it seems to be the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. I'm finding myself easily ticked off by the confident cheerfulness of first-timers and anyone who is overly youngihmky nowadays.

    This cycle we're gonna try Lupron. Never had it before because I have diminished ovarian reserve. The doctor is going to try to homogenize my follicles. I'm leery about side effects and we will soon know how whether or not this drug makes me a bit unstable. My poor husband- he's got to live with me.

  5. Hi Hannah,

    Welcome. I have luped it up for my last couple cycles and I have to say I didnt find it too bad. Sometimes headaches. The shots are also tiny and painless. I noticed you are in NYC. I am too. Which clinic? I am at Cornell.

  6. Peaches,

    Meant to respond to your post, but totally spaced. Our transfers are pretty close. I calculated mine as on or about December 6. Totally agree with the drunk or happy analysis.

    Ughh re: the sibiling baby situation. Brutal. My sister accidentally got pregnant (with her 3rd) while on vacation b/c she forgot to bring her pills. That's nice that she wasnt even off the pill. Just forgot to take a few. Of course dreading the holidays along with you. The "holiday advice" thread has some good suggestions. Are you going to have to see your family? can you avoid this year?

  7. Trina-

    Thanks for the reassurance about the Lupron. I'm at Columbia right now. Might try a consult w/ Cornell in 2010.

    Sometime we should get all the NYC people together if we have the energy.

    I think after reading your story that I may have met you IRL at a support group once. I'm one of the only ones who still isn't pregnant from that group...

  8. Hannah-OMG. I am thinking you are one of 2 people. Give me a clue. I have a few (not so nice) thoughts about the support group as well (but pls dont think I am a beyotch) would you prefer a PM?

  9. Trina- I'll private msg. you although if anyone reads this from Columbia clinic, I'm sure they've already figured out who I am.

  10. Hey Hannah, welcome. I'm at Columbia as well - I see Dr. Thornton out in Westchester. I'm going to have the serious DE talk as well if this FET fails. Although I still may do one more hail mary with my OE at Cornell...

    I did a micro dose lupron cycle on my last IVF. Is that what they are talking about with you? It didn't yield me any more eggs than the other two IVFs, but I did get pregnant (but lost him much later in pregnancy) and managed to get another embryo to blast to be frozen. So it may have improved the overall quality of the eggs retrieved...

    Lupron itself hasn't been so bad. I'm also using it for this FET (for much longer than with MDL), and I haven't had any side effects.

    Oddly enough, it looks like most of us have transfers around the first/second week of December.

  11. Hi kate! So I'm not the only one at Columbia. I had Dr. Thornton once for an U/S and he was good about answering my questions. Actually, just had some confusion about whether my protocol was micro-dose or regular Lupron. It's regular. I'm not the typical DOR patient. My body is weird, what can I say? Either that or they mixed up the test results.

    Not sure when my transfer will be yet.

  12. Welcome Hannah. I can't really chime in on the lupron. I have always done ganirelix instead. I start that this weekend.

    AFM - My RE appointment for a baseline ultrasound was scheduled for early this morning. I got up, skipped my run, started getting ready and got a call that my RE is sick. They have someone subbing for him but not until this afternoon. So I missed my run for nothing and my appointment is pushed back. Grrrr. I am a dedicated runner but I have to stop all exercise after transfer so I cherish every run. I did get a blood draw this morning. It was quick and painless. We'll see how the ultrasound goes with a strange doc this afternoon.

  13. I'm cautiously putting my foot in here... I stupidly joined a cycle group on the FET board for my last cycle two months ago and almost everyone in that group got a bfp. except for me of course. and, being an FET board, many of them were trying for #2 or #3. I think I'd do better on the vets board.

    I'm 35, DH is 41. We've been TTC since we got married 4 years ago, and started treatments three years ago. I was first dx'd with PCOS and then eventually had a lap after many failed IUI cycles and added endo to the dx. Then moved across the country and switched clinics. I'm now at Yale. We did IVF last fall, transferred 2 embryos and one split, resulting in a triplet pregnancy. If you want to read my whole horrible story, do a search on my username and look for the thread "my update". If the board it's on offends you, don't read it. I had many complications with that pregnancy, spent eight weeks on bedrest in and out of hospitals, and eventually our son was born at 25w2d and did not survive. I had a classical c-section, so that adds to the complications for future pregnancies.

    We were lucky enough to have seven frozen embryos from last year's cycle, but they were frozen in two batches of two and one of three. So that means three chances for us. Our current debate is whether to transfer one or two this time around. The last time, we only transferred one and I'm very leery of two after what happened last year, but the increased rate of success is tempting.
    I went for my baseline yesterday and started estrace today. The earliest transfer date is 12/10, but last time I needed 4 extra days on estrace and I got stalled for a couple of days because of either my RE or the lab's schedule so it won't surprise me if it's later.

  14. Hi candace,

    I remember you from the thread I posted about my sister over the summer and all of the supportive advice you offered. I'm so sorry for all you have been through. I'm glad you joined us on this thread. Can completely relate to being the last one standing. That happened to me in my live support group, and it is pretty depressing. I am also doing a FET following my losses. It is kind of weird but quite a few of us on this thread probably have transfers around the same time. I am projecting mine to be around the 6th of December.

    nuro-that really s*cks about the run. I find nothing goes as planned when i am cycling. How did the u/s go?

    AFM-not too much. starting on Monday with monitoring, so trying to do relaxing fun things (drinking) this weekend.

  15. Welcome, Candace. I think you'll fit right in here.

  16. Candace - welcome. You replied to some of my really early/raw posts about jumping back into ttc'ing after William died. Thank you so much. At the time you were going to meet with your MFM soon - I hope that the consult was ok.

    BTW, I did do a March of Dimes memorial page and over $1,000 was donated by my friends...

    Trina - how's the drinking going? I plan on doing a lot of that between now and my transfer. Lining check on Tuesday. I mentioned that to a friend of mine and she said "what check?" Clearly I forget who speaks IF and who doesn't!

  17. Hi Kate-Drinking is great, thank you! I am really getting quite good at it. Finally, something my body actually likes, as it clearly does not like embryos very much.

    That's amazing about the March of Dimes donations. Can you PM me the website?

    Re: IF-speak, I think there needs to be a dictionary for the fertile-folk. I believe POT has a good one on her blog.

  18. hi ladies
    thank you for the welcome. I was glad to see some familiar names here, though I'm sorry it's because of our losses and struggles.

    I'm with you on the drinking - my bunco group is having our holiday bash on Dec. 11 - I am kind of hoping that my et will be after that so that I can enjoy it. Last time, I stopped drinking on the day I started PIO but this time I think it will be after the party if the transfer hasn't happened by then. I have done more drinking in the last nine months than in the previous four years combined.

    Kate - congratulations on your MoD success. Hopefully something good can come of William's too-short life. I'm already thinking about focusing my efforts on the Walk for Babies around the time of Benjamin's birthday in March - in hopes of making the day a little better.

    trina - how are things going with your sister? mine has gotten a little better lately. just a little, but I'll take it. I put up an emotional barrier to be able to spend time with her and my nephew.

    one funny story related to both IF-speak and fertile folk and my sister - when she went for her first prenatal appt at 8 weeks, she asked the u/s tech if they were going to use the dildocam. She had heard me use the term so many times that she thought that was what it was called.

  19. Hi Candace,

    Things with sis unfortunately status quo. She makes some shallow attempts at trying, but she is really not the most understanding. I am trying to steer clear of her during cycles, as I dont want her to upset me, but I do not know how I am going to deal with her after as there are a lot of bad feelings. I am glad things are a little better with your sister. It sounds like there is some hope and you both must have shared a laugh over the dildocam! I'll keep you posted on any great breakthroughs, but I doubt it. Staying in NYC for Thanksgiving (likely doing urine samples) and will not be having any family time for a while...


  20. Welcome Hannah & Candace.

    I have to vent about the fact that I went to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at my dad's house yesterday only to discover that my 21 yr old nephew has accidently knocked up his girlfriend. This is the 2nd time over the past year this has happened to me. My other sister's son did same thing and the baby was born in August. Both of my sister's will be GRANDMOTHERS before I become a mother IF if every become one. I keep wondering how much more can I take. I told my mother that no matter which side of the family (divorced parents) I visit I will be surrounded by new babies. My brother also had his 1st baby this year.

    I go for my lining check in the morning. Things are slowing moving forward.

    BTW - do any of you have blogs? If so, please post the link and I would love to follow them. Mine is

  21. Uggggghhhhh...Peaches. I am so sorry. That is so stressful and upsetting. I can absolutely relate. Is there any way you can get out of all of the holiday dinners and festivities? I am in the same boat. 3 new babies including my sister's. We are opting out of everything this year and blaming it on cycling. Glad things are moving along.

    AFM-CD12, officially started monitoring. doc said things still early. not back until wed.

  22. Peaches - or should I be calling you great aunt peaches? Ugh, that is just too much. I think now may be the time for a little bout of swine flu to ward off any further holiday interactions...

    Making blueberry pie now. Mmm, at least the food is good this time of year.

  23. Hello all and welcome to Candace. I have been a bit swamped at work. The ultrasound with the strange tech went just fine. She was clearly not used to the machine or my anatomy because she took forever and kept moving the dildo-cam around and around. I have had docs tell me that with my cervix all but gone it is hard to orient and figure out where things are but still, she really took a long time. In any case it makes me a little doubtful about her ability to read the ultrasound. Hopefully she knew what she was talking about. Everything looks good to move forward with the cycle and she said she saw 4-6 antral follicles on one side and 8-10 on the other. At 39 years old I am pretty happy with that.

    I started gonal-f yesterday so right now I'm at one shot of ganirelix in the AM and one shot of gonal-f in the PM. My calendar has a couple of vials of menopour as well. Retrieval is still guestimated to be Dec. 4 or 5.

    DH and I also decided to go ahead with microarray CGH. It is going to be pretty expensive. And, it is possible that they could tell us we have NO genetically viable embros which would put an end to the cycle rather quickly. But, I guess it is better to not have anything to transfer than to transfer a bad embryo and wait for the BFN or, worse, miscarriage.

    My In-laws arrive for T-giving tomorrow. This should be interesting with me doing my pincushion impression AM and PM.

  24. Kate - the worst thing of all is my stepsister is my SAME age. She is six months older than me and she is a grandmother. I am going to make the kids call me AUNT Peaches because at 42 I'm too young to be GREAT aunt Peaches. Believe me I have thought about it. I too have a very thick skin so I'm not insulted by your post.

    Trina, I only live 1 hour from my family so there is no way to skip anything. Not to mention that last year I found sister-in-law was PG and I couldn't handle it so I booked a last minute ski trip over Christmas to avoid seeing her. My family was a bit upset but I really didn't care. DH was thrilled with the change of venue. Hopefully I will be PG and it won't matter, if not I'll just take a valium to get me through the day.

    I had my u/s check today and my lining looked good at 8.3. I go back on Dec 1st for my cervical stitch and I've asked them to check my P4 as well.

    Happy early Thanksgiving to all.

  25. Peaches- You're funny. "DH was thrilled with the change in venue"... sounds just like my husband. You asked if we have blogs- I do but I'm not actively blogging right now. If you click on my name there's a link- I think it says Hannah's homepage or something. Maybe after T-giving I'll start writing again. It's tough to see infants and prancing preggos everywhere, but sometimes it's even worse when it's your own family.

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