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  1. luac, Rudy looks like he is settling in well. What a cutie. My SIL has a beagle girl that just has so much personality (or whatever you call it w/ dogs and cats!) I'm sure Rudy does too!

    KL, I love your Christmas card! Sonny is darling.

    kpet_1, Izzy has definitely spent time plotting to rule; it's so much fun watching her and the dogs that are 10x her size!! She is the complete opposite of my little dear cat, Fiona who lived with me for 17 years and traveled to several different states (and lived in eleven different houses/apts!) during my younger days. Here's a picture of little Miss Fi
    She has a bit of that same look as Princess's Meryl, I think.

    I have loved seeing each and everyone of these photos. What a great collection of cats and pups and bunnies. I think it is obvious that this is a group of wonderful women who love their wonderful animal companions.

  2. Millie. I am in love with fiona. Truly.

    must. get. cat. again. soon. (my sweetums Edie passed at age 16 just two years ago)

    This thread is killing me - in a good way. I may have to just go to the shelter this weekend...

  3. Hey Kate, you might already know this....the ASPCA is on E. 92nd St.

  4. Thanks! Although I now live in Westchester (despite my screen name) - but I really do need to just go somewhere and adopt a kitty. goshdarnit! I was dreaming about cats this weekend...

  5. This is Pepper. She's a one person cat--mine. She hates everyone else.

  6. Oh, but Pepper is so lovely. Very pretty girl!

    Kate, thank you for your comment on Fiona. She was a very very special girl. She came to live with me the summer before my senior year of college, so tiny she fit in one hand. We went through a lot together. She was a good judge of character, I always trusted her to vet the peoples I dated and hung out with. (She bit this one dude, and later I found out she was totally right!) When I met DH he said he was allergic to cats and I said too bad, cat preceded you. We're a package deal. Eventually he became "unallergic."

  7. This thread has made my day! I'm going to have to figure out how to download pictures too. I also have to check out this Furminator thing. It would be a life saver.

  8. I've been following this thread and unable to post for days. I am something of a crazy cat lady, saved only by the fact that my DH is crazier than I am. DH and I have been together 18 years, over which time we've had 17 cats (not all at once!), all former strays.

    The past two weeks have been very, very hard. Back during my last IVF cycle (well, maybe my last, I still haven't finally decided) in November, we adopted two kittens from a shelter. My thinking was, if this cycle fails as usual at least I'll have two kittens to snuggle. Well, not so much. Sadly, both had FIP: fortunately rare (this was my first time in my 39 years of having cats around), but basically a death sentence. We lost little girl Smoka in mid-December, and on Monday this week had to say goodbye to little boy Seamus:

    Still, reading your stories on this thread, especially the rescue/stray/shelter stories with happy endings, makes me smile. We still have five adult cats at home, all of whom are getting special love and attention. We will probably try again with two new kittens later in the spring when the evil virus has left the premises.

    Didn\'t want to bring anyone down, but I did want to share my two little angels. I know you all understand.

  9. oh scuba, I'm so sorry to hear about your two little cats. Gorgeous little things too. An acquaintance of mine (thru the "dog world") just lost a young kitty to FIP. It sounds like there is little to do to prevent or treat or even to diagnose it before it is too late. Hugs to you.

  10. Oh scuba I am so sorry.

  11. So sorry, Scuba - what wee cuties they were. We got our latest kitty from the shelter because of a failed and probably final cycle, so I know where you're coming from in that respect - it's a bittersweet comfort, isn't it? To lose it must be very tough - thinking of you.

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