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  1. Ditto on the Furminator!

  2. Let us all notice that my Ezzie has good taste - she made herself at home in a Fogal bag....

  3. My pets....two Holland Lops. Peanut is on the left and Buttercup is the blonde, diva bunny.

    When they were younger...

  4. Oh my god how cute are they?!?!?!

  5. EQ, Max and Ghost are both adorable. What's the custody arrangement, or should I ask?

    pipis, awww! Peanut and Buttercup. That's cute by itself! They are scrumptious - love the lop ears!!

  6. many vet-cats...I knew there was a reason the vets were the best. If a cat trusts them, I figure people are probably okay (wink).

    don't get me wrong...I lurve dogs too. EQ, your dogs are beautiful.

    and yeah, the furminator rocks.

    pipis, the bunnies are sweet. never had a pet bunny, but I hear they are great pets.

  7. so nice to come home to pics of beautiful kitties, doggies and bunnies, oh my.

    EQ, the dogs are scrumptious, sorry that you can't have ghost w/you f/t

    pipis, i want those bunnies, sooooooooo cute.

    I have the furminator too, a lifesaver. We try to furminate outdoors because so much hair comes out in tumbleweeds.

    NYC, you have one smart kitty there.

    OK, sos, I come home, mom pisses me off on the phone, I've had a couple of drinks already and this beautiful black cat is outside the front of my house, an obvious stray who knows I have become the cat lady, what's an infertile girl to do????????????????????? Of course feed him/her at least

    here it is:

  8. Thanks for the comments on the buns.

    Yeah, it's a good thing they are so cute because they know that they are the bosses around here...haha! We are just their human slaves.

    (I laugh all the time at one of the unofficial mottos of the bunny website that I visit which says that 'Dogs have owners...cats have staff...and bunnies have slaves.' )

    I love seeing the pics of all the kitties and puppies here. They are all so gorgeous.

  9. What a good-looking menagerie! pipis, the bunnies are so cute! In the second pic Buttercup looks like she's rubbing her paws together and plotting an evil overthrow of a parsley empire. Are you familiar with I'm sure they'd both fit right in.

    NYC, Ezzie does have excellent taste. Is she also a food snob?

    Awww, EQ, Max and Ghost look like they're about to start talking - such expressive faces.

    BCTM, Yami definitely has the whole "green steel" look going on. Romeo and Valentino are gorgeous sorry about Romeo. Usha looks like she's about to do a workout on the crosstrainer! We just got a little kitten from the shelter today who has similar markings to Ocky - we tried out the little white guy with different-coloured eyes, the same as Mintie, but they HATED each other. This wee tabby and white girl is very laid back and seems to be getting on ok with Mintie, so we'll see. I've been too busy with her to register for Photobucket but will have to do so! Has the black stray made it inside yet...?

    Princess, Meryl does look like a sweetheart. (Was she named after Ms Streep?) I want to see bellydancing footage! Re the squeaking furniture, I just had a similar incident with Mintie wedging herself up inside the couch here - only it didn't squeak, it clawed.

    Am thinking of calling the new kitten Truffle. Truffle McFluffle, in fact. Love it? Hate it? Vote now!

    ETA: Trina, Kristen, bring on the slutty Trinas and the pug in a snug!

  10. I love Truffle McFluffle!! Go for it!!

    But then again....I did name my pets after a candy!

    I do enjoy 'Disapproving Rabbits' website. Always guaranteed to make me laugh.

  11. Debated starting another thread for this, but figured it would go well here...

  12. OK, figured out are some family snaps:

    Mintie just after we got her, snuggled up on the fluffy throw. She still had a tiny dash of black on her head then:

    Mintie after a romp through the gully when everything was covered in dew:

    Mintie and DH after a long day:

    Mintie sporting my 1920s diamond bracelet:

    Mintie and Truffle are unimpressed with the respective competition:


    It was hard to get a good shot of her as she is so smoochy she keeps coming up and nuzzling my hand every time I point the camera at her. She was sleeping on my shoulder/back of my neck before...awwwww! Dig the permanent eye-liner, eh?

  13. Love it, Princess! But I want to see the soup course...

  14. LAKIS, congratulations on Truffle, perfect name to go w/mintie, and purrrrrrrfectly gorgeous.

  15. oh, i have been enjoying this thread. what wonderful beautiful kitties and bunnies and pups you all have. i will have to try to do the photobucket thing to show you my lil darlins.

    bctm, what's happening with the stray? i often joke that i'll be the crazy old cat lady but i'll have only all black cats. of course, seeing all the beautiful kitties in this thread makes me think i could be a crazy cat lady with one of each color and stripe and pattern ....

    my big lunkhead boy dog has a bad ear ache right now, i need to make a vet appt in the morning. i know its bad because he is usually mr stoic.

  16. EQ, Max and Ghost are both adorable. What's the custody arrangement, or should I ask? I visit them at their house. It's not ideal but it's working. They are at home with their fenced half acre so they're happy. But they miss me.

  17. I love all the vet pets. If I get bummed out and need to smile I now know where to look. OK, here's Sonny the pug. He's my real live teddy bear. This guy follows me around, gets under the blankets in bed and sits on my lap pretty much every time I'm sitting anywhere (including the dinner table, on occasion). You could say I'm a little attached.

    My lovebug

    Christmas card (yes, I am one of those people)

    Relaxing in his snuggie

  18. Adorable, Kristen! And very photogenic. Love the snuggie and the scarf!

  19. His Majesty King Smokey:

    He is actually a teenager in a pekingese body. He has been known to sleep in until 6 PM on more than one occasion.

  20. Ok, bear with me, I hope I do this right..

    Here is Rudy, my newly adopted 4 yr old beagle who is the sweetest thing ever....

    Trying to s*ck up for a treat:

    Just hanging in his favorite spot - bed.

  21. Okay, I finally put some pictures up on photobucket - I'm at work so these are just pix I already had online or on this computer

    My kitties
    Boo (old man cat)

    Izzy, aka boo2 - this is from when she is still rather small, but still fits her adult personality. She's 2 1/2 years old now.

    My big handsome boy

    and our "baby" - a very sassy girl - she was sleeping with her tongue out and opened her eyes after i'd snapped a picture. we call this teddy bear tongue.

  22. I am so, soooo behind around here, but I just wanted to tell you all I've been LOVING this thread and your pictures.

    Millie - I love the tongue hanging out. And that Boo pic is hysterical.
    nycitygal - the back legs stretched out always kill me. My pyr mix does that, too.
    KL - Oh. My. God. Great shots! They could all be calendar shots or something. I'd have hung THAT Christmas card up in my house in a flash!
    LAKIS - I used to have an all white kitty. Those pics sure brought back memories of him.
    Skate - would never have made you out for a bunny gal, but they are adorable! Do they hang out in your lap very often? How often are they caged. We had bunnies when I was young, but I do not remember them. I wish I did - especially after seeing those pics. Freaking hysterical.
    EQ - I miss your ex-dogs for you. Made me so sad to think you don't have them with you.
    NYC - bags and boxes...such cheap fun.
    BCTM - that shot on the ladder is awesome! I also have a furminator...LOVE IT!
    Princess...what a fantastic bunch. It's so good to have faces to go with all the names, or, well, descriptions! All of them are beautiful, but Lulu's coloring is absolutely gorgeous!

    If I can figure out photo bucket before falling asleep, I'll try to post some as well, but I've been loving seeing all your kids.

    Oh, and BCTM...I can't say that plate of food looks all that great, but my guess is it was tasting pretty d@mn good. My guess is that cat is there to stay. I am a sucker, too. That's how I ended up with my little Ned.

  23. luac, Rudy is VERY sweet! I can see why you're smitten.

    Millie, Izzy/boo2 makes a perfect Basement Cat!

    kpet_1, Smokey looks so silky-soft! Does he require a lot of grooming?

    Looking forward to seeing yours, Morrison.

  24. NYC - bags and boxes...such cheap fun.

    Hey...the stuff that came in that Fogal bag was not cheap. :-)

  25. Everyone's pets look so lovable - well, Izzy (desdindia's) looks like she is plotting to rule her roost, though.

    Smokey does require grooming - when he allows it. He can be a bit of a grump. He complains a lot about getting groomed in places that he would rather not be.

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