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  1. Post your pictures of your fluffy, furry, scaly, feathery companions here, ladies!

    Guaranteed Facebook-free since 2010.

  2. Great idea, LAKIS! I hope it is okay if I post the Trina sisters, even though they have long been in the litterbox in the sky. I just need to get the old pictures from my mom.

  3. Vet pet! Love it! I don't have a pet

  4. This is great, thanks LAKIS! I have to figure out how to post pics....

  5. Can somebody explain how to post photos here?

  6. I'm fairly certain that the posting of images is disabled on the most of the boards, probably to prevent the kinds of photos and tickers that would be upsetting to people. You can, though, post a link to photos hosted elsewhere.

  7. What a great idea!

    Once you join photobucket and download your pics, they offer you a direct link you can post , just copy and paste it.

    Here you go:
    this was when she first got here.

    Oscelot, she was left dumped in a box in a pet store, emaciated.
    She get's all the food she wants now and her nickname is Hippo, silent H

    This is

  8. fixed now, check it out:

    Here\'s Usha:

    Ocky had a surprise for us when we got her as emaciated as she was, and that gift was Usha. Ocky (Oscelot) was only supposed to be "fostered for a few days" but she had a different agenda, and we couldn't part w/either of them.

    If anyone wants to see them in their first days, let me know.

  9. BCTM, you're too quick, we cross-posted so I deleted mine!

    Oscelot is beautiful, and has such an "I am Cat - that's God to you" look on her face, I love it

  10. OK, once I have a little time and figure out photobucket, you can expect some pictures of my pug in his snuggie. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but it's really f-in cute. Stay tuned!

  11. OK, here are mine. Can you tell I am a geeky cat lady?

    Sophie, 3yo Manx / Maine Coon mix, tailless hunter and professional yowler. In fact, she was found by her rescuer because she was under a car in the rain, yowling. That's my girl. I found her on the internet and snatched her from the jaws of death, literally - she was going to be put down the day I adopted her....

    Lulu, 10yo Tortoiseshell, world-class hider and escape artist, except when she's belly dancing for me. She was born on a co-worker's farm and came to me when she still fit in my hand. She had a less dramatic kittenhood than Sophie, but has made up for it by getting lost for all of Thanksgiving Day 2008 (her picture was up on flyers all over Harlem). She was found that evening, hiding in the arm of my sofa, only because my father was poking at a bulge and it squeaked...

    And Angel Meryl, my first ever kitty, who (like Sophie) was found under a car in the rain. I love Lulu and Sophie like crazy, but Meryl was one of those special cats. She was a person, really. Quite a lady.

  12. OMG, Princess. The kitties are all so beautiful.

  13. princess, all of your cats are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    Can\'t wait to see more from everyone.

    Here\'s Valentino:

    He had a brother Romeo, but he died at only 6 from heart failure. He through a clot, it was awful and I won't go into it, but here they were together.

    Since Romeo died we had to get Valentino's heart checked, and we found out he too has heart disease, so at least we can try and prevent the same thing from happening to him w/baby aspirin and heart medicine

  14. OMG, BCTM, Romeo and Valentino (great names for brothers, btw) are like exact mirror images of each other. That's so cool! They're gorgeous.

    So sorry about Romeo. A dear friend's cat had a clot as well - it's a terrible thing to go through. Glad you're able to be proactive with Valentino.


  16. princess, I'm in love with Meryl.

  17. could are kitties be related NYC? What a beautiful kitty, what's his/her name?

    I think my Yami and he/her look a lot alike:

  18. Her name is Ezzie, short for Esmerelda.

    Yami is a beauty.

  19. Ezzie is gorgeous, how old is she?

  20. She's 11 - she'll be 12 in May. When I was breaking up with a long time boyfriend, he was moving out, etc...I knew it was time to get a cat. We always had a cat when I was a kid but this boyfriend didn't want a pet. Anyway I told my friend in the neighborhood that I was in search of a cat (she's a big animal person) and like 2 days later, I get a phone call from her and she says "I think your cat is here." My friend was sitting on her front stoop playing with her hedgdhog (yes, Simon the hedgehog) and this little skinny stray kitten runs up to her and starts playing and hanging around. It was clear she was a stray - her ears were full of mites and she was waaaay too skinny. So my friend took her inside (quarantined her in the laundry room away from her other animals) and the next day I picked her up, took her to the vet, and brought her home. She had a couple of infections which got better with treatment and she's totally healthy ever since. She was about 2.5 months old when I got her. She came home to me the day after the boyfriend moved out so the timing was...cosmic (yeah whatever). Anyway we've been thick as thieves ever since. And she and my husband are in love with each other which is a very good thing too. She's an indoor city cat but she also comes with us upstate whenever we go, she's great in the car, and she totally adapts to being upstate every time...goes outside, drinks from the pond, chases bugs...and hides in protest when we get ready to leave to come back to the city...

  21. princess, I'm in love with Meryl.

    Aww, thanks - me too

    Actually she is the biggest reason I wish I still believed in heaven. There are a lot of people I'd like to see again, but her most of all. Isn't that weird? I did say I was a crazy cat lady

  22. She's an indoor city cat but she also comes with us upstate whenever we go, she's great in the car, and she totally adapts to being upstate every time...goes outside, drinks from the pond, chases bugs...and hides in protest when we get ready to leave to come back to the city...

    Ha! Smart cat! She's beautiful - I love how silvery her fur looks, and how soft

    And funny, she does look a bit like BCTM's Yami!

  23. I comb her a couple of times a week with the greatest device...called the FURMINATOR. It is unlike any other comb I've ever used. I swear it takes off enough fur to make another cat. Gets her undercoat and really helps with the hairballs. I like it so much (and so does she) that I got a second one to leave upstate. It really cuts down on the shedding too.

  24. OO, NYC, I have a Furminator too. Aren't they incredible? Best. Product. Ever.

  25. Max
    and Ghost
    My ex-dogs that live in my ex-house with my soon to be ex-husband!

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