Very LOW Beta Numbers?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Has any one out there made it past the first month with an extremely low beta number? I just tested +ve with my beta, which I least expected since I'd started spotting a few hours befor I got the call. They said my beta was 17 and my progesterone was so low that they wanted me to increase the dose by doing IM instead of just the supporsortories. Any one out there with this situation?


  2. I'm in a similar situation at the moment. 12 at 11dp5dt and 26 at 13dp5dt. Next test will be in 4 days. It's killing me because I want it to stick but I have not found success stories with numbers this low =(

  3. my sis in law had a beta of 11 at 16dpo and her son is turning 5 in feb. so dont give up hope. she got preg with a clomid cycle.

  4. Hi ladies,

    My beta at 8dp5dt was a 20. I tested a day early so that I could go ahead and start Lovenox since a hpt was positive and I needed to start it as soon as pregnant. I have second beta tomorrow so we will see.

    rcsummer- glad they checked your progresterone. My clinic only does IM prog because they feel more safe with it.

    Mehmet- at least your numbers are doubling. Hope all ends well and you have a great story to tell. Good luck on your next beta.

    I will let you know how mine goes tomorrow.


  5. not great news for me. Beta only went up to a 30 which youngihm beta base is a doubling time of 82 hours. I had a chemical with first IVF and really don't want to go through this again. I am praying for a miracle. Waiting for Satu.


  6. I'm feeling for you guys, I just rec'd news of my first beta and it was 10-- cra_!! I was feeling very positive and it's hard to remain positive. Now, I'm searching the boards trying to find good stories. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.

  7. Hello ladies,

    Thanks so much for all the responses. We just need to keep hope alive and pray for the best. Today, my beta numbers came back at 43. The nurse said it was great, so I'm just hoping it continues to double. I'm scheduled to be back on Monday.

    I'm usually good at keeping other's sprit's up, but not mine, for some strange reason. Anyway, I just want to let you all know that it is possible to have a baby with low beta. With my first pregnancy, my initial beta was somewhere around 50 which ended up with DS and he's almost 2yrs now. So lolw betas are definitley possible. This time it even came out lower, so..... I'm just glad it's doubling though. We'll just waint and see.

  8. i am on another website n the girl did a fresh ivf cycle and at 14dpo her beta was 40. well will u believe today she saw twins on the u/s with 2 heartbeats... with a beta of 40.. so try not to read to much into the numbers...

  9. My beta was 23 at 10dp3dt and only went up to 36 at 12dp3dt and everything turned out fine. I was also spotting for the first 10 weeks too. I thought for sure it would be a chemical.

    My DS is 18 months old now.

  10. Thanks ladies for all the encouraging stories. I feel pregnant and did not have these symptoms with my other chemical. I am blessed to have DS who is turning 3 on sunday, but so hope that this pregnancy continues and results in a healthy child. I go tomorrow for another beta so I will update then.

    LMS- yours sounds like what mine did. It missed doubling by 10 points so I hope I have the same results you did. Do you remember how your other betas were? When did you start to see them doubling?

    in beta he**

  11. eklax--- i just wanted to add my betas never doubled in this preg at all i had a 110-112 doubling time at 5 weeks my best doubling times was 98 hours i think. my beta nver went over 85,000 and that was way up in the 10 weeks. my dr told me betas never do what we want them to do and as long as they rise you will have to wait till u/s to see what is going on. once u get a u/s they stop using betras and go by the measurments of the sac and stuff for viability.

    oh yes beta HE!!

  12. bolajing- thanks for your help. This is my 9th procedure and we only have one child to show for so far. It is so frustrating each time. Hopefully I will have good news to report tomorrow.


  13. Wow ladies! Very encouraging posts. Surprise to see that there can be more than one with such a low beta. I hope that's my situation I would keep you all posted on Monday.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  14. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for all the support but it is over for me. Beta went down to 20 and I am having some pretty good cramps, no bleeding yet. I would rather get a BFN than to have a chemical because they just get your hopes up. I pray that all of you have better outcomes than i do.


  15. 83 at 17dp5dt today after 12 at 11dp5dt and 26 at 13dp5dt

    I\'m still in limbo. Numbers doubled roughly every 57 hours which is not too bad, but still ridiculously low. I have another test in 4 more days.

  16. eklax, I am so sorry. I hope you're OK.

    I have a 3-month-old daughter born from my 14th cycle and 5th egg donor. My beta was 4.16 at 12dpo and 37 at 15dpo. She's healthy. The pregnancy was easy.

    Wishing you all the best of luck.

  17. 154 at 21dp5dt
    83 at 17dp5dt
    26 at 13dp5dt
    12 at 11dp5dt

    The number almost doubled in 4 days which is a definite slowing in the doubling rate. Before at least the numbers were increasing as expected but I feel this makes the outlook more clear. U/S and beta scheduled for the 24th...I think it's mostly just to see if it's ectopic and verify it's over before I stop the meds.

  18. Mehmet, wishing you luck.

  19. U/S today showed NOTHING =( Beta was 325 which is higher but hopefully on it's way down at this point.

  20. Hello ladies,

    Sorry, it's been a while since I posted. eklax and Mehmet, sorry to hear about your chemical. Don't give up hope though. It will happen one day.

    For me, my 1st beta was 17, 2 days later, 43, and 3 days later 291. Had an US a week later and saw one heart beat. So far, all is going well and looking forward to another US on Wed.

    Good luck to the rest of you and thanks for the support.


  21. congrats rcsummer

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