very low beta, not really doubling?

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  1. ok so we are on our 7th IVF cycle, we use a gestational carrier.
    This cycle we did PGD on our embies. Our carrier is a low producer when it comes to beta, they never get high at all so our first beta wasn't a real shock, but tell me what you would think if you recieved these betas, i'm so so confused. The REs office said they are fine, but i'm not so sure

    Tue at 8dp5dt beat was 6.8
    Thurs. at 10dp5dt beta was 11.4

    is this going to turn out bad too?????? i'm so confused

  2. they are low but you said you expected that. They are in the doubling range. I know RE's have bad habit of saying 48 but its every 48-72 hours! I hate that more RE's don't let women know that. your doubling times are 64.39 hours which is in the normal range

  3. I am waiting too... Good Luck!!!

    14dpr... 13
    16 dpr... 31
    23 dpr... results any time now

  4. 14 dpo 13
    16 dpo 31 doubled in 38.28 hours
    23 dpo 982 doubled in 33.7 hours!!!

    Ultrasound next Thursday or Friday

    Tiny betas CAN work out!!!

  5. 14 dpo 1316 dpo 31 doubled in 38.28 hours23 dpo 982 doubled in 33.7 hours!!! Ultrasound next Thursday or FridayTiny betas CAN work out!!!

    I\'m so glad things worked out for you, thats awesome

  6. with my last surrogacy I had a beta of a 4 on 10dp3dt, then two or three days later a 15. One baby girl was born.........

    Whatever happened? all of these post are old?

  7. what posts are old? the posts in this thread are all current.

  8. I just wanted to update, our beta on 15dpt went up to 67.7, low betas do make babies

  9. Hi ladies...I just my 1st bfp with our 2nd ivf attempt...but my beta is a 6...I\'m 10dp3dt and my RE tested me a day early because of the weekend...he's not very optimistic but then I look at this board and you ladies tell me differently! Help!!! I don't know what to think!! Its been over 3 years of us trying and I am going to fight for this baby!!

  10. just wanted to update
    our beta went up to 215.9 then two days later went to 49 U/S shows it was a chemical pregnancy This journey ended badly but i'm not giving up. I will do one more fresh cycle and hope to get my beautiful 4 year old a sibling!

  11. dpapadopoulos, so sorry. Hope you're OK.

    paolo6657, I hope it works out for you. It does seem like implatation took place for your number to be over 5. I hope it goes up nicely for you.

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