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  1. I see your post on VCI. Good job. I am sure you will get the answers you need.

  2. Hi Gretch

    Only just seen this and wondered how you are doing? Can't believe that you are going through this after everything else.

    Hope you and your boys are ok.

    Diane x

  3. Diane - Thanks for checking in... am hanging in there and hopefully all this will be worth it in the end.

    Had another u/s yesterday and placenta has moved a bit away from the cervix - which is good. Still have the VCI - but further away from cervix and Dr. does not seem to think it will pose much of a problem other than an early c-section. I am still being monitored every 2 weeks by regular ob and also by high risk dr. with sonograms.


  4. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you were doing. Glad things are moving along and all seems good to go. Please keep the updates coming.

  5. Any new news?

  6. I go in again for another sonogram on Monday - so will post more then.

  7. Hope things go well Monday.

    Diane x

  8. Just back from hospital. They have put me on strict bedrest as my cervix has shortened to only 1 cm. I had the 1st of the 2 steroid shots for babies lungs today - go back tomorrow for 2nd.

    VCI still confirmed - but no vasa previa (this is baby A). Baby B has slightly elevated fluid and a slower flow through his cord now - so right now that is more of a concern to keep an eye on.

    Lots to figure out here - especially what to do with my 3 yo DD.... They want me to get to at least 35 weeks and I'm only 31.3 right now. Supposed to lie down for all but 20 mins a day. Hoping I can get through this.


  9. Yikes! 1cm? Girl you better get your butt in bed and stay there. I mean it. I would only shower every other day and forget about conditioning your hair or shaving your legs. If you go to the next appt and your cervix hasn't improved you are going into the hospital and those nurses will strap your arse to the bed. You'll be getting a bedpan. Do you want to pee in bed? You stay in that bed and do not get out. Have everything you need on your bed including a cooler with drinks and sandwiches. Sign up for Netflix or Blockbuster online. Start writing out your birth announcement envelopes. Knit something. Stay in the bed.

    When is your next appt? Next Monday?

    35w is a good goal. My guys were born at 35w1d and were 5.11 & 5.9 but still spent 10 & 12 days in the NICU learning to eat. They were huge preemies compared to the others.

  10. Hi G, I just saw this post. Hang in there, I know bedrest is tough but its definitively worth it. Youve been through a lot... i wish things get easier on you.


  11. Thanks for all the support - and yes, I am lying here on the couch amid all the necessities. Do need to make a trip back to hospital today for 2nd steroid shot - but other than that I'll be supine....

    Mustang I will try my best to stay bed-bound - but no so easy!! Hating this already - but I would like to avoid the bed pan... Gross!!

    Babies were measuring about 4 lbs yesterday - so not super tiny in worst case scenario.

    I do go back next Monday for another sonogram.... fingers crossed (as usual).

  12. We got a cleaning lady while I was on home bedrest with the twins. Okay so that was 2.5 yrs ago and today was her last day!!!! My DH wants to re-direct the money into their preschool costs so boo hoo she is gone. I suggest you get someone for the remainder of the pg and the first 2-3 months after they are born.

    While I was on bedrest we put my DS in daycare and they potty trained him. It was a win-win all around. I could not care for him and obviously once I was on hospital bedrest he needed someone to care for him. My DH has a whacky work schedule so MIL flew down and handled taking DS to & from school, laundry, meals, etc and was sooooo annoyed that I had a cleaning lady. She will forever look down on me for having her. She had 4 kids and a house to clean and meals to cook from scratch and she never had any help.........whatever!!!

  13. I'm ahead of you Mustang - the cleaning lady started last week! She will definitely be a godsend - though only coming twice a month... Also took the liberty of hiring a night nurse for when twins are born. Pricey and will probably put us in the poor house - but think I will need the help.

    MIL helping out now along with a regular sitter. Daughter starts preschool 3 days/wk in September - but only mornings. Will probably get my mom to come into town to help out as MIL leaving on vacation for 2 months (don't get me started- she has been asking if I could reschedule my c-section to accommodate her travel plans. All bets are off now but oh so annoying.)

    Can\'t believe your husband is making you let cleaning lady go - I'm with you on the boo hoo.... Damn money and budgets, eh?

  14. Glad you have a cleaning lady. Mine used to come every 2 weeks and that seemed about right with our level of dirt. I still had to vacuum & mop & do laundry but that was it.

    So sorry that you can't re-schedule your delivery to accommodate your MIL. Unbelievable!! No matter when you deliver it's going to be an inconvenience to her.

    If your twins spend any time in the NICU they will come home on a schedule. I strongly encourage you to maintain "the system". Ours were on staggered feedings - staggered every 30 mins so you could change and feed one before the other would wake screaming to be fed. This worked great for us. Also, I stayed up until 2 or 3am doing laundry, straightening, etc. and would handle that last feed. I would go get DH and he would sleep on the couch. I would get to sleep in our bed from 2-8am so with 6 hours I was totally good to go. DH would get up for the 5-6am feedings, take a shower and go to work at 8. Neither of us were sleep deprived at all. I'm a nightowl anyway and he likes to go to bed early and get up early so that worked perfectly for us.

    The reason that whole system worked for us is because I am so crabby & resentful if I have to get up every 3 hours. If I stayed awake the whole time and did that last feeding before I went to bed then I could get consecutive hours and that is what I needed to be civil to everyone in the house.

  15. You there? Hanging in there, doing ok?

  16. Still on the couch...

    Had another sono today and no changes so they sent me home and back to bed. Suppose that is good news as just 32 weeks - but bedrest sucks. Have to see regular OB tomorrow to get a prescription for terbutaline (sp?) in case labor starts. So, two outings this week - both to see the Dr. At least it gives me an excuse to take a shower and feel human!

    Thanks for checking in...

  17. Hi Gretch

    Glad to hear sono was no change, sorry about bedrest, can't imagine doing it with a toddler.


  18. Glad there is no change and that the cervix is still holding up.

  19. Hi Gretch, glad too to hear the good news. Yep bedrest is a pain. Hang in there.

  20. You guys make me feel so loved! Thanks again for all your support...

    My daughter has spent the past 3 days at my in-laws and gets home later today - can't wait to see her! Will check in again next week after next sono...


  21. omg i am soo glad i found this thread. i spent the week in the hopital after getting a blood transfusion on monday because i loss soo much blood. i am 15w3d. they did the u/s and highlighted the blood vessels and diagnosed me with vasa previa. i am upset because they say it usually doesnt cause concern till 3rd trimester and i am in the begining of the 2nd. i am on bedrest i can shower and go to the bathroom.

    i am gonna read back to your threads so i can get some info. i am freaking out. i lost a preg last year twins from rupture of the mebranes and i dont want to lose this one. i am starting p-17 shots next week to help with preterm labor...

  22. Luckily, you were diagnosed. That is truly the most important thing. You must go into the hospital on bedrest around 30w and deliver your baby via c-section no later than 36w. Those are the recommendations provided everything else is ok. Sounds like you have other things going on which might make things on a shorter time schedule.

    Do you also have velementous cord insertion (also known as VCI)?

    Here is the group that is going to save your baby:

    These people are experts on this condition, diagnosis and treatment. They have letters you can send your dr that educates him on proper treatment. Soooo many drs just treat this like placenta previa and just do a c-section at 40w but with vasa previa you cannot go into labor, your water cannot break, your baby cannot engage low into the birth canal.

    I had VP with twins so I had to have mine at 35w1d but most everyone else does 36w with a singleton.

    Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be fine now that you have the diagnosis. Your dr must take this very seriously and put you in the hospital though for monitoring. You need to be close to the operating room in case something happens. You cannot be at home and call 911.

  23. i have a shortened cervix due to 2 cone biopsies done 8 years ago. my cervix only measures 2.31cm. so i get weekly u/s to check for changes but if i have bleeding like i had last week they will not do a cerclage they said the risk would be too bad.

    i loss twins last year at 16 weeks from rupture of the membranes on baby a sac. so i am really nervous about that again. it was caused by the bleeding i had on the twin preg. i bleed daily for months. my cervix did not open at 16 weeks with this preg so incompetent cervix was ruled out. BUT that doesnt mean it wont happen this time.

    i mean has anybody been diagnosed as early as 15 weeks with vasa previa.

    they didnt say anything about VCI. my high risdk dr said it is too early to diagnose vasa but my obgyn seems 100% sure. high risk saw a SCH this was my 3rd this preg. but doesnt know if its vasa yet or blood vessels in the cervix. i guess i have to wait a few more weeks to see what is going on. in the meantime i am on strict bedrest. i am just hoping to make it to 28 weeks. if i see 30++++++ i would be happy...

  24. Gretch

    How are you doing?? Have you had the scan yet??

  25. Hi Diane -

    Yes, had the scan and no change - which I suppose, is good. Go back again this week for growth scan and a NST.

    This Friday I will be 35 wks so think I am out of the major danger zone. Doc still says he wants me to go further - but my body may have other ideas. I'm miserable - can't believe the toll this is taking of me physically. Entering wk 4 of bedrest...

    bolajing - Think your best bet is to get regular scans (doppler) to check on that cord. You don't want to fool around if you do indeed have vasa previa - better safe than sorry.


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