Urgent (and slightly embarassing) Q about DH's specimen...

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  1. Cr@p-- Donor goes for retrieval tomorrow (that part is exciting), and when nurse called with instructions for us yesterday, which was the day of her trigger, she failed to remind us to have dh ejaculate to clear the decks yesterday. Now it's 3pm the day before, and he goes in to produce the fresh specimen tomorrow at 9am. Honestly can't remember the last time for us (him)... something like a week ago. Could have been 5 days ago, but could have been slightly more than a week. Really can't place it. I called the nurse (spoke to a different one) when it dawned on me. At the time I thought it was like 3-5 days ago, and she said it was fine. Now I realize it was more.

    Count and motility have always been great, G-d bless him. Issue is surely my eggs. But I'm wondering if I should tell him to jump into the bathroom at work and go for it, or if we should just wait and trust that the old fashioned way people get pg with sperm way older that a week all the time... so we should be ok?

    Any input? Sorry, I feel like an @ss. Also pisst at that nurse. D@mn.

  2. I would call back again and ask the question again. I think that you will be fine either way, but you should hear it from them. They have after hour nurses if needed, and tell them you just wanted to reconfirm. You are spending a lot of money and time on this, and you don't need any more stress added to the situation. I really do think either way you will be fine if the issue has never been his sperm, but let them tell you. That is what they are there for.

    GL - Anna

  3. i'd ask, too. but in the event that you can't get an answer tonight, i wouldn't have him pull the trigger. they'll find good sperm in the wash tomorrow, even if it's old.

    good luck to you for this cycle!


  4. Don't worry - they just want to make sure they have something to work with so they try to make sure conditions are optimum. At the end of the day all you need is one
    My husband is a cyclist, takes hot baths, smokes pot - effectively, every no-no under the sun and still manages to produce a high count (I never had him follow any of the pre-retrieval instructions especially because I know the problem wasn't with him).

    Good luck!

  5. Thanks for responses, guys. I did speak to the nurse again and she maintained that we (he) should refrain at this point until tomorrow. I did make sure to confirm that our consents indicate they should use ICSI if needed. Never needed it before, buy hey. OK... will post fert report on April DE thread Thurs when we get it!

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