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  1. Hi everyone. We had our SR 2 weeks ago at the University of Iowa. I must say it was a hard and trying experience but the doctors and staff there were so amazingly supportive. We had consultations all day the day before the SR. I appreciated the doctors sitting down with us and going over all the risks. We met with a neonatalogist and a peri. They performed an ultrasound to determine which of the 5 fetuses were the most viable. The SR was the next morning 8 a.m. I got no sleep the night before. The actual procedure was fairly short, maybe lasting 30 minutes. They did put me on a valium so as to settle me down a bit. It kind of knocked me out. My husband was there with me and held my hand the entire time. Mostly I kept my eyes shut and just prayed. Afterwards I layed down for about an hour and then they had me come back in for a follow up ultrasound. I was then allowed to go home.

    Two weeks later, everything looks great! I had an ultrasound yesterday and the twins were moving around and were very active. My OB said they both look very healthy and now we can start focusing on a healthy pregnancy. I am just hoping and praying for healthy next few months.

    I thank you all for your support and advice along the way. If you have any questions too, don't hesitate to let me know.

  2. OH that is great the twins are doing so good.
    I can only imagine, that must have been hard.
    Now just look forward to your two little bundles of joy.


  3. Did you have a CVS on all 5? Just curious how that went?
    I am really nervous for that part - not sure why.....

  4. Did you have a CVS on all 5? Just curious how that went? I am really nervous for that part - not sure why.....
    No, my doctor did not do a CVS. He felt it was not necessary due to my age. Also, with 5 fetuses, that was a lot of intrusions in the uterus and it would increase my chances for a miscarriage. They did do a very thorough ultrasound the day before to determine which were the most viable. The ultrasound lasted about an hour.

  5. Glad to see you are doing well!@ It is hard, but over time it does get a bit better.

    Hoping that the rest of your pregnancy is euneventful and full of joy!


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