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  1. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I felt my work was stringing me along. So I ve decided to put out some applications. Since doing that one of my old customers sent me a message and asked if I'd be intreested in taking their kidos back. I said to get back to me and we'll go from there. I want to get back to some form of work either with the dayhome or working part time evenings and weekens so I can help with the finances in the house and hopefully get some money wsaved up so we can do another fet sooner rather than later. I'm not however going to work full time for my whole paycheque to go to my friend's who's going to be watching dd. LOL I had to laugh at my sister who's mortally freaked out that I"m going to leave dd with a "total stranger" ahh no I"m not leaving her with a total stranger. My bff is going to watch her and I've known her for over 10yrs and she's more of a mother to me than my own mum. So, I'm goin gto see what pans out. I hope I can start brining in some money in soon I am lucky that I d on't have to work full time and I am lucky that I can spend timw with dd and I'd love to finalcally do this but I'm also relaistic and will work when dh is home or on the weekends.

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