Unpredictable menstrual cycles post-IVF? (Chem. Preg. Ment.)

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  1. Hello out there -

    We did our first (and quite possibly, only, if this economy doesn't pick up) IVF cycle in October/November of 2008. We confirmed that our three-embryo cycle ended in a chemical pregnancy the day before Thanksgiving (the other embryos did not survive to freezing). I actually started bleeding the day before that, and then had what our doctor considered to be a "normal miscarriage" bleed that lasted about 8 days (my normal cycle would be around 5 days of bleeding).

    The following month, my period came just about 4 weeks and a few days after my first bleed at the end of our IVF cycle, but it was really light (like only 2 or 3 days of light bleeding - prior to the IVF I was a clockwork 28-day-cycle girl). Then January's menstrual cycle came around 4 weeks later but was again really light (but crampy). February came a full week early and was super-heavy with scads of cramps. Looks like March is coming at least a few days early, as I've started spotting today, and I've felt nauseous (and starting to feel mildly crampy) for the last few days.

    Has anyone out there experienced wonky cycles for this long after an IVF? The last time I went through this type of irregularity was back in undergrad (so 12+ years ago). Does this sound particularly wonky? If we do IVF again it won't be until June or July (or later) so I suppose I have time for my body to get back to a normal cycle, but so far that doesn't seem to be happening and I'm starting to wonder if I ought to be concerned...

    In case it is useful, we are male factor infertility - any female factors that this would point to would likely be new to the mix...


  2. eparas - you are not alone! i too experienced the same thing. i had a miscarriage in Oct 08. Did IVF #2 in Jan 09 and ended in BFN. My period is sometimes light like yours and then on shorter cycles, they are heavier! after my BFN for IVF #2, my period came 4 days later. Then my period came again 20 days later!

    i freaked out and called my RE and she said this is normal. she said i may have a cyst or that i have a lead egg that came out early.

    i read on other websites that our hormones are adjusting after all that we have been through with miscarriage and medication from IVF. i agree but i also think for me, stress plays a factor too.

  3. Hmm. A cyst would be a new and unwelcome development. Started AF today (three days ahead of schedule). Sigh. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go in to be sure.

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