unmedicated FET?

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  1. Has anyone ever done an unmedicated (i.e., where they don't manipulate your cycle) FET? My doc would like to do this if possible and I'd never heard of it. Just wondering.


  2. We are doing another FET at the end of this month and we just met with my dr to discuss how to do the FET. We were the ones to suggest doing natural because we thought it would eliminate the med costs. (We are extremely conscious of costs this time around.) However, you are expected to do more ultrasounds (at $200+ each) to ensure the lining is perfect. You can use an ovulation kit instead of coming in for u/s but I wasn't comfortable relying on myself to do it. You also have to inject yourself with an HCG shot before transfer (forget the exact timing). We ultimately chose not do it because they said that you could do all of those things and still not have your body ready and they would push the whole thing until the next cycle. For us that would be hugely frustrating in terms of eagerness to get pregnant and money spent on that cycle already.

    Our first 2 FETs were successful so for us it makes sense to go back to what worked for us. Just ask questions. What I walked away with is that there was more expected from me doing a natural FET. I thought it would be the opposite.

    Good luck.

  3. We have done 4 FETs, and only one of them has been medicated. Of the 3 that were "unmedicated" (still had to do progesterone and methylprednisilone), 2 were BFN and 1 was BFP. That ended up with a D&C around 10 weeks. The medicated cycle was a chem for me.

    I personally tried very hard not to do medicated cycles, as I react so strongly to any medications. But the doctor assured me that it didn't really matter one way or the other--they both are supposed to have about the same success rate. Which in my case at least seems true.

    You've probably already been through it, but good luck just in case. We're still trying....

  4. The woman I donated embryos to did an unmedicated cycle and it worked out just fine and that baby is now 11 months old. She's trying again for a sibling in July and will do another unmedicated cycle. The dr did have her do a mock cycle first and all is well this time, too.

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