Ultrasound/HB question-scared to death! (BFP mentioned)

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  1. Hi~ Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the latest in our journey....

    11dp4dt: 18 (YIKES)
    15dp4dt: 209
    17dp4dt: 519

    1st ultrasound at 6 weeks 4 days: Took forever to see anything. Once the sac was found, the heart beat was there but only at 80. Also, the baby was measuring about a week behind. At one point, our embryologist thought it was a late implanter and that was reason for initial low beta that suddenly caught up. But why is baby measuring behind and HB low now?

    Most of what I hear doesn't lead to a good result.
    Has anyone had a similar experience? Any insight into measuring behind verses outcome?

    I\'ve really lost hope again! This is the farthest we've ever made it though (cycle 9)!!!

    Stressing out~

  2. Hey hopeful, I'm not sure about the heart beat and size by my initial betas for my one successful cycle were low too. I think I felt implantation very late in the TWW so I think that may have been the case. Your follow up betas look great so that is good news. What does your RE say about the heart beat? Have they scheduled another ultra sound?

    Good luck, this wait can be just as agonizing as the TWW so hang in there and try to relax.

  3. Yea, I go back Friday. They said HB was low and that they like to see 90 as minimum.
    I think it implanted 4 days before my first beta because I had spotting that day.
    Thanks for your input!!!
    Congrats on a successful cycle-

  4. Maybe your baby's heart started beating just a few days before the u/s, given that the baby's measurement is a week behind. The 2nd u/s should give you more of a clue on what's going on. GL!

  5. Good luck on Friday...I'll be pulling for you!

  6. GL scottsdale.. beta helll sucks, u/s helll is even worse.. hope all is well.

  7. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    Unfortunately, the baby's heart beat slowed today and there was very little growth. My D&C is scheduled for Monday.
    This was cycle #9 for us and the only time we got pregnant (7 weeks) and made it to ultrasounds. (Once chemical on IVF #2). I really thought if IVF would ever work for me, I would be just fine. This has totally rocked our world.

    Should I join the vet board now? I think I've earned it.

    I\'m at a total loss. I really didn't think the hurt could be any deeper, and here I am.

  8. Scottsdale,
    I\'m so sorry for your loss and long journey.Take care of yourself and do whatever it takes to try and heal. I hope you find peace and healing where ever your journey takes you.

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself...

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