Ultrasound in the 3rd day of my period

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  1. Hi,

    I make ultrasound in my 3rd day of my period i have 9 eggs, i think to make ivf in few month , what have 9 eggs left means??? is that means I have only 9 period left? I'm 37 years old.


  2. hi, on day 3 of your cycle they are looking for antral follicles, or 'resting' follicles. this gives them an idea of how many eggs might be stimulated to grow during your cycle.

    9 antral follicles is quite normal for your age, hope that helps , and good luck!

    if you want more info try advanced fertility of chicago's website, they have alot of good info, including on antral follicle counts..

  3. The number of antral follicles indicates how many potential eggs you might have to stimulate in a particular month in a particular cycle.

    In general, younger women have more, and older women have fewer.

    At the same time, you likely have thousands of pre-antral (essentially, dormant) follicles in each ovary that will become the antral follicles for future menstrual cycles.

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