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  1. I am 9w5d pregnant with twins. On my first u/s at 6 weeks we saw 3 sacs but one was empty. It didn't really develop like the other two. Now, at 9w5d, it seems that it has grown from last week. It's still measuring as a 6 week fetus. My doctor says it may still be absorbed or it may leave my body with bleeding, etc. I am starting to get worried about this because not only does it not seem to be absorbing but it's growing. The other two are right on target. Has anyone experienced this?

  2. Let me start out by saying I have two healthy 9.5 month old twin daughters. I had the same exact thing happen to me though. U/S showed 3 sac's but nothing ever developed in the 3rd sac. It did seem to continue to grow and was able to be seen on u/s for quite a while. I started spotting and lost fluid (not amniotic fluid though) at 11.5 weeks and my dr. seemed to think it was caused from the 3rd sac b/c their was no other explaination.

  3. I am so glad to hear everything worked out for you. It reassures me. Because I have had 3 m/c in the past, the idea of spotting/bleeding really scares me. At the time, did your Dr. basically tell you just to wait and see what happened? I wish there was something I could do. I guess I am a control freak!

  4. On my first u/s visit I was one day short of 6 weeks, we saw 3 sacs, 2 with heartbeats, doctor told us twins and the 3rd sac will absorb, may see some bleeding....not to worry, twins.....the following week I had a huge gush of blood and was sure I was loosing the pregnancy, rushed to emergency room where they found 3rd sac had become baby #C, yep, triplets! I bled for the entire pregnancy, was in bed the whole time, doctor said when the 3rd baby starting growing it was pushing out tissue that my body didn't need because there was too many babies in there already. For now, go with twins and expect bleeding so you don't freak if it happens, many times 2nd and 3rd sacs disappear, but on the other hand, be on guard that there is always the inside possibility there is a baby #C for you too. Our baby #C was set so far back in my uterus that apparently the little heartbeat didn't show up until the next week when we had that bleeding episode.
    IF you do experience bleeding, try to lie down and put your feet up, for some reason it slows the flow down more quickly and lessens the chances of more tissue being released.
    Good Luck and congratulations!!!
    BBB triplets 14 months old

  5. I am a control freak as well, so I know exactly what you are going thru. I also had 5 mc's in the past so I freaked when I started bleeding and lost the fluid thinking I was losing the pregnancy again. I had weekly u/s from the beginning so we were able to keep an eye on the 3rd sac. First with my RE and then with my Peri. Are you having weekly u/s still?
    Great suggestion by Raemommy too, if you start bleeding lay down and put your feet up. I also developed placenta previa and had 3 BAD bleeding episodes and that is what I did until the ambulance got to me.

  6. Thank you so much for both of your experiences. I love this forum! My doctor wasn't very helpful telling me what to expect. I asked my dr. for weekly u/s for a little while yet and she agreed. This helps me relax somewhat. I will have another next tuesday. Raemommy, all I can say is, wow, 3 babies!

  7. Hi - I was in the same boat. At my first ultrasound at 5 weeks, we saw 3 sacs and only 2 developed heartbeats/fetal poles. My Peri said we would just watch the 3rd sac. I began spotting/slight bleeding at 6 weeks and continued to spot brown. I was told there was no cause for concern with brown spotting and had weekly u/s to check on the twins. The u/s always put me at ease and I was so thankful we were doing them weekly. I was also told to stay off my feet as much as possible and no exercise or intercourse while I was spotting.

    I had some heavier, red bleeding/fluid at 14 weeks after over exerting myself a bit (light cleaning and a slow, 45 minute walk). We went to the emergency room because it was in the middle of the night. An ultrasound showed that the twins were fine. I wish it had happened in the day time - we could have avoided the drama and wait of an ER. The bleeding stopped overnight and I spotted brown for about a week after.

    I\'m at almost 20 weeks now and have had no spotting for about 3 weeks. My Peri upgraded me to walking for 30 mins and very light cleaning (no vacuuming, heavy lifting or straining).

    My best advice is getting the weekly u/s so you can monitor it and if you have any spotting, let your doctor know and stay off your feet. The more bending, exerting and walking you do, the more you will bleed.

    Hope your body just absorbs the sac! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

  8. hope,
    So has your body resorbed the sac at this point or does it still show on the u/s?

  9. With my last pg I got pg with triplets, and all three had heart beats, but one wasn't growing so well... By 9+ weeks I lost the one that wasn't growing well, it showed up one day on sono with no HB. I was bummed because I already accepted and was excited to be expecting triplets, and nervous for the others since I had several m/cs in the past.... Luckily, I didn't bleed and it just resorbed, was smaller and smaller on subsequent sonos until we didn't see it anymore. Sorry for what you are going through, and i hope that the rest of your pg will go well.

  10. gustavo- I'm not sure if the 3rd sac still shows up on the u/s. I have an appt this Friday, so I will ask if they can still see it. My peri said around 16 weeks, the babies get so big that they crowd out the sac and it becomes less of an issue.

  11. gustavo- I had my appt and the twins have crowded out the 3rd sac. So now I'm at little risk for spotting/bleeding. Let me know how the monitoring goes. I hope all your appts go well!

  12. Update- it seems that extra sac has disappeared. One less thing to worry about, but I am sure I will come up with many more!

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