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  1. I was wondering how many people's twins were the result of a FET? If they were, how many embryos did you put back? We have twins from our fresh cycle and really want one more baby. We did one elective single embryo transfer from our left over embryos, but it was not successful. I am torn what to do with our next cycle. I want to increase our chances of getting pregnant, especially since we are paying out of pocket, but I really don't want a second set of twins.

  2. Hi! I just did a FET and transfered 2 (one day 5 & one day 6) and I am currently pregnant with TWINS (I am so excited)! I must add though that I am doing IVF, not because of fertility issues, but because we had to do PGD. My first cycle was a fresh cycle transfering 2 embryos and only one took and then I miscarried the other. Good Luck! When do you need to make a decision by? Jen

  3. Hi there-
    We transferred 2 and are pregnant with twins. I'm not sure what the stats are but I think if twins really is not something you want, the safest bet is probably a single transfer. That's a hard decision, good luck!!!!!!!!

  4. Our twins are the result of an FET that we transferred three embies on. Two hung in there.

    Are you in Vermont? Just guessing from your user name.

  5. I had a child so like youself we were trying for #2. I transferred 3 FET blasts... Became pregnant with triplets.. Lost one at 8wks....

    Its a tuff decesion... I did 3 because most people say FET rarely works however for me it was the oppostie. NO ivf cycle worked for me both pregnancies was FET.. It was weird.

    Take care and GOOD LUCK...

    Mom to:
    Domenic 5yrs old
    Sophia & Logan 15 months

  6. Thanks everyone. We are dealing with MFI, so all our issues are on the front end. I know in my heart that we really should do one at a time because there is always a chance of getting what you put back. Originally I was pregnant with triplets from my fresh cycle, where we put back three, but we lost one. That should have been a lesson learned. It is just so hard to patiently transfer one at a time, especially when others cycling at the same time as me are putting back multiples embryos and getting a singleton.

  7. I am like Portagee. I never had success with fresh embryos but seem to do well with natural cycle FET.

    I have a daughter from transferring a single frozen embryo and now I'm pregnant with identical twin girls from our last single frozen embryo transfer. I didn't think I'd actually get pregnant, let alone with twins from 1 embryo!

    Here in NZ they are pretty keen to keep the transfers to 1 at a time to reduce the changes of multiple pregnancy and their pregnancy rates are great. I did 3 cycles in Canada (plus all the FETs that came out of them) and no baby. And that was mostly transferring 2 embies at a time. Move to NZ, do one cycle, single embie transfer each time and now I have 3 kids. At this stage you couldn't convince me that it is better to put more than one back at a time.

  8. I got pregnant with twins from my first (fresh) IVF but lost one to a subchorionic hemmorhage. 3 years later we did a FET, put in 3 blasts which all took but one stopped developing early on. My twins just turned one!

  9. Our first FET was a success - we transferred two and had a singleton.

    Our second FET was also a success - we transferred two and I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant with twins.

  10. I am currently 14 weeks pg with twins from my first FET with donor embryos. We transfered two 5 day blasts. Oh, it was a natural cycle for me!


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