Twins Feb 2009 anyone else???

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  1. Amy..Congrats on the birth of your twins, they are both adorably cute. Happy to hear that they are both doing well.

  2. Amy! Congrats on the birth of your babies! They are adorable. I'm so happy to hear they are doing well. Great job!

  3. Well I went for my NST yesterday and my doctor admitted me into the hospital because my 24 hour urine test came back at the preeclampsia level. It is mild but he is keeping me here so they can keep a closer eye on me. Anything over 300 is preeclampsia and my level was 393. Also my blood pressure was a little high. So I am in the hospital and if I don't go into labor/water breaks by Wed, Dr will induce.


  4. Linda,
    Best of luck. You've done a great job staying pregnant so long! I know that you'll be welcoming healthy, resilient babies on Wednesday!

  5. Here is my labor story:
    They induced me Wednesday morning at 37 weeks. They started the Pitocin at 6am and baby A's water broke at about 8am. At aout 3:30pm I was 8cm dialated so I had to move to the operating room due to the twin pregnancy. When I got to 10cm I was having very intense back labor pains. It was so bad I couldn't even concentrate on pushing. They gave me some drugs to help w/ the back pain but nothing seemed to help. My little girls head was just stuck and wasn't progressing. Around 5:15 or 5:30pm my Dr recommended a C-section and I agreed w/ him at that point. So they changed over to do a C-section.

    Baby A: Isabella 5:50pm 6 lbs 14 1/4 oz & 19 1/2 inches long
    Baby B: Stefan 5:51pm 6 lbs 4 3/4oz & 18 1/2 inches long

    Luckily Isabella's head got stuck because it turned out her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. She was never in distress because she never got far enough down that the umbilical cord to tighten. Both babies healthy and neither needed any assistance. I am still in the hospital but going home tomorrow morning. The nurses here are a lot of help. They told me that my insurance will cover 4 nights in the hospital due to the C-section and to ask my doctor for the full time so I can get the extra help while I am here due to the twins. I am definately going to have my hands full when I get home.


  6. Congratulations. What a blessing! I will not are going to have your hands full at home. The first week there is plenty of adrenaline. But, you'll hit a wall in the 2nd or 3rd week. Take care of yourself and accept any help offered!

    And...make sure we get to see some pictures!


  7. Just wanted to update!! My twins arrived on Jan 14 th Olivia 4lbs3oz 17in and Aiden 4lbs4oz 17.5in!!! Born at 33 weeks!! Both pent 14 days in theNICU but were pretty good Both needed oxygen and Aiden was tube fed for 2 days but both are home and growing like crazy!! we are 1 month old and weighing 6lbs for Aiden and 6.5 for Olivia!!! I went in for monitering due to cervical changesthat day and they were not stopping my contractions were 2 min apart so we had a c section and now here we are!!! Congrats to all the other mommies out there and still to come!!!!

  8. Kelly..Congrats to you and dh, lovely names and good weights. How are your first few weeks going?

    Hoping all the other twin moms are doing well managing 2 babies. Life is hectic at times but absolutely worth it. We have hired a part-time nanny to help during the days when my husband is at work (works away from home 3 days per week) mainly so I can catch on on sleep as I am bottle feeding every 2-3 hours. Looking forward to when they might sleep at least 4 hours at night!

  9. Tracy - dh and I are in the same boat...feeding every 2-3 hours. I go back to work on March 3rd, and it will be even more difficult then. The pediatrician says we can't rush them...that they will be able to eat more and sleep longer in due time. Can't wait!

  10. Amy..Who will take care of your twins? I think mine are going through a growth spurt at the moment as they are always hungry (currently 1 w 1 d adjusted). Oh and they are getting fussier and louder!! There old preemie whimpers have turned into baby cries!LOL I am so happy that they are doing and growing so well. They are both about 8 1/2 lbs now.
    Are any ones twins sleeping through the night yet?


  11. I have just joined facebook and have lots of pics of the twins posted. Does anyone else have a facebook page. Look me up on under Tracy Jane Martin was Bowyer. I didn't know how to post pics on this site or shutterfly.


  12. Hi Ladies - Sorry I havent posted in a while. The babies came home about 3 weeks ago and are doing great. The are eating every 3 hours and sometimes even 4 during the night!! It definitely is crazy having two at home. I am looking forward to them getting bigger and being able to do more and go places. I feel trapped in the house at times. You can see pics of the babies at
    Congrats to everyone!!!

    Tracy - I am on facebook and will friend you. How are your babies doing?

  13. I was wondering if anyone else is breastfeeding? I am but I am still not producing enough milk to satisfy both babies so I have been pumping and supplementing w/ formula. Just wondering if anyone is producing enough milk for both and if you have any secrets. I started taking fenugreek the other day but it hasn't helped yet. I guess I need to get some pointers from the breastfeeding board.


  14. hishamatar..your babies are gorgeous, love the website, wish I was that computer savvy. Mia and Jake are doing great. Eating well & gaining weight, Mia has now outgrown her newborn onsies with feet that she sleeps in at night, Jake is about 1/2 lb behind her. They are much more alert in the daytime, just wished they would sleep more than 3 hours at a time at night. We took them out today to a grocery store it was so much fun having them with me. Luckily it was quiet and no-one interfered with them. Still don't want anyone touching them yet. Tomorrow they are going to a ladies luncheon at a friends house, will be practicing good hand hygiene techniques!!LOL

  15. hishamatar - your babies are beautiful and you all took wonderful photos!

    tracey - luckily, my parents are both retired and will be taking care of our babies for the timebeing. I couldn't do it without them. Truth be told, they've just fallen madly in love with our babies and are not willing to let them go to daycare...I think the preemie NICU experience had a huge influence. But, it won't last forever, so we'll need to come up with a longer term plan come Summer.

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