Twins Feb 2009 anyone else???

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  1. Linda - Thank you for sharing the update from Kim; excellent news that made my day!

    Tracy - congrats on the daily joy rides. I'm sure it's helping with your sanity. I don't know that I could handle hospital rest. In fact, they're threatening me with home bed rest where I could still work from home, and I'm not sure how I'd do. Hang in there!

    We are well. I'm waiting for results of preeclampsia testing. But, I feel fine. I have an appt. on Friday.

  2. Linda..Thanks for the post on Kim and her girls, that is fantastic news. Great cervix news I'm jealous! LOL I tell people that my oven is working great but I have a dodgy door with dodgy hinges!

    Kim..You and your girls are superwomen Send us some pics when you have time.

    Amy..Hoping you are not suffering from pre-eclampsia and don't need to ever go on the Magnesium Sulphate cocktail, not pleasant.

    We are all doing a wonderful job of growing these babes, keep them baking!

    As for me they just moved me into a larger room that has a pull down murphy bed if anyone wants to stay the night. The room itself is larger with a biggar seating area for visitors. As I am going to be a long timer here they gave me the best room. So far this pregnancy I have only gained 17 lbs, I lost 9lbs of water fluid retention because of the strict bedrest I am on. So if any of you are suffering with edema to feet and hands, lay on the couch for a few hours with your feet elevated above your heart.

    Mia & Jake

  3. Hello, Ladies! Sophie is doing wonderfully! She has really improved since her birth on Monday. She is off the nitrous oxide and is doing a lot of breathing on her own. Lindsay is also doing super. I got to be there today when they gave her 1cc of my breast milk.

    Tracey-My thoughts are with you!!!! I didn't get to ever have wheelchair privileges so I know how precious that must be to you. I got so sick of hearing this when I was in your position but it is true...\"It will all be worth it in the end!\" Don't worry about the weight gain. I only gained 12.5lbs! Lindsay came out at 1lb 14oz and Sophie was 2lbs 6oz.

    Please hang in there everyone. All the cliches that everyone tells you are true. You cannot even imagine what it is like to see your babies. They are just so precious.

    I am wishing you all good thoughts.

  4. Hey all I just failed my glucose 1 hr test now what??? anyone else?

  5. Oh my gosh, Kim. Thanks for checking in. That is terrific news about Sophie and Lindsay.

    Tracy - great news about the nice you can have slumber parties.

    Kelly - I passed the glucose test. Sorry - no insight to share.

    I got great news today, too. No preeclampsia - yeah! Everything looks great. Still cruising, I guess.

  6. Kim - so glad the babies are doing so well. You give me so much hope!! Please keep sharing updates when you can.

    Amy- great news!!!

  7. Kim..What wonderful news, keep us updated.

    Amy..Great to hear that you don't have pre-eclampsia, keep those feet elevated.

    Kelly..You will now be given the 3 hour glucose test which comprises of double the sugar and they take your blood prior to drinking the sugar then 1 hour after, 2 hours after and 3 hours after. From these results they can determine how your body is processing sugar. I also failed the 1 hour glucose and was borderline on the 3 hour. I watched what I ate (no sugar, no white breads and lots of protein) and my blood sugars were all under 100 before breakfast and 1 hour after breakfast so the Dr has stopped testing for now and will resume testing in 3 weeks.

  8. Hi, Everyone! Thought I would just pop in to give a quick update. The girls are doing very well. Sophie is on CPAP (a less invasive breathing machine) and is doing awesome. She is also getting 1cc of breast milk every 4 hours. I was able to hold her the other day. She is just so precious. She loves doing skin-to-skin and cuddling with mommy.
    Lindsay is one step away from having all breathing devices removed. She's breathing all on her own. She is getting round the clock feedings but in a lower amount so that her tummy tolerates it better. She is pooping on her own now, too. I've been able to hold her for awhile now.

    Both girls got to come out together last night and my husband held Sophie and I held Lindsay. Then they let me hold both. It was a great moment for all of us.

    We feel like we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The fact that our girls are here and doing well is the best. We are also so thankful for the amazing support that we've received from our dear friends and family.

    Keep up the good work, everyone!

  9. Kim - that is such great news!!!! I am so happy for you and your new family. Hopefully you will get to bring your babies home soon. But for now they are getting strong and healthy and are in great hands. Could you tell me again how many weeks you were when you delivered. I am 27.2 weeks, on bedrest for a very short cervix and contractions, I am really praying and hoping each day that I can make it further and further along. But hearing stories like yours makes me feel so much better. Thank you so much for sharing. Please keep us updated.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

  10. Hi Kim,
    What wonderful news about your girls. I am so relieved to hear about their progress. What a blessing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
    Best to you and your family,

  11. Sara-I was 27.6. You hang in there as long as you can! They can do amazing things now!

  12. Kim - wonderful news about the girls!!! I am so happy for you and DH.

    Sara- Stay strong and stay off of you feet!!!!

    I had an ultrasound yesterday, and the babes look great!! Baby A is 2lbs and 4oz, Baby B is 2lbs and 8oz already. Docs are very happy with the growth and size. I am 27w2d.

    So no time for a bunch of personals.
    Happy Thanksgiving all!!!


  13. Kim..What wonderful news, I will continue to pray and hope that they will grow big and strong.

    hishamatar..I am hoping you keep them in much longer. Stay off your feet and ask everyone else to wait on you.

    Well the law of gravity finally took it's toll on Mia's membranes which ruptured yesterday at 4.40 pm. As of yet no contractions just some mild irritability. We are hoping to go as long as possible with the ruptured membranes before labor or infection sets in. Today we are 28+6 with my cervix dilated 3-4 cm, both babies are head down and doing very well. I would love to get to at least 30 weeks or more but everday is a blessing.

    Mia & Jake

  14. Tracy-
    I went 7 weeks after ruptured membranes which they said is very hard to do. Hang in bed and just take it easy. I don't know about you but the constant leaking drove me nuts! It was just kind of gross. The fact that you are almost 29 weeks is totally in your favor, though. Any day over 28 weeks, significantly lowers your risk for long term effects and the rate of survival is almost 100%-same as if you went full term!!

    My girls are 11 days old and doing great! Both are off the major breathing machines. We thank God every day for their continued good health.

  15. Kim.. Thank-you for being such an inspiration and sharing your story, 7 weeks is an absolute miracle. So glad to hear that your girls are getting stronger everyday. How are you doing emotionally? with having to see them in the NICU everyday, it must be tough but also rewarding watching their accomplishments. How much did you get up out of bed? Was it just to the b/room and shower every other day? Or were you very strict with bedrest using a bedpan etc.

    Mia & Jake

  16. Kim - what wonderful news! I am so thrilled to hear you are all doing so well!

    Tracy - I wish you success in carrying those babies a few more weeks.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. As others have said, it is nice to have so much to be thankful for this year!

    30 weeks, 5 days

  17. Kim - how are you and the babies doing?

    How is everyone else doing? I am still on bedrest, I past 28 weeks which was my first goal now I am praying to make it past 32! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

  18. Hello Ladies!! My name is vangelis and I have posted before ( Alexandar I'm sooo happy to find you!!) and sooooooo happy to see you happy!!!
    yes I'm pregnant with twis boy and a girl. Almost 30 weeks. Oh boy for me it is kind of hard pregnancy.......but I'm hanging in there!! I just want to introduce myself.....this board is awsome with tons of wonderful, and brave ladies!!! GOOD LUCK!!

  19. Hello! The girls are doing okay. They are still struggling with the breathing but that is to be expected. I go see them every day for a few hours during the day and then a couple of hours at night.
    Emotionally, I'm having a tough time. It's so hard to see your babies being poked and prodded and to watch them cry. It breaks my heart. I also feel some guilt for not being able to carry them longer and I feel kind of cheated that I didn't get the full pregnancy experience. I am so happy to have my little girls but it's just hard some days. Everyone tells me that this is common in mothers of premature babies but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm doing my best to be strong and to hang in there.
    Glad to read that everyone is doing well. Hang in there \"bedrest friends.\" It's hard but you can do it!!!

  20. Kim - I cant even imagine how difficult this time is for you. Try to think of the future and the day that you will get to bring your girls home.

    Where did everyone get their baby furniture? I havent done anything since I have been on bedrest but now I am starting to do some research and there is such a big difference in prices between places, its hard to tell which is **** and which is over priced. Any help is appreciated!

    28.3 weeks

  21. Kim, I continue to pray for you and the girls. I know it must be hard, but it sounds like it is all going to work out very positively in the end. Hang in there!

    I\'m also thinking of the bedresters every day. I continue to have no restriction, but I'll tell you I kind of wish I had an excuse to \"skip\" the holidays this year! Phew - I tried to shop this weekend with very little luck...just too much pain in my back and feet. It's going to be a very \"slim\" Christmas; I hope the family will forgive me . But, on a serious note, I know how difficult it must be; so, I don't seriously wish it on myself or anyone else...

  22. amyjo- I also tried to get some Christmas shopping done this weekend. After about an hour I was hurting. I was able to put a dent in my shopping list plus I ordered a couple things online. I figure when it gets closer to Christmas, whoever is left on my list will get a gift card.

    What is everyone asking for Christmas? My mother asked me if there was anything I need but I can't think of anything specifically for me since most likely I will deliver sometime in later January. Obviously no maternity clothes since they won't get much use and regular clothes also won't be getting use for awhile. I asked for a couple nursing tops but other than that I am drawing a blank. Of course gift cards are always good but my mother likes to buy actual items rather than gift cards.


  23. Well I passed the 3 hr glucose test but am now on Moderate bedrest due to soft cervix and contractions Im 28 1/2 weeks on allready bored!!!! anyway Happy Holiday to everyone!!!!!!

  24. Kim..not sure if you have seen my other long post on the Feb due date thread but my babies have arrived. I have been reading your care notes daily which have been an inspiration to me. Hang in there, just think what you have achieved thus far, however I hear you on the feeling guilty part. Please feel free to email me anytime even if just to rant, celebrate, scream or cry. My email address is

    Mia & Jake (born 29w4d)
    Currently 30w4day

  25. Tracy- Just wanted to say congratulations again and glad the babies are doing well.

    I failed the first screening for GD so Friday I did the 3 hour GD test and I passed!

    My last appt w/ ultrasound was last Wed and they estimated the babies weights at 3lbs 1 oz & 3 lbs 3 oz.


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