Twins Feb 2009 anyone else???

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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been out of touch. I was on a business trip this week, so it was a little hard to check in. I've definitely popped! Nothing fits now. And, at night, I'm so uncomfortable. I will say that flying was a lot less comfortable too! Does anyone else have restless legs at night?

  2. Hi everyone! Glad to see that you are all doing well. I am doing well over here too, I had my Nuchal screening a few weeks ago and they babies are looking really great! Has anyone else been having terrible headaches? They are making me miserable!! I am a teacher so I have to start going back to work next week to set up my classroom, so not looking forward to it, but hopefully working will make the time till Feb. go by fast!

    rminkus - I had the bloodwork done for the NT screen and it came back normal. I have read online, my ob didnt mention it, that the bloodwork can give you a false positive b/c of twins.

    Tracy - I was looking into getting that book, I will definitely order it soon!

  3. Amy- Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable at night. I find that I toss and turn all night long but no restless leg syndrome. I definately have to use my boppy pillow to get comfortable. Why was it so uncomfortable flying? I am going on vacation in 3 weeks will be 18 weeks when I fly from Dallas to Seattle, hopefully it won't be too bad,I'll walk up a storm if I have to! LOL

    Irorrio- My husband was in the airforce so I know all about those military moves. You are lucky to have your mom near by until your hop over. Maybe your Dh could have your new house ready and unpacked for you when you arrive.

    Sara- Those headaches come and go for me, luckily however I haven't had one in a week or so. Time will fly by for you once you head back to work. How old are your children? Great to hear that your results were normal.

  4. Tracy- My husband doesn't want to look for a place to live on his own mainly because before we were married he didn't have the best experience finding good places (we aren't going to live in housing). Plus there is a chance we might buy something when we get there, but only if we find a house we like right away otherwise we will rent and I would need to be there to sign paperwork etc. I don't mind if we have to stay in the Navy Lodge for a little while, at least they have kitchenettes so it makes things a little easier. Plus I like the part about not having to clean. We will definiately be more strict with the movers in regards to unpacking. They will be doing more than we have let them get away with in the past.

  5. Tracy - the flying was uncomfortable due to the restless legs only...I just couldnt' get comfortable. But, I have another trip this coming week; so, don't worry - it's doable.

    Sara - I have had problems with awful headaches. I asked my OB about it last week. She said the only thing that might help is eating more protein - - she suspects I'm eating too many carbs - thus sugar. So, I'm working on that.

  6. Iriorro- It's nice that you won't be living in housing, we never did either. I hope you find yourselves a nice house.

    Has anyone had any sharp shooting pains up the vjayjay? (sorry if TMI) not sure if this is normal stretching pain or a warning sign that I need to rest more.

  7. How's everyone doing? It's quiet around here...

    I'm doing o.k. Sleeping is getting more and more difficult, but I'm sure the worst is yet to come. I've definitely started putting on weight since last week! Let's see, what else? My energy level had improved for a few weeks, but now I'm back to being very tired and sleepy by early afternoon. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

    We'll have our anatomy scan next Thursday, Sept. 4. I just CAN'T wait to find out what sex the babies are. Then, I can start shopping!

    17 weeks, 2 days

  8. Amy-I hear you on the shopping front, it's hard when you don't know the sexes, there is only so much white and yellow you can buy! My energy level has improved but whereas before pregnancy I could shop all day, now I'm zapped after 2 hours. I think my belly is having a growth spurt it feels like it's getting biggar.
    My dh and I are going on a cruise in 3 weeks, I'm sure my weight will sky rocket with all that good food!
    What are you hoping for as far as the sexes? Not that it matters what we have as long as they are healthy. I'd like b/g twins but not fussy. Baby B is 75% sure a girl.

  9. Tracy and Amy - I am super jealous that you are finding out so soon what the sexes are I cannot wait for that! At how many weeks can they tell you for sure what you are having. I go to the Peri in 2 weeks for a cervical check, I will be 16 weeks, is that to early? My anatomy scan is not till Oct. 9th! That seems like forever away.

  10. I would love to have g/b, as we don't plan to have more children after this. So, that would give us the experience of parenting both. Everyone on my side of the family wants at least one girl, because we have a lot of baby boys already. But, of course, we just really want two healthy babies...I know that goes without saying.

    Sara - I will be 18 weeks and 3 days on the day of my anatomy scan, so well into the 19th week. Hopefully they'll cooperate; we'll see. I asked the u/s tech at 16 weeks to look, but he shot me down...said it was too early to tell.

  11. Hello,

    My name is Barbara and I am 8wks2dys. I am pregnant with quads so I will have these babies between 30 and 32 weeks. My peri will not let me go any longer. Anyway, I was due in April but that's not going to happen. So, somewhere between the end of Jan and Feb I will have this crew.

    I'm not sure where I belong since there is not a quad thread. Do you mind if I hang around? You all are way a head of me on all the test but we all will have the babies around the same time...

    I am 41 and DH is 47. ET was on 7-18 and we tx'ed 3 8 cell and 1 6 cell all grade 1 embies.. Well, to everyone's SHOCK they all thought they would hang around. Since DH and I want to keep them all my RE sent to me a peri very early, started to see him at 6 weeks...


  12. WOW, Barbara. Congratulations and welcome. I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be. The first trimester with twins was so tough!

  13. Alexandar- I feel as though I know you already as I have been keeping up with your posts and progress on your other thread. Welcome to our Feb twin/multiple thread. We look forward to you sharing your special quad pregnancy with us and hope we can all be good moral support to one another.

    Sara- The sexual organs are developed by 12 weeks, but continue to grow and mature. It depends on your sonographer and if the babies cooperate. Ask again at your next ultrasound, you might get lucky.


  14. Thanks Tracy and Amy ... It's kind of hard to find a place for me if you know what I mean. I would LOVE to share this pregnancy with you all. I will be here to support you all as well. I'm still on my cycle buddy thread even though we are all in different places with our pregnancy. It's a great thread. Like I said I'm on a April thread but I will have these guys way before anyone else. So, I thought I would check out this thread and see if you all would let me hang out... Now, I have a TON on reading to get caught up on you all!

    I am hoping we get to see what we are having in the next month. DH thinks we are having all boys...

    I'll check in over the holiday but I hope you all have a great long weekend.

  15. Well I have been lurking for quite some time, and I finally feel like this is gonna happen. I am 14w1d with twins!!!! Hope you all have room for one more buddy. I have been watching(reading) all of your progess since this thread started and I am very excited to share all of this with you. My due date is Feb 24.


  16. Terri- You are more than welcome to join us, Congrats on the twins.

    Does anyone live in the gulf coast? Anyone being evacuated? Scary stuff with these hurricanes. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, so who knows, if it vears west enough we might get some rain/flooding. Hope everyone has a super Labor Day weekend.

  17. Hi all its been awhile!! I started this thread so I figured Id post an update!! Im 15 weeks now and feeling much better!! after a night in the hospital for dehydration im feeling better!! although I did spot now and then once at 8 weeks and again last week but all is good! They think were have boy/girl twins but not for sure until my 20 week scan thats Sept 30 so ill keep you posted anyone with name suggestions send then my way!! and good to hear your all good!!

  18. Hi Kelly,

    Congrats to you... I have a few names picked out. Do you have any you like so far?

  19. Hello everyone,
    I had my anatomy scan today and we found out we're having a boy and a girl. It's thrilling to finally know!

  20. Congratulations on finding out the sexes. I don't go for my U/S until the 24th so I am waiting impatiently.

  21. Oh, I know how hard it is to wait! My appt. wasn't until 3pm yesterday, and I thought I would just die all day. I couldn't sleep the night before, either.

  22. Amy...Congrats on the B/G twins, it will be so nice to have one of each, much more fun shopping!

    My next scan is on the 11th Sept, so we are hoping to find out the sex of Baby A. Dh and I are getting ready to go on a Alaskan cruise on Sept 13th. I am looking forward to the cool weather and sea breezes, it has been a hot summer here in Dallas. I have already put on 11.5 lbs with this pregnancy and I'm no skinny minny so I'm watching what I eat so that I can let loose a bit on the cruise. I just hope I don't put on too much weight on the cruise. I'm sure I'll be doing alot of walking on the ship and around the small Alaskan towns.

    I just ordered baby furniture from JC Penney, 2 cribs a changing table and a chest of drawers. We want to get the nursery painted and ready by the time I'm 24 weeks. Anyone else preparing their nurseries.

  23. Oh, an Alaskan cruise sounds fantastic. It's been a hot one here in Phoenix, too! I've gained about 10 pounds...and I began this pregnancy overweight, too.

    We have just barely started to put together the nursery. We have two cribs and a dresser. But, we still need a changing table and glider/rocker. The hardest part is deciding on color and/or theme, given that we're having a boy and girl.

  24. Amyjo..Maybe a neutral paint color with individual bumpers that are gender appropriate. You could have a theme of animals or decorate with their names above the cribs. I have decided to buy a loveseat or a futon instead of a glider as I want to tandem BF and a rocker won't accomodate both babies.

    Our vacation might be well timed with Ike expecting to hit the Texas coast on Sat, we are leaving for Portland, Oregon on Friday. I must not forgot to get a doctors note at my appointment on Thurs because the cruiseline won't allow pregnant women over 24 weeks to travel. I'll be 18 weeks but might look more like 24 weeks, lol.

  25. BTW - I don't know if any of you have been looking at strollers yet. But, my dh and I ordered one yesterday from It's the one we wanted, but it happened to be on sale (from $249 to $169), as were the matching car seats. It's the quattro tour duo stroller. I will say it's the heaviest and most expensive one we considered (my husband won this one - you have to pick your battles, right?). It is very nice, though. Just thought I'd alert you to the online sale, as babies-r-us and usababy certainly didn't match the sale.

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