Twins Feb 2009 anyone else???

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  1. Kim...I also hope your anxiety gets better!

    As far as sleeping, it sounds like we're all struggling. In addition to peeing 4 to 5 times per night and tossing and turning, I now seem to have restless leg syndrome.'s only going to get better, yeah? LOL. I showed my hubby the body pillow at Babies R Us this weekend....he assumes he'll be displaced if I decide to get one .

  2. Amy-If you get the Boppy one it doesn't take up a lot of room at all. My husband and I have a queen bed and have no trouble having it in the bed. It really conforms to your body and takes up minimal space. I highly recommend it-especially if you are having any back aches.

  3. I have been reading up on Dr Luke's book on multiple pregnancies and achieving the best birth weight for twins. It is very interesting and gives guidelines on the best foods to eat, how much to eat and how much weight you need to gain during a twin pregnancy taking in to consideration your BMI before pregnancy. It also discusses problems that can occur with multiple pregnancies. It can be intimidating reading but knowledge is power. We are encouraged to gain alot of weight in the first 24 weeks because as our uterus's encroach upwards pushing on intestines we won't be able to eat as much in quantity, therefore our babies will take from the fat stores we made in the first 2 trimesters. Dr Luke has the best multiple birth weight statistics, lowering the incidence of pre-term labor and days spent in NICU.

  4. I also bought the book and have been reading up. I can't believe the amount of food it says we should eat. I have never been a big eater which is probably why I feel so overwhelmed. But it does have a lot of good suggestions. At this point I am about 5 lbs behind where I should be so I am trying to keep snacking during the day.

    The last 3 nights in a row I have been waking up between 3-4am and having a hard time falling back asleep. I started wondering if it was because I needed to eat something. So, last night I had a glass of milk and a granola bar and it seemed a little easier to fall back asleep. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue and what are you doing?

  5. Last night I ate some crackers and cheese before falling asleep which helped but I still woke up early this am absolutely famished.

  6. Hi, Ladies. What is the name of this book you've all been reading?

  7. Hmmm...I'd also like the name of that book, please.

    What have you been told by your OB about weight gain and calorie intake? I was shocked when I was told to eat 3500 calories per day. I was also told I need to gain 35-40 pounds, regardless of my pre-pregnancy weight (I was already about 25-30 pounds overweight).

    Honestly, I don't think it's possible to eat 3500 calories a day. I've since read that 300 extra calories per baby per day is a better target. But I'm seeing a perinatologist, and he's the expert. I'm also having trouble consuming enough water. I was told to drink at least a gallon a day! There's no room in there for me if I try to consume all of that !

    Does anyone else have the sensation in the evening/at the end of the day that your skin is just too tight and you might burst? I'm guessing this means it will start stretching soon. I hope so, because it's a very annoying sensation!

  8. The name of the book is

    or QUADS

    by Dr Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein

  9. I agree that the 3500 calories and a gallon of water does seems like a LOT but the Dr Luke book says the same thing. I have been trying to keep snacking all day because that is the only way I will be able to get close to that many calories. I have also been trying to keep a glass of water next to me at all times in order to keep sipping throughout the day. I am probably going to keep a gallon water container in the fridge in order to see how close I am getting to drinking what I am supposed to and then refill it every night from the BRITA.

  10. Hi, Ladies! I went to the doctor today and they have put me on Zofran, Reglan, and Zantac for all the vomitting. I have not gained a pound and am 13 weeks! They said that they babies are continuing to develop at a good rate and that they just want to try to get my strength up.

    As far as the 3500 calories, my doc told me to add 500 for multiples. I'm surprised that the book is so high. I don't think there is any way that I can consume that much. Right now, they don't want me to eat anything except for bananas, applesauce, rice, and toast. My stomach has to settle back down. I'd be interested to read the book and the research behind it, though.

  11. Kim,
    I hope the nausea/vomitting meds work for you! That sounds miserable!

  12. Kim - I hope the meds start working soon!! Feel better

    There is no way I am even close to eating the 3500 calories. I do drink a lot of water during the day. I try to snack even when I am not hungry, but if I eat too much I really dont feel good. My ob did not mention anything about eating that much and said that I should gain around 35lbs. I am going to ask the peri when I go in a couple of weeks.

  13. How is everyone doing? It has been quiet here the past few days.

    Today I noticed my belly is starting to show more. I tried wearing a pair of capris that I wore just a few days ago and I couldn't button them. Other than that not too much is new. I go back to the OB next Wednesday and will get an ultrasound.


  14. Everything's fine here. I, too, have just gotten to where my clothes aren't fitting. It's wierd...I haven't gained any weight, but nothing will button!

    I have an appt and U/S on Friday - can't wait!

    Sorry I've been MIA. I had to have minor surgery last Friday (skin cancer on my face - the joy of living in Arizona), so I've been resting A LOT! If it's not one excuse, it's another !

    Hope everyone is feeling good!

  15. Hi everyone - nothing much new here....just waiting till thursday for my nuchal screening. I cant wait to see the babies again and hope that everything is going great! My clothes do not fit me at all!!! I have gained about 6 lbs and it is very clear that I am pregnant. I wanted to wait till after my nuchal to tell people but I had a wedding on Sunday and could not hide it!

    amy - hope your surgery went well and you are resting up.

  16. Kim -- sorry you're so sick! I hope the medication helps. I've been sick too, but my doctor doesn't seem to care. Usually vommit twice a day (TMI?). I've lost 9 pounds since the transfer (I'm at 11w 5d). I can't eat anything. I eat a bunch of little stuff throughout the day, but not big quanities at all. I have no desire for sweets, so I'm trying to figure out how to get my calorie intake up. I'm hoping that when I stop taking the hormone shots I'll feel better.


  17. Carolyn, my dr. recommended meal replacement drinks, like ensure. Perhaps that would be an option for you...??? I'm so sorry you're sick.

  18. Meal replacement drinks. My mother suggested that too. Don't they taste nasty? Did you try them?


  19. I haven't tried them, because I haven't been sick. Since I entered 2nd trimester, my appetite has been very healthy . I think they've come a long way with the flavor, though.

  20. Hi Ladies,

    Hope everyone is doing well. Thought I would make an effort posting here because it's been so quiet and I don't want this thread to peter out. How is everyone feeling? I really feel like my belly is popping, today I am 14w4d and am definately showing. I can tell that my uterus is moving up in my belly as my upper abdomen area is beginning to protrude. I am slowly getting my energy back but can tell that I am much slower and get out of breath when I am walking. Is anyone else showing? How about weight gain? I have gained a total of 9 Ibs so far and have been trying to watch what I eat, however it has been difficult as I still have adversions to meat especially chicken.
    I had a sono last week at my first visit to the Peri's office. She was very matter of fact giving me all the gruesome complications of a twin pregnancy at my age (37). I liked her frankness and honesty nothing sugar-coated here.
    Babies are doing great, sonographer is 75% sure that Baby B is a girl, we hope to find out at next sono what sex Baby A might be.
    I\'m finally getting in the mode of thinking about organizing the nursery now that I am in my 2nd trimester. I am lucky because my mother is coming to visit from the U.K in early October and plans on getting the nursery completely ready for us. I promised her that I wouldn't buy any big items until she gets here.
    Has anyone else been getting prepared or buying anything?
    I am reading a great book with excellent ideas and ways on dealing with twins, breastfeeding twins etc written by a dietician who had twins herself. I Will post more about it next time.

  21. I am also doing good. Had Dr's appt and U/S and both babies are looking good and measuring ahead. I am 13w2d and babies measuring 2 & 3 days ahead. My next U/S is in 5 weeks at 18w for anatomy scan and U/S tech said she should be able to tell the sex of the babies as long as they cooperate. She gave me a lot of pictures yesterday. I have gained 8 lbs so far and trying to get plenty of protein but I also can't eat chicken or eggs. So its been lots of beef and pork. I will be moving shortly after babies are born so I won't be setting up the nursery until we get to Hawaii. I have started buying some stuff, picking up a pack of diapers & wipes here and there. I figure we will be going through a lot so I have been saving the coupons and picking them up when they are on sale. The baby clothes I have bought have all been neutral colors. I can't wait until I know the sex of the babies. Other than what I get at my baby shower I am only going to get the stuff I need in the beginning and just get the rest after the move just in case there is a delay in getting our stuff from the movers. Plus, you can only carry so much stuff on a plane.

  22. Hi Ladies: I was wondering if I could join you. Technically I am not due until March 6th (so I am a few weeks behind you) but I am guess I will be having February twins, anyway! And there doesn't seem to be a March thread. I am 12 weeks tomorrow and I go for my NT ultrasound on Tues. next week. My doctor told me that they weren't going to do the blood test because with twins I would automatically be over the range, has anyone else been told that, or did you all do the blood test as well?

    Since you were talking about books, I have been reading one called \"Twinspiration: real life advice from pregnancy through the first year\" which is really good. But, I think I will go and check out the other one you were talking about as well.

  23. Welcome rminkus- I have also heard that the bloodwork portion of the NT Scan can come back inaccurate with twins. I did have the bloodwork done but when the NT Scan was scheduled I didn't know I was having twins. I found out at the NT Scan. Even though I had the bloodwork done I am not going to worry if it comes back out of range as long as everything else looks good.

  24. rminkus72- Welcome to our twin thread, congrats on your twin pregnancy.

    Irorrio- It's difficult for you trying to organize a nursery when you'll be moving so soon. Is your husband military? Are you moving out to the base there. I have visited Oahu (spelling?) stayed at the Ala Moana hotel in honolulu for 1 week. I really enjoyed Hawaii, lots of lovely tropical rain. Your twins will become water babies in no time!

    This book I am reading is called Oh Yes You Can Breastfeed Twins! ...Plus More Tips for Simplifying Life with Twins
    By April Rudat.
    I have only read 1/4 of the book but it gives such good insight as to how to breastfeed, ie she recommends breastfeeding at the same time else you would be breastfeeding constantly. Because of this she recommends not buying a rocker, as a rocker can only accomodate one baby at a time breastfeeding. Instead she advises to use a loveseat with a foot stool which gives you more room for 2 babies at once. Another example of what not to buy is the diaper machine (gadget). With twins you'll fill it up by noon and disposable bags are expensive. Instead she recommends a good flip top trash bin with a good seal (emphasis on seal!) She also lists everything you will need to buy for twins before they arrive. It is definately helping me. It feels like my very own tutorial on how to manage with multiples.

  25. Tracy- Yes my husband is in the military (navy) and we will be stationed there for 3 years. I hear the schools are pretty bad but we will be gone before they will be old enough for school. My family lives about 2 hours from where we are currently so my mother will be around to help me for the first couple weeks as I plan on staying with her between when the babies come and when we head to Hawaii.

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