Twin smaller ever have this with good outcome?

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  1. Hi everyone, I went for my 7wk ultrasound. Twin A had a good HB (140) and measured 6w 6days (what I am), but twin B measured only 6w 2days and my Re was not sure he could see a HB. The sac is apperently shapped funny and difficult to see things. The re have me a 50% chance that all would be ok.

    Any hope or stories out there? I have heard all the bad and was hoping for some good.


  2. Hi Alycez,

    Per my Re and OBG it is normal for the twins to be a little different in size. Mine were 3 days a part at my 9w scan. Also, in majority of cases HB is not seen until baby is measuring 6w3d. Hopefully this was the reason why you did not see the HB.

    Wish you the best. Keep us posted on your progress.
    Good Luck

  3. I have heard this happen. A friend of mine went early for her first u/s and had 1 hb and 1 empty sac. At her 8 week visit, the hb was seen. The 2nd embryo was in a hidden position, behind the first one. Measuring a few days apart is very normal. My twins were always measuring a few days behind each other. I wish you luck and keep us posted!

  4. Mine always measured a few days apart, and we didn't see hbs until 7w. It's still very early. Try not to worry.

  5. At my 6w u/s, we had on sac measuring right on at 6w with a heartbeat and another sac measuring 5w4d with no heartbeat or fetal pole. They said that to be cautiously optimistic. At 7w, 1 sac measuring 7w+hb and other sac still behind 6w3d but had a heartbeat this time, still told to be cautiously optimistic.

    I am currently 34w5d with healthy girl/twins. My boy(baby b) has measured consistently behind the entire pregnancy, but growing appropriately. Last week I had a growth scan and the girl (baby a) was approx 6lbs and the Boy (baby b) measuring approx 5lbs 10oz.

    So, don't give up. According to all my doctors (RE, OB, Peri) very few twins will grow at the same rate and measure exactly the same, even identicals.

    Its hard not to worry.

    Good luck

  6. Thank you everyone so much for your replies. It makes me feel so much better. The wait until next thursdays US is going to kill me.


  7. shackour, how did your u/s end up going? Just curious b/c we also saw 2 sacs at my u/s this past Friday (6w2d), one measuring much smaller than the other one. We only saw the hb for the larger one. my doctor said it looked like the smaller sac had the same \"P-shaped\" object that is the heart that we saw in the first one though, so we just have to wait and see. I'm thinking there's a good chance it will be absorbed in my lining but it could also be that it's just a few days behind.

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