Twin BF question - EZ 2 Nurse Pillow - worth the $$? (not sure if I can tandem feed)

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    Hi ladies,

    I am 29 weeks with twins and trying to get prepared. I've successfully BF before but I am very large-breasted - I take a G cup when I'm breastfeeding. So I am not the type that can BF hands-free - I need one hand to pull up my breast (my breasts were bigger than my baby's head!). Sorry if TMI.

    So with twins and tandem-feeding, I can't see how logistically I'll be able to do that, since I need a hand to position my breast. Yet I've lurked on other twin moms threads and they all say to try to tandem or you'll be BF all day.

    I also know how important it is to have the right BF pillow. A Boppy never worked for me because I was overweight and wouldn't fit around me. I remember it being a pain trying to use normal pillows.

    I was thinking about 2 options....ordering the EZ2Nurse pillow - but that is designed for tandem feeding, and being that I'm Canadian, I have to order it from the USA, which is costly.

    The other option - trying the My Breast Friend - which I can order locally, but it seems to be for one baby at a time. And I'm hoping it will fit around me (I'll probably be a size 16 once the babies are born).

    WWYD? I'd hate to waste $$ on an expensive pillow that I may or may not be able to use.


    b/b twins

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Congrats on your twins. I had great success with the EZ2Nurse, especially when the babies were small. I was a DD cup or maybe a bit bigger when I started nursing. If I remember right, it was possible to use an extra hand. I think what I did was put an arm under both boobs and use the other to help with positioning.

    Once the babies' head control gets better you could probably have both hands free. And maybe a good nursing bra would help? I had one that gave some support even when open, and others that didn't give any.

    Also, I am done with my EZ2Nurse and could ship it to you. Just let me know if you might want to try it.


  3. I was also bigger than average - similar to you I think - and I had both the EZ-2-Nurse and My Brest Friend (as an aside, could they PLEASE find less insulting names for these things??). Brest Friend was good in the early days when tandem didn't work for me, partly because the babies didn't have good head control yet and because I was new to the game. But after about 8 weeks I depended hugely on the EZ-2-Nurse. Tandem was indeed a huge time saver. I am also in Canada (Toronto) so I hear you on the high price, but I was lucky enough to receive it as a shower gift.

    Congrats on your twins and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  4. Congrats on your twins!

    I first tried a boppy pillow when I was b/f my twins, and it was a joke. It didn't offer nearly the support I needed. My mom found the EZ 2 Nurse Pillow, and it was the biggest lifesaver. (But a disclaimer, I am small, only a full B cup.) Long story short, I was b/f my dd while bottle feeding my ds EBM/formula. The EZ 2 Nurse Pillow worked wonderful even for that kind of tandem feeding. And for me, keeping my twins on the same feeding/sleeping schedule was very important for my sanity. When our second dd was born, I worked closely with a LC and used the Brest Friend pillow while at the clinic. That pillow worked great for me, much better than a boppy. But I don't think it's nearly big enough to support twins.

    Best wishes,
    dd 14m
    dd/ds 5yo

  5. I am also quite large chested before, and during b/f... I ordered the EZ pillow, and used it several twins were preemies and never could get the latch down. The pillow did help me tandem bottle feed (ebm) close to me, so I could help skin to skin with milk production.

    I am not sure how much more it would cost to have it mailed to you, but you can always resell it, if you don't use it enough for your money's worth. I just resold mine on craigslist for 1/2 what I paid for it. Since it has an outter linning, to wash people will buy it used.

    I am the type that would buy it new, and then resell, not the other way around, but you could try to find on slightly used to buy online....


  6. For me there was a 3 month period where the EZ-2-Nurse was the only thing that worked for tandem-feeding. From birth to about 8-10 weeks I couldn't tandem, they were just too small and had no head control. Then the next 3 months I used the EZ-2-Nurse and it was great. Then after that they started eating a lot faster and I preferred to feed them singly. I still tandem-fed sometimes (when both were screaming hungry) but I just sat on the couch and used my couch pillows. By that time my couch pillows worked faster (faster to set up) and better (more infinitely adjustable) than the EZ-2-Nurse.

    What I did find nice about the EZ-2-Nurse is the slight downslope angle towards you. That really helps the babies stay on.

  7. Lisa, I have exactly the same issues BFing (needing to support large breasts, body size, etc.), and I was able to tandem feed with the EZ2Nurse, largely because it supported the babies sooo well.

    Do check Craigslist and Kijiji because they show up there from time-to-time, or post a wanted ad on those sites.

    ETA: I just checked both sites for YYC and YEG and found two in YYC by searching Kijiji for "EZ pillow".

  8. Kasamanli - forgive me for asking, but what is YYC and YEG?

    babsi - I wondered about that (size of babies - tandem feeding, etc). I thought about trying singly then going to tandem feeding once both babies learned how to BF.

    SB - I did think of that (still being able to use it with bottles) and do like the idea of having them close - plus I have an almost 3 year old who may or may not be able to be trusted around the bouncy chairs.

    Alison - thanks for the heads up on the Boppy and the Breast Friend. The BF does look good but for a singleton, like you say.

    acmayers - lol about the less insulting names...have you heard what some of the cover-ups are called? Hooter-hiders, booby capes, etc. yikes!

    mandi - what nursing bra are you speaking of? So far all I've tried is Bravado because they were the only ones I could find that sold the cup in the size I needed. However, I found that they were uncomfortable - my breasts are heavy even without milk and I sagged to the floor in them. I am on the hunt for something better - if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

    Thanks everyone,

  9. Kasamanli - forgive me for asking, but what is YYC and YEG? Whoops, those are the airport abbreviations for our two major cities.

  10. I would definitely recommend getting it, that thing was my best friend while I was breastfeeding my twin boys.
    I was at least an E while breastfeeding, and it really helped to have the pillow, and to work with them on their latch. Tandem feeding became so easy, I took that pillow with me on two cross country trips, used it in hotel rooms, the families house at Christmas.. dont know what I would have done with out it.
    I remember my husband questioning me packing it on our first trip, I told him no way was I going on vacation with out it. He rolled his eyes, packed it for me, but was so agreeing with me as we were settling in our hotel, and the flights had been me feeding one at a time, pulled out that pillow, 10 minutes, and both boys were down for the evening!

    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival of your twins!! Rest now all you can!


  11. I didn't have twins, but found the My Breast Friend pillow not great. I sold mine. The boppy was OK for nursing while on my laptop in those early days, but my breasts were big and I didn't NEED a pillow to hold my baby "UP" to my breasts - I needed a pillow to hold my BREAST up for my baby! LOL

    I didn't try these because I didn't learn about them until recently, but these look VERY interesting:
    Might be helpful for you! They do exactly what I needed - hold up your breast!

    Congrats on the twins!

  12. I had the EZ To Nurse Pillow for my twins. It didn't work for me but that was fir an unusual reason,lol. One twin was 8 lbs 3 oz at birth and the other was 5 lbs 5 oz. So the little guy's side would get tipped up in the air because his brother was so much heavier.

    Sounds crazy but is something to think about!


  13. sadiki - thanks for that link, they look interesting! (there they go again with the cheezy names

    jroh0011 - thanks for the heads up.

    Reese - would you mind sharing what type of nursing bra you used (PM me if you wish).


  14. Hey there- I have 7 months old twins and still use my Ez2nurse - also, I bought it in Victoria (had it sent to interior BC) - the website is

    hope this helps


  15. Heidi/mandi - please clear out your PM's - trying to send you a message - just got back from being in the hospital for over a month.

    UPDATE: mandi was very generous and sent me her pillow which has proven indispensable in me tandem feeding my boys. It works well for nursing one at a time as well. The NICU/Pediatric nurses think it's fantastic and kept asking me where I got it.

    Thanks for all the input. I highly recommend it. Worth the $$ for you Canadians wondering whether to get it in from the USA - although if you can get it used like I did, it is even better


  16. Hi Lisa,

    Congrats on your new boys, and I'm thrilled that the pillow is useful to you! I'm so glad that the BF is going well. I cleaned out my PMs.


  17. Lisa, I'm glad the EZ pillow is working for you; I'm still using mine for my singleton.

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