Turning 45_ should i give up? Help!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am at a crossrads-- have been very depressed the last couple of months-- but on a roller coaster-- depressed 5 days, fine 5 days, then depressed 5 days aagain.. I was told this may be cuz of leftover hormones form treatments.. ??

    anyways-- I;ve had 2 ivf cycles ( 2nd had BFP- lost HB at 8 wks- and D+C at 9wks.
    Since then, have had 2 cycle clomid and 2 natural insem-- nothing
    ( had a few cycles clomid prior to IVF)

    I am now tunirng 45.. Not quite ready to give up.. I am told everything still looks \"good\"- hormones, 6 dormant follicles etc.. JUST MY AGE FACTOR!!

    Re thinks i should try IVF again-- OR i can do injectibles with insemination-

    **at my age- the chances are 2% regardless of what i do - Apparently, IVF is no better than other methods

    Any iDEAS_ Should i try IVF again or 3-4 insem with injectibles?

    thank you!

  2. Sorry you're in this tough spot. I read your post on the other board -- that your only issue is advanced maternal age...well, sorry to be harsh, but that's sort of THE issue.

    In this world, anything is possible. But, the stats definitely aren't with you. I have two friends, who at 45 had fantastic cycles. They too had low FSH and were major producers:

    - 14 eggs retrieved 13 fertilized: transferred 3 blasts - BFN. (now pregnant with DE)
    - 13 eggs retrieved 13 fertilized; transferred 8 - 3 day embryos - BFN. (this friend went on to do four more cycles with fantastic response. All BFN.)

    With that said, I have seen instances of women on the boards finding success at 45 and even 46. There was also story in the news about a woman in the UK who got pregnant with twins at 46 or 47 (her first pregnancy). Regarding the board stories: all but one already had a child. I don't know why, but this seems to make a difference.

    I guess it boils down to what you really want and what decision can you live with. It's a very personal choice. The IUI with injectables might be a good compromise. My friend had success at 43 doing an IUI with injectables.

    Anyway, sorry if I sounded harsh, but you sounded like you want to make an informed decision. As I said, you really need to soul search and decide if you can live with not cycling again. The fact you got pregnant last time is a good thing. So, despite the grim stats, there is room for hope...good luck.

  3. Hi Jaz,

    Hard decision as to what to do.... Something that you have to decide with what you think will work best and how much $ and time you are willing to invest. If the choice is 3-4 injectible cycles and 1 IVF, I would go with more cycles to increase chances.

    That said, you may also want to check out the Pregnancy over 40 thread on the boards as it appears that some women in thier 40's have had luck using alternative methods and some also used lower stim protocals.

    Have they checked your tubes to make sure they are ok? This comes from my experience having done approx 8 IUI cycles to find out when they tested that my one tube (the side I ovulated on) was blocked (and opened when they did the test).

    I know it is really hard to give up on our own eggs and it took me a long time to finally go for a DE cycle , but now that I'm finally pregnant - I'm so happy to have done the DE route and wish I had done it sooner if I want more children.

    Good luck in your decision,

  4. I started the IVF journey at 46. I really wanted to try with my own eggs. My sister got pregnant by accident, on a very rare visit from her boyfriend when she was already 41. That was pretty amazing and it kicked me out of my \"given up\" mode and into doing IVF.

    But I was convinced that the 1 or 2 % chance using my own eggs and the chance of other problems with the baby because of my eggs being so old, so I went with a donor.

    I\'m just about to go through a frozen embryo transfer in early May, and this is only our second try. I wish I had known at the start how long this process takes.

    It\'s really hard to give up on your own eggs. I understand some of how you feel.

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