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  1. I am self-employed. Is there anyone else who is who can recommend a provider with good DE coverage? Thanks!

  2. Are you talking about getting insurance coverage that would cover DE or IVF cycles? If so, I would be interested in hearing more about that possibility. I am self employed too and have been paying out of pocket for last 3 neg IVF cycles. I am thinking about moving on to DE or perhaps trying one more cycle with my own eggs then moving to DE if unsuccessful. But cost is the huge issue hindering my path.

    Would love to hear more about what you know about it.

  3. EB - my husband and I bought Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI but I know they have other states. We live in RI. The cost was like an extra $500/month for premiums. We may drop it....I will put this out to you. Let me describe the coverage. It included DE but not the agency fee, donor's fee and donor's travel expenses (the donor I had was from out-of-state). It was 80/20 coverage and it included meds.

    Having said all that, we want to use San Diego now. San Diego said that even if I used them, that it would only cover 2000 dollars of the entire thing. So, we feel if we drop the fertility rider, the money we save on the premium can be applied to SDFC. There is no agency fee, no travel expenses and no legal ones (it was $800 for the donor I used from The Donor Source to draw up legal docs) as San Diego has in-house donors.

    EB, given all you have been through...and others might disagree with me...I would use a proven donor if you go DE. I did not. I was hell bent on having a redhead who was goodlooking as I am redheaded. She was unproven. I know there are many success stories with nonprovens, though. I just cannot afford emotionally and financially not to give myself the absolute best chance. Also, check out the website. You can find success rates. I used Boston IVF and later discovered their sucess rate was 51%. SDFC is 81%.

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