Triplets after uterine surgery???

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  1. Hi everyone….

    I just found out I am pregnant with triplets (7w1d) and am freaking out a bit (well, a lot). I have had previous surgeries on my uterus (a c-section for DD and a myomectomy to remove some very large fibroids) and am really worried about carrying multiples in a womb that’s been sliced & diced. Adding to my worry is the fact that my regular OB (the guy who did the myomectomy) cautioned me during my first round of IVF & subsequent pregnancy to NOT carry multiples – he used the term “uterine rupture” which sounds horrendous & scary. I am hoping (God-I feel guilty even saying this…) that the smallest sac stops growing and we only have twins to worry about.

    Has anyone also had some surgeries on their uterus and then gone on to carry their multiples – hopefully twins --to term????

  2. silvia.bonaventu, my RE performed a myomectomy on me in August and I cycled two months later in October and had the transfer in November, almost 3 months to the day of my surgery. I am now 20w3d with twin boys and there are no concerns on the part of my OB or peri. I can imagine three might require even closer watch, but I think you will be okay. Good luck to you and congrats! And FYI, I have so far had no additional discomfort or anything as a result of the surgery.

  3. my best advice to you is to find a perinatalogist who will take care of your from now until they deliver your babies. i am currently 16 weeks with quadruplets and i started off with a regular ob. The plan was that i would consult with the peri if the ob felt it was necessary but for the rest of the pregnancy the ob would be responsible fro my care and my delivery. Upon my first visit it was VERY clear that this ob was not qualified and/or experienced to deal with this pregnancy. I was lucky enough to find a perinatology group who practices old school aka they take the place of an ob for high risk pregnancies. these groups tend to see a greater number of HOM pregnancies and they have privilages at the BEST hospitals in the area that can deal with sick moms and sick babies, should it come to that. I am not trying to scare you and i think it is horrible of your ob to continue to scare you about uterine rupture. Arming you with the info is what their job is, not scaring you in to making decisions about your babies and their future. Now triplets outcomes tend to be just as good as twins, but you do have that extra risk factor in there that will need to be closely monitored. It won't be easy, but you can do it with the proper care and guidance. Can you start a thread in your area and see if anyone can recommend a perinatologist?? That is what i didi here and found the perinatology group that i am using now and i am certain that they are what is going to help me get through this complicated pregnancy.

  4. Thanks so much for the replies.

    Olgag78 - Congrats on your twin pregnancy! That happened really quickly after your myomectomy. Can I ask you a few more questions about your surgery? Did you have an abdominal incision or was yours laproscopic? Were your fibroids large (over 10 cm) and were they in the uterine wall? I had the abdominal incision (at the bikini line) and my fibroid was 13 cm in the uterine wall (intramural).

    Kristin - big congrats on the quads...that's amazing! Thanks for the advice about the peri. I have an appt with a maternal fetal medecine doc for the end of March...a long time to wait. I am almost 42, so that adds to the risk as well. I am looking forward to discussing this pregnancy with someone who deals with this type of situation on a daily basis. I'm thinking of getting my surgery notes and sending them over so he has all the information...hopefully that will be doable.

    Thanks again for responding.

    7w6d triplets

  5. silvia.bonaventu, mine was also an abdominal incision, about 4 inches long. My fibroid was 10 cm and also in the uterine wall. I feel at least I am now semi-prepared for my required c-section! I thought it seemed quick but my RE said it was fine, and even did a hyst. to check for scar tissue prior.

  6. Thanks again, Olgag78, your post really gives me some hope.

    I just want to let you know that the recovery from a c-section is waaaay easier than an ab'll find it a cake-walk after a myomectomy!

  7. Good to know!! That makes me feel good. I know I will be a little nervous for that. And you will be just fine, they will monitor you so closely.

  8. silvia.bonaventu,

    I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you lost one of the babies (read it on another post). Hope you are doing okay.

    You have no idea how much hope you have given me! I turned 42 last week and have had three failed cycles. I am a poor responder and have only produced 4 eggs each time, not all mature. You have become my poster girl!!! Just wondering if you would mind sharing with me your protocol and also any herbs etc you were using. Are these your first bubbas? Had you done previous IVF\'s?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Hi donna-

    Thanks for the post, you made my day! I've done a total of 3 IVF cycles so here's my story...

    My first cycle was a lupron microdose flare protocol, I was 39. I think I got about 5 eggs, not enough for my clinic to go to blast so we put them back day 3. We got a BFN.

    IVF #2 was BFP (it also was lupron microdose flare). I was still 39 and we got about 8 eggs so we went to blast and put back all 4 that made it. I got pregnant with twins, but one stopped growing at about 6w. I have an 18m DD from that cycle (I was 40 when she was born).

    IVF #3 was supposed to be this past August (I'm now 41), but I had zero response and we converted to IUI (still lupron microdose flare). We then did about 2 cycles where all I took was clomid. My RE said that sometimes poor responders (which I now was!) respond well to clomid for some reason. I didn't respond at all.

    So IVF #3 was pushed back to Jan and we changed up the protocol. I was on the antagonist protocol with the growth hormone saizen. We had 3 follies and since this was my last shot, we went to retrieval. We got 3 eggs, all 3 fertilized and we made the clinic wait until day 5 (a real **** shoot with only 3 embryos). All 3 made it, we had one blast and 2 morulas so we put them all back. All 3 took & I was preggers with triplets until about 7w when one stopped growing. I am now 11w with twins.

    I hope that helps a bit, sorry it was sooooo long! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


  10. Dear silvia.bonaventu,

    That\'s hilarious that you say I made your day, because you certainly made mine!!!

    Wow, you must be almost 12 weeks at my time of writing. How exciting for you! Hope those twingles are treating you well.

    I also have a lo born when I was 39.

    To date, I have reached transfer all three times - 2 embies, then 1, and 1. They have always been 3 day transfers. Perhaps I should also try and push them out to 5 days?

    Did you have any negative side effects on the saizen?

    Thanks, Donna

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