travel with lupron?

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  1. I've been switched from Suprefact (which I didn't have to refrigerate) to Lupron (which apparently has to stay in the fridge). I want to go away for the weekend, but our hotel room doesn't have a fridge. Can I keep the Lupron in a cooler with an ice pack? Or should I just stay home?

  2. One-hit -

    Go travel and have fun. I traveled with my Lupron and Follistim in a small cooler w/ice pack. You can also ask the hotel to store your extra ice packs in their freezer. You just want to be sure that you maintain a cool temp. Be sure not to store the meds directly on top of the ice pack.

    Have fun!

  3. I thought lupron is fine up to 77'? Mine has been stored on a shelf, this is what my nurse said, however I don't live in a hot area

  4. baby: It's not hot where I live. I have express instructions to keep the Lupron cool. But different doctors do things differently.

    Racer: Thanks so much. I feel silly for asking this, but I never use coolers, so how do I know for sure that the Lupron will not freeze?

  5. Are you staying at a major hotel? I just travelled and stayed at a Westin with Lupron and even though they don't normally have fridges in the rom they were able to provide me with a refrigerator for an extra fee. Also since the lupron is so small I could have just kept it in the mini bar fridge if I had known. Good luck!

  6. One-hit - If there is a mini fridge in the room, you'll be just fine. I used a small soft sided cooler (fits a 6 pack or used for lunches) and bought a hard freezer pack. Put the Lupron in a zip lock bag and then place something like a wash cloth between the freezer pack and the zip lock. You can also just toss a few ice cubes in the cooler and keep the lupron in a zip lock...add ice as needed.

  7. I have to do some injections at work and I just put the lupron in my neoprene lunch bag with an ice pack and my lunch. Then at work I just stick it in the fridge.

    The pharmacist told me the reason it needs to be cool is to prevent bacterial growth in a multidose vial - being at room temperature for awhile doesn't affect the stability of the medication.

    I also just travelled with lupron in my carry-on on a plane without any difficulty. I hadn't thought the liquid would be a problem because it was in a precription bottle and was less than 4 oz, but I was sure I was going to get pulled out of security for the syringes. I had a letter from my doctor in the bag. I put the stuff in with my other toiletries, and I sailed right through. On the way there I told the security officer and he said no big deal. On the way back I didn't even mention it. Hard to believe I can't even bring my pointy knitting needles, but can bring syringes and hand-labeled medication!

    ER is in 2-3 days - wish me luck!

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