Toronto, ON: \'Talking to children about donor conception\', May 2

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    A safe, caring and supportive place for parents to discuss “Telling and Talking” with children about their conception via sperm, egg or embryo donation. Aimed at both those who have not yet started to tell their children about how they came into the family, as well as those who have already begun the story and would like further guidance and support.

    This workshop will:
    * Explore questions about, and the experience of, talking with children about their conception, and sharing information with family & friends
    * Identify possible strategies and approaches that fit various family circumstances.
    * Suggest practical help with timing and language.
    * Offer guidance and support to parents in their parenting journey.
    * Act as a resource regarding related issues.
    * Provide an opportunity for parents to share personal experiences & provide mutual support.

    Co-facilitated by mental health professionals who are themselves parents of
    donor conceived children:
    * Jane Graham, RN, MEd, a community-based nurse therapist who works with people experiencing challenges related to losses such as past trauma & fertility issues. Mother of a young adult son via DI.
    * Marilyn Weisdorf, MSW, RSW, a social worker who works with people experiencing issues related to grief & loss, infertility, parenting and various child/family concerns. Mother via egg donation of 2 school-age children.

    Saturday, May 2, 2009. 1:30 - 4:30pm.
    $20/person (VISA/MC accepted)
    Fireside Room, Trinity St Paul’s United Church, 427 Bloor Street W, Toronto
    (on the south side, just west of Spadina Ave).
    Parking on Bloor or side streets.

    Display table of books (for adults & children), as well as documentaries & pre-recorded seminars (on DVD/CD) to browse or purchase.
    (See details at )

    Sorry, but we cannot provide childcare, & therefore ask that you leave babies & children at home.

    Space limited. Advance registration required.
    Info/Register: 416-691-3611,,

    Sponsored by the Infertility Network (an independent, registered charity).

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