too late for milk to come in?

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  1. My twins are one month old today- on tuesday i can start giving them breastmilk(i have needed iron transfusions and have had to pump and dump) My milk has not "come in"(i get 1/2 oz total each time i pump and i pump have pumped twice a day for a month- i know i should of done more often but i didn't) If i start putting them on the boob and pump more frequently is there a chance my milk will still come in or is it too late?
    thank you

  2. i would imagine you'd be able to get your supply going- after all, some moms nurse adopted kids- like jenmarkolsen- maybe she'll respond with more of the nitty gritty details. give it a shot!

    do you know about the kellymoms site? here's their stuff on relactation:

    good luck


  3. it is possible to induce lactation; up to 12 weeks pp prolactin levels are establishing (hormone responsible for milk production ). The best strategy - pump or nurse as often as you can, ideally every 2-3 hours. Dr. Jack Newman has a very useful how to establish BF or express milk. Here is link this also may be used it is recommended by Dr. Newman.

  4. It is possible. I was in the hospital for a month after DD was born critically ill. For the first week after she was born I was in a coma and so I was never given the option to BF or even pump to bring in my milk.

    When DD was almost 3 months old I really wanted to try and start BF. I had no milk at all. I worked with 2 great specialists and luckily my DD enjoyed being on the breast, even when I had no milk. I would put her to breast as often as she would take it. In the beginning I would give her a bottle and then when she was done I would put her to breast. After a few weeks I had a small amount of milk. I would feed her a few ounces from her bottle and then put her to breast and then I would put her back to the bottle to finish. Over the next few weeks I was able to gradually reduce the amount of formula and increase the amount I was BF. After about 3 months I was exclusively able to BF.

    If your babies are willing to latch on, then I believe you will be able to bring your milk in. Just make sure that BF is a positive experience and if they are fussing or hungry, feed them a little first so they do not get frustrated or develop a negative association to being on the breast.

    There are supplements you can take, teas you can drink and even drugs you can try. I never did any of these and had success. I did try to supplemental nursing system. It is a small tube like thing that allows baby to recieve formula while latched on, but I found that this was too time consuming and difficult.

    Try not to set any expectations so you don't get frustrated or disappointed. Whether you are able to nurse or not, this is a very special time and the most important thing is for you to enjoy your time with your babies.


  5. ready - I think you have a great possibility for success. The fact you are getting some milk is really good. The pp gave some great advice and links.

    I adopted our DD and induced lactation to exclusively bf her. I did need to use domperidone and also used the herb fenugreek. You may want to use those to help boost your supply, but you probably won't need them long term (like I did) because your body is already ready to nurse. Fenugreek can be found at many health food stores. Domperidone can be purchased at some compounding pharmacies (but can be very expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it - which most don't), with a prescription from a pharmacy in Canada, or without a prescription from

    I tried the lactaid too (a supplemental nursing system (SNS)) and found it very difficult to use, but many people swear by them. I think Dr. Newman's site or has a way to make a homeade SNS.

    My advice would be to put the baby to breast as often as possible. If you are using a SNS, then you can supplement that way. If not, then supplement with a bottle after you bf. Try to pump when you can after a feed.

    Let me know if you need any more advice and good luck!

  6. Thank you all for taking the time to respond! I have read the websites and i have started pumping much more frequently( i can actually start putting them back on my boob tommorrow) so far all i have gotten though is very sore cracked and oozing skin around my nipples and really not much more milk. I'm going to try the herbs if nothing i'm done. I'm really not worrying about and i talked to the pediatrician today who told me not too worry about it. I even looked into milk bank 3.00 an oz! yea right who could afford that!
    thank again it is appreciated

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