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  1. Hi Ladies!

    My 3 mos old DD seems to be too impatient to wait for a letdown (which comes after a few strong sucks if she would just try!). At bedtime, she is just so tired that she'd rather suck on the pacifier to fall asleep then nurse. Then after dosing off, she wakes up within 10 minutes and eats a full meals, so I know she is hungry. It's just been a struggle to get her to eat well if she is too tired. I usually put the pacifier in her mouth to calm her then pull it out and try to nurse her. This goes on back and forth until I have a letdown. Otherwise, she just pulls on and off and gets frustrated and starts crying. She usually nurses at 6:30, midnight, 3am and 6am. She has gone a few nights until 2am straight, but those are rare. I just can't stop wondering that if she ate better whether she would make it longer at night. Any ideas what else I can try?

    Nora - 3 mos

  2. Nora-Do you think it would help if your pumped for just a minute before the bedtime feeding? That way the pump will start your letdown
    and make it easier for your DD. Just a thought to try. Good luck.

  3. In NICU I was taught to put some EBM in baby's mouth with a pipett alongside the nipple. This gives him/her a taste of what is coming to motivate sucking, you might have to keep adding
    it a couple of times.

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