Too High Progesterone and high Estrogen (BFP mentioned)

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  1. Hi
    I just found out that I am pregnant today from our DE cycle. Beta is 249 at 14dpo. The doctor mentioned that my progesterone and estrogen were too high so he is decreasing them.

    I was taking .3 ml of delestrogen on Sundays and Thursdays. He has now decreased it .25ml still twice a week. I was taking 2 ml of PIO daily and now he decreased it to 1.5 daily but he is also starting me on progesterone 200mg suppositories twice a day. (It was always in the plan to add the P suppositories if BFP)

    I was so stunned to find out that I got a BFP that I did not ask questions about the P and E being too high. Nor did I ask what the levels were. I will call tomorrow though. Anyway now I am very nervous!

    Does anyone know if it is harmful to me or the pregnancy if the P or E is too high? HAs anyone experienced this? What did the doctor do? What happened?


  2. What were your #'s for prog. and estrogen levels?


  3. mariofreitas: thanks... I forgot to ask what the levels were b/c I was so excited about the BFP. I will ask tomorrow and report back. There's always something to worry about...especially after hours!

  4. Nur,

    Congrats! Don't worry - my initial Progesterone was high with my 1st pg - 179 I think?? And it was supposed to be like 20. My daughter is almost 3 now, and she's fine.

  5. in my first preg it was twins and my p4 was over 200 at 5 weeks. and this preg it never went over 46 and it was a singelton.

  6. Hi Ladies
    Thanks for your responses. I am glad to hear that all turned out fine for those of you that were also high.

    The nurse told me today that my values at my first Beta 14po were:
    E2 -2072 and P4 – 101.8
    She said not to worry and that they were on the high side of normal.

    I go for bloods again tomorrow.


  7. Nur-My E2 was always around 450, but my P4 was always very high-anywhere between 75-150. And all was a-ok!

  8. ThAnks for the feedback,ladies. It really helps me to stay calm. Today is 16dpo and my values are:
    beta- 721
    e- 1632
    p4- 87
    so lukily the beta went up and the e and p4 went down! Nurse said the e and p4 are in normal range but oN high side...she said it all is good.

  9. My progesterone levels were over 100 with both of my pregnancies. My RE said it was a good sign and had me stop my PIO right around 4 weeks because my body was clearly making enough on its own. Congratulations on your pregnancy and doubling betas.

  10. Ilovtoflip
    thank you! Thank you. That makes me feel positive.

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