Too early for HPT?

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  1. So... despite what my brain was telling me, I did an HPT anyway. My FET was on Friday.. so I'm only 4dpt. Too early??? I don't go in for my beta until 4/1.. that's an eternity! If I gave in THIS early, I'm either gonna lose my head, or go broke peeing on HPTs. LOL!

    What\'s your take on it???

    C ~

  2. Yes, way too early.

  3. Cathy~

    Do it! I'm 4dp3dt and I'm dying to POAS - but as luck would have it...I'm all out! I can POAS vicariously through you

    Good luck and LMK!

  4. LMAO.. well... I'd already done it & got the BFN.. but I mostly expected it, so I'm not frustrated or down about it .... YET. I'll attempt to wait a few more days. LOL!!

    C ~

  5. Okay - it was too early. Do it again tomorrow

    Good luck,

  6. Cathy, this time around, I poas starting at 5dp3dt and it was bfn. On 7dp3dt I got a faint positive (using First Response). I continued to test every day until beta and all were positive (including betas). I had never tested so early but had seen posts of women getting pos starting on day 6. There's no turning back once you've poas. Just go for it daily from now on...

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