to stop or not - question about frozen milk too

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  1. Hi Everyone -

    I'm sort of in the process of weaning - even though I've just been an exclusive pumper for a couple of months. My DS is only 6 months but we've struggled the ENTIRE time and now I'm getting blocked ducts every couple of days and almost no milk when I pump. I've had to supplement 2 of his bottles with formula a day and he only takes 4-5 bottles daily.

    Here is my question - I had a much better supply at the start of nursing and have quite a bit of frozen milk. But now that DS is in daycare and I"m back to work I was wondering if the immunities in frozen milk are the same as in fresh. If the immunity is gone in the frozen milk, I may try to keep going. Unfortunately, now I can pump for 20 minutes and sometimes only get 1-2 oz total. Sometimes I can get 3, 4, or 5 total but never more than that. It's become frustrating and time consuming without good results.

    So if you all know whether my little guy will get the benefit of my immunity in the frozen milk, I may hang it up Now I don't know what to do -

    Either way, I wish it had gone better but I guess we had better luck than some

    Thanks for the info/advice-

  2. Ike- Congrats for hanging in there as long as you have. As far as I understand, fresh milk is best, but frozen milk is still very good. When DS was in the NICU they definitely froze his milk w/o a second thought, but they also liked if I could pump at times right before a feeding, because fresh was better.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do.


  3. No judgment whatever you decide, but if it was me, I would keep up nursing or pumping through flu season. I feel like bm is the only defense I have for my DD.

  4. JD - I hear you and I'm struggling with what to do for that very reason. That's why I was wondering about the frozen vs. fresh milk. If the frozen is as good then I have plenty and should be in good shape. But if it's not effective in that way then I might stop. We have our 6 month appt. next week and maybe the pediatrician will have some insight. He's been around for a long time so he might have some thoughts on what to do. Thanks for your thoughts though!

  5. Pumping is hard! Kudos to you for trying and hanging in there. I would contact an LC to see if there is anything you can do differently. Pumping is its own little science and there are definitely ways to increase production. Also try for tips. Good luck!

  6. Ike.. the immunity factors should still present and intact assuming the milk is thawed in warm water. So not use very hot water or shake the milk. Kellymom has the precise instructions on preserving the integrity of your frozen stash. Great job pumping all of this time! Way to go.

    Mary Joanne

  7. Thank for info

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