To spank, or not to spank?

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  1. Hmmm... since that goes against most advice given nowadays, I'd wonder who paid to put that commercial on the radio. It sounds suspiciously like it was a religious group.I agree that nothing lies like statistics.

    Agreed. Sounds fishy to me. Anything I've ever read on the subject preaches the exact opposite outcome (children who are spanked are often prone to more violence than those that weren't and don't do as well in school). Yes you can use statistics to say anything you want about a subject.

  2. Dr. James Dobson has some books for disciplining your children. He goes through the different ages. He is pro-spanking as I am. I am not pro beating and sometimes that is what I got growing up and I still resent it. I usually give one lick youngihm age. My mom however, gave like 50. So I have tried time outs which worked for some of my dc but for my 2 year old it doesnt faze or a bit.

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