To all the Houston, TX area ladies

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  1. I'm up for a meeting in/near Austin! With my 2.5-yr-olds or possibly on my own.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread.

    And ELENI, when you get here, I'd love to meet you, too!



    It's May 14th, 15th, & 16th this year

    We have a baseball game on that Saturday, so DH is taking off work early Friday and we're planning on going around 4pm on Friday afternoon & staying late.

    Would LOVE it if all of you guys could join us.... bring the kiddos too as they have carnival-type rides and games, and last year they had a strawberry eating contest and a stunt show, petting zoo and pony rides.

    For Grown-ups they have the shops, demonstration shows, and beer/frozen mixed drinks.

    And cannot forget the food... GIANT Strawberry shortcake, Nachos, sausage on a stick, candy/caramel apples, and KETTLE CORN. They have this awesome creation called a "Tater Dog"- It's a hot dog/sausage on a stick with curly potatoes wrapped around it. Add some seasoned salt and ketchup and it's the closest thing to heaven you can buy on a stick. I look forward to it every year. (Can you tell the food is my favorite part?)

    Hope to see you there... PM me if you want my cell # to meet up!

    Take Care~

  3. Just wanted to say I had a good time at the festival tonight... so happy to finally meet everyone in person.

    Really enjoyed getting out of my head/emotions for a few hours. You all don't know how much it helped me. I appreciate it so much.

    A little bummed we got rained out & sent home early though. (I wanted me some more of that yummy festival food! )

    Hopefully we can get together soon and include the Austin ladies!

    I'm up for anything after a week or so...

    Take Care All~

  4. We had a great time too. I'm looking for the cord for my camera. Someone hid it. I wanted to take a lot more pictures but it was raining so hard my camera and lens kept getting wet.

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