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  1. Did your RE require that you take time off between your cycles? If so how long?


  2. I was always given the choice to take time off or go back to back. I had asked if going back to back led to better follicle growth results but my RE didn't think time off made a difference, medically. Of course that takes into account my age and diagnosis and may be different for others

    I tried both ways and was always better off taking a month break between cycles. The times I went back to back I was a basket case by the end of the 2nd cycle and when I took time in between I always felt much stronger and ready to handle it again.

    I think because we are all so different it is trial and error to see how your body responds though I hope you don't have enough cycles to figure out what works best for you!


  3. my re said to go right back inot the next cycle with af.. i went from the long lupron which of course failed got af and then started bcp for 10 days for the anatgonist protocol. my dr told me its best to go right back in since your body is used to the meds.. i was at retrivel for IVF #2 only 28 days after my negative beta from IVf #1. gl..

  4. This is my second time doing back to back cycles. The first time I was a quite stressed during the second one, but this time I am doing ok I think. My sister's RE didn't give her a choice she had to sit out a cycle between IVFs.

  5. I had 3 REs and two said back to back were ok and 1 made me take a month off in between cycles. I eventually got to know my body and found that back to back cycles did not do so well for me, even one month in between. I had better response when I took a few months off in between. Not giving advice, this is just the response my ovaries had. I am sure it differs with every person and their individual response.

  6. My RE allows you to cycle again once you start your second AF after a failed cycle. Not sure if this is really back-to-back or not but let's call it that. I have done back-to-back cycles and waited a few months in between cycles. I did not respond any better either way but for me taking the break in between cycles is the best, mentally and physically. Less stress and less taxing on my body.

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