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  1. Hoping someone can help. We are doing DE FET this month. My internist did some b/w after finding I had a slightly enlarged thyroid (u/s showed 9 mm and they just want to monitor it every 6 mos). TSH came back at 1.77 which I thought was great, but she wants to treat b/c of enlarged thyroid. She has been right on with a lot of medical issues and I will definitely run it by my RE, but wanted to see if anyone had had a similiar situation. T3 and T4 were also in normal range.


  2. Do they want to give you synthroid?

  3. I don't know anything about the enlarged thyroid. I had slightly high thyroid level (I think in the 5 range) a month before my transfer. They put me on thyroid meds and I also changed my diet - no gluten most importantly and I also reduced my stress a lot. My thyroid levels have been going down since. It was very stressful though because I didn't want to go through with the transfer unless the thyroid moved down and it got down to the wire. I am in the very early stages of pregnancy. Still watching the thyroid. Can you get in to see an endocrinologist if you feel like a second opinion? If you trust your Dr. then maybe you need to trust her on this. Since you are doing an FET you can wait on the procedure until you fully investigate why your thyroid might be enlarged.
    Good luck, AG

  4. meropi and AG -- Thank you ladies so much for your responses. Yes, my internist prescribed synthroid. AG, I think you are right that I need to trust my doc on this as she has been right about a lot so far (and she is the internist, not the RE).

  5. I was diagnosed a year ago with Hashimotos disease. this can effect your fertility. It did mine. I am now on synthroid and closely monitored by a doctor who treats this disease. They try to keep my tsh at .05 to .1. Hope this helps.

  6. Thanks daffy125. I appreciate your responding. If you don't mind my asking, how did they diagnose you with Hashimotos disease? I am going to google it now. I hope everything has worked out well for you after being treated.

    Best, Kirsten

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