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  1. Hello - I've been quietly following the donor egg boards for a few months since our last BFN in March. We have just been matched from CCRM's (Denver) in-house donor pool. This is our first match and I'm interested in anyone's feedback.

    Donor Info:

    Age: 31
    All testing complete
    Profile info - medical/appearance/all else - excellent match
    Day 3 bloodwork: FSH 7.5, E2 82, AFC 15

    Given her age, I'm concerned that the high E2 is masking an even higher FSH. Any success stories from a similar situaion? Thoughts? Insights?

    Thanks much


  2. Hi, my younger sister who was my donor for two fresh and one frozen DE cycles sounds similar to your donor. She's 31, FSH 9.5, AFC 8. However, she also has a small child (got pregnant the first month of ttc). The first cycle she produced 6 eggs, 5 were mature, all 5 were perfect 8 cells on day 3, and all 5 made it to blasts. We transferred 3 blasts and froze 2. I got pg with triplets (a set of identicals and a fraternal), but lost all my babies due to a hematoma. The second fresh cycle I think we had 8 eggs, 6 fertilized and 3 were blasts on day 5. We transferred 2 and froze 1 (our clinic only freezes top quality embryos -- 4BB and better). That time we ended up with a blighted ovum. The frozen cycle didn't work . We are moving on with an anonymous proven donor. My #1 criterion this time was to find a proven donor. Your donor might do better than my sister -- as you can see, I did achieve a viable pregnancy the first time around with all 3 heartbeats, only it didn't last... I wish you the best luck with your decision! I know it's a tough one. However, I've heard such great things about CCRM's donor pool that I might go for it. Sorry if my post is not helpful at all. Kite

  3. I'm with you, I'd definitely be concerned about the high E2 number. At the very least, you should talk with your doctor and note your concern. The AFC is good, so the E2 may not be as relevant, but I would have my hesitation. One of your doctors should be able to explain in more detail how that level of E2 could affect the cycle outcome (hopefully the answer is "little or no impact").

  4. Thanks so much for your insights - both are very helpful!

  5. Personally, I think she could do great, but it's a gamble with those numbers and being unproven. My clinic wants to see an AFC of 20 or more, and they don't accept donors over 30. If it were me, I would not want to take the gamble, unless maybe you can cancel with little money lost if it looks like she's not stimming well.

  6. Thanks all - in discussing with the RE - she had a cyst on her workup day which the dr says explains the high E2. he also said that without the cyst they would likely see more antral follicles than the 15 observed that day.


    Also - Kiterunner - I wanted to say how incredibly sorry I am for your loss and brave you are for continuing on this journey!

  7. personally, with the amount of money they will undoubtedly be charging you at CCRM, i would refuse this donor, unless/until somebody else used her and she did well. i personally had a lower fsh (4) than that at age 40, proven fertility, and never did well at all with my own eggs, after 4 IUIs and 2 IVFs. and we had a donor whose eggs were already bad at age 23. after those experiences, i never even considered donors unless they were well proven.

    jmho, but it is based on years of trying and tons of $$$


  8. did they tell you her AMH?

  9. vman - great question and one I already asked. They said they don't routinely run AMH on donors. We may request it before we would consider to move forward.

    I'm meeting with Surrey on Monday on it and have told my nurse that although we LOVE the profile info - the #s are not exciting us. We have until Tuesday afternoon to decide.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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