Thinking of stopping...what to do.

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  1. So I've been bf my twins who are now 5 months old. Both get a supplemental formula bottle before bed of 6 ozs and have been doing so since 2 months. With one ds, I had trouble at the beginning--just a lazy latcher. Since about 3 months old, I've been increasing the formula with him little by little. He's always soo fussy at the 3 o'clock hour and refuses to nurse. Now, this past week, his fussiness started at 11. Should I just give in and give him formula at the 11, 3, 6 and 8 feedings? And then nurse at the 4 a.m., 7 and 9 am feedings? My other ds was an instant textbook latcher and is still going strong. I still supplement about 6 ozs with him at night too. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to give it up but I feel it's a losing battle.

  2. Sometimes supplimenting (sp) will cause the snowball - its easier to get milk out of the bottle than out of a boob. First of all don't stress about it. Secondly, I would see how it goes - offer the boob when you want and if he does not take it give him the bottle.

  3. Oh yeah, it clearly snowballed. I wonder, though, if he just would have been better off with the bottle from the beginning. He just never took to nursing and it's so frustrating because the other ds took to it instantly. I guess I have to stop taking it personally. Sad.

  4. I am a twin mom of 8mo boys who bf one and formula feeds the other one for the most part. I had the same issues you had, one with a really good latch (S) and another with a sloppy latch (Z). I also just never was able to get my supply up to what it needed to be to feed two babies so I started supplementing formula for both of them. When they were about 6 - 7 weeks old we discovered S had a milk protein allergy so it was just easier for me to ebf him (I cut out all dairy) because he refused the only formula he was allowed to have plus I hated keeping two different brands on hand at all times. Anyway, it all snow balled from there, Z was getting less and less breastmilk and was getting more used to the bottle. The less I nursed Z, the less milk I was producing. So now at 8 months Z only bf at bedtime and S is ebf. I have so many regrets about this but at the time it helped me keep my sanity which I think is so important as well. I guess what I am trying to say is before you totally give up make sure you won't regret it but do not beat yourself up at all for stopping. Nursing twins is hard! You have done an amazing job even getting this far with twins.

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