Thinking about another child at 55

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  1. Hi Every-one

    Have just returned to the BB after a nearly 4 year absence following the birth of my DS and it's great to read your posts. I have been thinking about having another child (and have trid with 2 frozen embryo cycles but no go). My own clinic (Monash IVF, Australia) have just said they will not support me doing any more cycles and I have been trying to decide whether to keep on trying or not given the difficulty and my advanced age. (I dont feel that old except when I'm sleep deprived altho unfortunately that's quite often). I would really like a sibling for my DS for companionship now and also when I am gone.

    I am going to investigate overseas clinics as I dont believe that there are any in Australia that would let me have a go. So I am very interested to hear about the clinic in Cyprus and will look at that one.

    If any-one knows of any other clinics, please let me know.




  3. Dear benekli

    Like you I haven't been on these boards for ages. There is so little activity on the Aust site.

    I am (slightly) older than you and last August used our last frozen embie after 3 DE cycles with the same wonderful donor and many many transfers. Earlier I did a DE transfer in the US which ended in an ectopic. Prior to that my first transfer was a DE but sadly ended in a m/c. So, we've been at it a while but not ready to give up.

    My Dr has basically given me the flick in the nicest way, told me all the horror stories about mature age pregnancies etc and I am sure just hopes that I will accept that it is not to be.

    Like you, I doubt whether there are any clinics in Aust who would agree to treat such a \"mature\" patient. I have been looking into some clinics in the US but don't know their age policies and of course the cost is rather prohibitive if you add the donor cost to the IVF cost. I would be very interested in what you find out about age policies of clinics outside Aust.

    Thank you and good luck


  4. Hi,

    I\'m 48 and well into perimenopause and have disregarded my eggs long ago (no children naturally either, only ectopics), DH is almost 44 and has good sperm. We are seriously looking to Czech Republic for doing DE with ICSI. We live in U.S. and the cost here is so prohibitive, and many clinics will not treat after 47, even with DE, which I think is weird as if nothing wrong with uterus, the eggs are the risk, so if using DE, they should not discriminate. The 2 clinics we are looking into are in Zlin and Brno, CZ. Both can be done through a service that will walk you through the whole thing (translation, rides, phones, hotel, etc.), with the airfare we figure about $10,000 USD for both of us to go there and stay for 2 weeks. We are comfortable about that country after visiting Prague (the clinics are about 3-4 hrs from Prague) last May, we enjoyed the people and the scenery. The success rate there with DE is about 60%. If you would like more info, I'd be glad to give you the websites, etc. The donors are caucasian and we are both fair skinned, so that was why we didn't choose Spain or Greece. I am looking into Scandinavia too. We were going to try for May, but looks like it will be a little later. It is encouraging to see other \"old\" women doing this too. It is scary for me as no kids and huge lifestyle change, but have always wanted them. DH and I have only been married for 4 years.


  5. Yes Czech is a great way to go. Also I hear Dr. Arcacia in California. The clinic in Greece has no age limit.
    I feel very very strongly about this as I am 45. Can I just vent for a second and say I saw a celeb who had twins at 53 (a man and I think he and wife had babies via surrogate) no one bats an eye. In fact, I know a lot of men in my day to day life who are where I am age wise who just got married and had a baby. Again, no one bats an eye. I get the physical issue with health but that is even up for debate with all the advances in neonatal. More power to you!!

  6. Hi! Alisa! I'm 47 (soon to be 48 --how did that happen???) and we're thinking of trying a fresh DE cycle with Dr. Welden in Tampa Florida.

    From what I've read on ivfconnections and from what I've been told by his office....his prices ($13-15K) are very reasonable (compared to NYC and California). I did not get the impression from the coordinator that my age would be a problem.

    We will be flying down in a few months to review his donor pool once I take care of a few health issues (uterine fibroids and possible gallbladder removal) and if everything works out we will definitely give it a shot.

    Just thought I would pass this info along...


  7. Hi all again

    I have been doing some research on the net and have discovered some good sounding clinics in Cyprus, Czech republic who will treat older women so I'm pursuing them and will let you know more as I progress.

    Sarahj, thanks for your pm and link. I think I have seen you on another board - Fertility Friends in the UK??



  8. I am interested in the clinic in cyprus
    its called PEDIEOS

    they charge 7,000 euros for 3 attempts with donor eggs
    and they have caucasion donors from eastern europe -

    they reply promtly to emails and i also know of a british woman who lives there and she is going to the clinic -



  9. benekli-

    would love to pm you and give you my email -
    but don't know how to do it!
    i am in the same boat as you (age wise)
    and would love to talk via email -


  10. Hi Morganna

    I tried to pm you but got a message that you have chosen not to receive pms. So may be you need to look at your settings. I'm no expert...having never sent one. d.

    Tell me where you are at will clinics? I am looking at Pedios, North Cyprus and Isida...

    benekli xxx

  11. Hi Alisa

    Would love to know which Czech clinics you are looking at and what you think of them.

    I have been looking at Pedeios, North Cyprus and Isida. I like Pedeios because the child can trace some of the European sperm donors but they have a 3 month waiting period. North Cyprus looks good but their donors are anonymous. Isida has a good reputation but they seem a bit officious and I havent pursued them beyond one email..



  12. Hi benekli -

    I will try to get the private pm settings sorted out -
    but for now, i am also in contact with Pedios -
    a woman lives in Cyprus and is having ivf treatment there and she has been so helpful -
    they charge 7,000 euros for 3 tries with donor eggs -

    also, there is vistahermosa in spain -
    and they charge 5,000 euros for DE and have no age limit -

    its great to know they are out there!


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