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  1. Ann~ NO AF YET! Argghhhhh....I forget, does Lupron delay it? The Feb 23rd was cd 1, so I'm cd32 now. She better hurry!!!! I can't believe you went to the ER! How scary?! I'm glad everything is alright. Wow, I never knew that Estrace could make someone so sick. At least you've got good news with the blasts. When is your transfer again?

    Beth~ It's not that I'm patient, I've just had horrible experiences with evil pee sticks. I would guess I probably pee'd on a stick a month for nearly 4 years and not once did I ever see a + (and trust me, I broke those suckers open just to be sure!) My heart starts to race just thinking about it. I MIGHT do one this time, but I'm not sure. And as for symptoms, don't worry, they usually don't show up for at least a few more weeks. The only thing I remember (and hindsight is 20/20 because I certainly didn't consider these symptoms when they were happening) was when I brushed my teeth, I felt like I needed to keep spitting. Gross, ugh? I felt like I had so much spit. And I also had a strange "metal" taste. It was like I had a piece of foil in my mouth all the time.

    Yvonne~ Have you seen AF yet?

  2. We transfer next monday 4/2 and we have 2, 3 day embies on ice at the moment. I am hoping they are more successful than the last two, which were from the same batch. I've been so sick I haven't had time to obsess over it taking a long time to get here. This week might be slow though... I'm trying to keep busy.

  3. ann,
    i had a terrible pain in my back right before i graduated with my first masters. my packpack made me feel like i was having a heart attack (except that it was on the right side.) that pain was in the front, the rest was in the back - couldn't even tilt my head back to rinse my hair in the shower. sneezing was so painful i could barely stand it. turned out it was just a muscle knot. that was 9 yrs ago and it's still sort of there.

    hope you continue to feel better!

  4. Cindy how many masters do you have???? I have one and it was enough for me

  5. Cindy how many masters do you have???? I have one and it was enough for me

    2. the first was at a horrible horrible school that made sure i could not work with my degree. the second is in a related field which is what i do now. i've taken some classes 3, 4, 7 times. i worked for a year after the first 1 as a bank clerk (best i could get) making $8/hr. it was motivation to do the 2nd degree.

  6. Cindy - how interesting, what do you do now? I do have a couple big knots in my shoulder area. I was getting massages every other week or so, I may have to get back into that after this cycle if the accupuncture doesn't help it at all.

    Yolanda, Beth, Ashley how are things going? Mille are you still here?

    We did our lining check today, everything looks fine, even if I am still feeling not so great. We transfer monday assuming the two embies survive the thaw...

    I did the stupidest thing last night, after having all this trouble with the estrace I was supposed to be taking 1 pill orally and 2 vaginally per day. I didn't even want to take the 3rd pill last night I was feeling so horrible (heart palpitations, upset stomach, pain in my shoulder, dizzy, headache) so I finally made myself do it, but I had trouble with the pill bottle, and was thirsty and tired and in a haze and I accidentally took it orally . I did fall alseep eventually and still felt all the symptoms this am, which I wouldn't have if I had taken it the 'other' way. I'm such a dork! I was afraid I might not sleep at all, but I did so no harm done.

    So today at the u/s appt, (dh was there as we had to notorize a bunch of papers for the other embies we are getting) dh asked about a natural cycle next time and basically kept on it until they said that if I want to do it, we can. They said they had only done one natural FET in the last couple years and it did work, just that they don't do many. So if this cycle doesn't work, we take a couple months off and do some cycle monitoring to make sure we can tell when the LH surge is and etc. If things haven't changed in 5 years, I should be fine as I charted for the first 6 months of our marriage and everything looked fine then. The biggest issue would be getting a lab person in to do the thaw on a weekend if that was needed.
    Ok so there is my long winded post - can you tell I don't have a lot of confidence in this cycle? We'll just have to wait and see how it goes, who knows I might be pleasantly suprised.

  7. Hey Ladies,

    I've been busy with work and had a busy weekend too......My spotting completely stopped Saturday. I talked to the Nurse yesterday and she said that the spotting may be all I get. She said sometimes women don't "O" after a m/c and I should get a strong period in about 3 weeks. I sure hope shes right. Shes going to talk to the Dr. tomorrow and let me know if he wants me to take provera or not? I asked if this would delay me cycling in May and she said no!!!

    Ashley ~ Since AF seems to have forgotten where I live, I hope she finds her way to you very soon

    Ann~ Dang Girl!!!! I can't believe how sick the meds make you...I have never done a Natural FET, My body doesn't cooperate very well. Hopefully this will be the last time you have to do this for a long time. I'm praying this week flies by for you.

    Beth~ 15dpt sounds like a really long time to me too. My RE always tests at 14dpo unless it falls on a weekend or holiday. I would say at 9dp5dt you could test, but if it's negative it doesn't mean it's over. My BF didn't get her +HPT until 14dp5dt so you never know. I think if you can hold out, do it as long as possible. I know it's easier said than done.....Hang in there!!!!!!

    Cindy~ I'm not sure what you should put on the cover...I've never made one before. Our agent told us to make one and bring it in after our failed adoption and we just couldn't bring ourselves to do one and never pursued it any further... I kind of wish we would have. Let us know how Friday goes....

  8. Yolanda- how frustrating!!! come on AF, come on!! Doesn't provera bring on a period if you take it for a week or something then stop? I think i saw that somewhere, but I could be having a faulty memory moment.

    Cindy- I would do what the folks at the adoption place suggest. They of course want your personal style to show through, but they also know what is appealing to birthmothers. They showed us a few samples when we went in for our info night, maybe you can go in and look at a few just to see what other folks have done to start the wheels turning (we saw three that were totally different from each other and were good for stimulating ideas). I know that doing a portfolio thing is the most daunting for me as I'm totally NOT a scrap booker type person. I'd have to get out and start taking some pictures so we'd have something to use!

    I'm feeling a little better with taking all three estraces vag. yesterday. Thankfully we're down to two today so that should help even more. Accupuncture appt #2 today. Hoping that goes well.

  9. Ann~ I'm so glad your starting to feel better....I am still just blown away by the side effects you get. That is just crazy!!!!!! 4 more days to go......

    Beth~ How you doing? Finding things to keep you busy or are you circling CVS debating whether or not to go in and buy a HPT??????

    Ashley>>>>>>Sending AF vibes your way<<<<<<

    Well the nurse called back today and at 1st she said they wanted me to go on BCP's and that was going to push ET into June. I was alittle unhappy with that, but she called back later and said that she talked to RE and he wants to see if I get AF on my own. She should arrive on April 13th and if I don't get it I'm supposed to call and they will put me on provera. that's still going to put us at the end of May. I had my heart set on the beginning, but my body has other plans......So we'll see what happens. Keep praying that AF finds her way back to my house.

    Hope everyone else is doing Well !!!!!!!

  10. ann,
    i'm an audiologist now. i enjoy it and being able to help people.

    so sorry the estrace has been so awful to you. my own body was awful to me yesterday. i was stuck at home sick as a dog. it was miserable. i haven't been that sick in YEARS. I was able to make it to work today, but i'm pretty tired. i lost 4 lbs in a day (which i didn't need to do.)

    i ordered some stuff from suzy's zoo to use for our portfolio. of course, shipping was 10 cents more than the order!!

    yolanda - i will spare you the horrible details of my post m/c period. but yes, i took prometrium vaginally for 5 days to bring on my period some time last year. 2 days later it showed. i hope you don't have to do resort to that.

    have a great weekend everyone. sorry this is short, but i'm still exhausted from yesterday.

  11. Yolanda - sorry that things are going so slow for you! bummer. You are so funny with the circling CVS comment... ha ha ha, but so true

    Cindy - sorry you were so sick, hoping you feel back to full speed soon!

  12. Hi Ladies...after circling CVS I went home an ordered pregnancy tests online. Thought they would take a while to arrive but no...they got here quickly. So, yes I have 6dp5dt it was negative. I was sooooo depressed on Wednesday - by Thursday I had resolved myself to the fact that a negative was not the end of the world - afterall I have 6 embryos still frozen.

    Today I woke up with cramps, as if AF was about to show. I did another test (8dp5dt)- and yes, ladies there was now a second line! I almost threw up - I was shaking, etc. Showed DH and he agreed that it was not a figment of my imagination, there was indeed a very faint second line. It is even darker tonight. My beta is not until Thursday (15dp5dt - yes, a long wait!), but I am going to try and get in Monday. I am cautiously optomistic - keep me and my potential bean in your thoughts and prayers! I am still feeling so crampy.


  13. Beth~ That is wonderful news!!! I'm so excited for you...Way to go!!!
    Now I hope you get high #'s and the rest of us follow in your footsteps...YAHOO!!!!

    Ann~ I'm praying for good news from you on Monday too...

    Cindy~ Hope your feeling better......

    I've caught the stomach flu so things were quite yucky around here today...I've been running fever all day and just feeling crappy. I'm starting to feel alittle better, Hopefully it is just a 24hr bug....

  14. Beth - I am sooooo happy for you! A BFP that early is great!!! I hope your betas are sky high!

    Yolanda - the waiting is the WORST EFFING part!! I'm here to cheer you on whenever you start!

    Hi to all the other ladies, new and old! Don't give up!

  15. Suzz~ That is so funny that you checked in today, I just looked at your blog this morning to see how you were doing....I can't believe your over 16 weeks already, Your moving right along. I hope we all get to join you on the other side soon.

    Beth~ Have you done anymore tests? I think feeling crampy is normal... The baby has alot of adjusting to do in there to settle in for the next 9 months...Gosh I pray this is it for you!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear your beta #'s.

  16. Congrats Beth! Good luck on your early beta tomorrow! Keep us posted!

    I am doing great. 22wks. We confirmed it IS a boy! He has become quite active in the last few weeks which is amazing. I am still lurking from time to time, quietly cheering everyone on!

  17. Oh, I am freaking out!! I took a few more on the midstream internet tests and still positive I decided to do a Clear Blue digital...would love to see the thing say "PREGNANT" and it did Have 2 FRER also and figured what the heck!...I should have stopped myself, but I am a POAS Addict...the FRER were negative! I did them all with the same cup of urine first thing this AM. How can this be? Any thoughts? The FRER is supposedly the most sensitive one of the bunch!

    I am off to call the RE and see if I can get a beta today or at the latest tomorrow.


  18. contrats beth! i wouldn't worry about FRER - i think i've heard bad things about them. convince your RE to let you in so you can post your beta to us! tell them that there are anxious infertile women waiting with baited breath....

    yolanda - i hope you feel better soon too! thurs. was the worst for me, but i was a little nauseous friday night and last night i must have run to the bathroom 10-12 times in an hour! (no puking thank goodness.) just trying to stay hydrated at this point.

    post cycle consult was ok. he is willing to let me try again, but i have to take zoloft (i outright refused prozac again.) not happy about it, but i guess i'm not happy about lupron either. he had really no answers for me, but sometimes there just aren't any.

    cleaned the house this weekend for the home study. still have to do our bedroom, but that is mostly folding laundry and then vacuuming.

    hello to everyone else!

  19. Ok...need you advice...Am I being unreasonable?

    Called RE's office today and left message that I would like to come in early for beta since I got a BFP on a HPT this weekend. Explained my nervousness since I have had chemical pregnancies and ectopics in the past. Also explained I was concerned about my progesterone level last week and would like that repeated since I may very well be pregnant.
    The nurse calls me back and agrees to up the test by one day - only ONE DAY! She even said I should wait until Friday, but since it is a holiday she will do it one day earlier. She said they will repeat progesterone then and we will go from there. Mind you my beta scheduled for 4/6 is 15dp5dt - that is LATE!!! Why should I wait that long if I got a BFP?
    I am thinking of calling my gynecologist and asking them to do one.

    As for the HPT drama I was having this AM...I did more (being the POAS addict that I am!) E.P.T. Certainty said "PREGNANT" and Accu-Clear also clearly positive! So I am guessing my FRER was a bad batch, since the two above tests measure HCG at 50.


  20. no, you are NOT being unreasonable. call back AGAIN and talk to someone. no messages. ask them to explain EXACTLY why you need to wait til 20 days past a fake ovulation day when you should clearly have a beta of approx. 50 or higher on 14 dpo. unless they can come up with a legitimate answer, go to your gynie's office.

    let us know.

  21. Beth~ I agree with Cindy....There is NO REASON you should have to wait. I have a really good relationship with my Gyn and she knows everything that i'm going through and is willing to do anything to help. I have called on her many of times because some tests would be covered by my insurance if she did them, but not if RE did. I think you should call your Gyn ASAP...It's a simple blood test and were all dying to hear the results!!!!!!! Also I think FREDS are the worst! I always used them first because everyone says their the best, but the walmart and other brands show up so much darker than the FREDS. You probably did just get a bad batch.....OMG I am so excited for you!!!!! YAHOO

    Cindy~ I hate it when the RE has no answers....THAT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!!! I feel like how am I supposed to have hope for the next one when you dont know what happened with this one? I know they can only guess, but it still sucks......I am finally feeling better, Friday was the worst for me, I was nausous too, but never puked. I had to go to work (I'm a school photographer) and had to keep telling the teachers I would be right back! Like you said I think I went to the bathroom 8-10 times that day. It was awful. Saturday & Sunday my stomach hurt more than anything and today seems to be ok.....Do you have to take zoloft for your cycle? Why? Hope your home study goes well.....

    Ann~ How did it go today????? Let us know as soon as you can get up.....take good care of those little beans.....

    Maggie~ Good to hear from you, Congrats on the little boy! Any names yet? Keep us posted.......

    Ashley~ Seen AF yet??????

  22. i have to take it because my dr. wants me to. that is the only reason. my stress is the only thing he can find "wrong" with me.

    home study is still set for 2 this friday. the s/w couldn't move it up earlier. i guess we can do some last min. cleaning.

    how are you doing??

  23. Beth - Congrats Wow! stick baby stick! let us know your beta when you get it.

    Cindy - good luck on the homestudy. They say it isn't a white glove test, but I bet most folks have the house ready for that out of nerves

    hi everyone - so much going on here over the weekend! I'm sorry you all were sick, I had a bit of it myself, but not so bad as you guys... feeling pretty good now..

    Transfer went fine yesterday. We put in two 3 dayers, they said they looked good and the transfer was fairly easy. We did accupuncture before and after the transfer, which made it take forever! Hopefully it will do some good Beta isn't until the 16th.... seems like forever...
    later~ Ann

  24. Beth~ Any news yet???????? I can't stand the waiting.....We need to hear the good news!!!! No Pressure....

    Ann~ I'm so glad things went well....I know the 16th seems like forever, but maybe with the holiday in there it will go by alittle faster. And with the nicer weather you won't have to be couped up in the house this time....

    Cindy~I remember our home study last Feb. I had no idea what this Woman was looking for, so I made my DH help me scrub our house from top to bottom LOL...It took us 3 days to do the entire house and when the SW came she never left my couch. She sat on the couch and questioned us and then got up to leave. " I said don't you want to see the rest of the house? She said it's not necessary" WHAT???? I gave her a tour anyways...LOL... I felt like I did all that work the least she could do was look at my whole house darn it!!!!

    Well still have alittle bit of this stomach virus, but not nearly as bad. I'm waiting patiently for AF still....I hope she shows up on her own next week. If not I call next Friday to start provera.

    How do you ladies finance your Cycles?
    We pay completely out of pocket...My DH's job pretty much takes care of our bills and I basically work to pay for IVF. My DH has a race car and I think he is getting tired of all our extra money going toward getting pregnant. He has spent quite a chunk of change on his car lately and I can't help but feel like we need all our savings for IVF. I know that is selfish and he should be able to buy things too, But I want to scream every time I look at our savings account. It is starting to dwindle fast. I wish we didn't have to live like this. It's not fair to him to tell him he can't use the money even though he works 40 hrs a week. He has been really patient for the last 5 years, but I think he feels like enoughs enough and he wants some stuff now too. He says if we use all the savings we'll just put it on a credit card, but I can't stand the idea of doing that. My Best Friend says I need to just let it go and whatever happens happens, But I have major OCD when it comes to owing money. It drives me nuts!!!!!!! Am I crazy? Should I just let it go and see what happens? Maybe we'll be lucky this time and won't need anymore money for IVF...... (Wishful Thinking)

    Thanks for listening.....

  25. Beth~ You are too funny girl! I've had friends do upwards of 5 different pg tests just to see if all of them were positive too and if memory serves me correctly, many of them had probs with FRE tests. You are preggo girl!! Try and drink LOTS of water and take it as easy as possible. Do you have a local "Any Test" where you are? We have them here and you can basically go in and request almost any blood test needed and they do it on the spot. Either way, you are PREGGO!! Congrats!!

    Ann~ How'd you like accupuncture? I did for my last fresh cycle and really loved it. Sounds like your transfer went smoothly. Hang in there, the 16th will be here before you know it!

    Cindy~ My experience with our s/w was exactly like Yolanda's! I cleaned my house from top to bottom and even baby proofed the darn thing and she never left the table! I even made brunch with fresh fruit and sweet breads & muffins and we just sat and talked the whole time. It was so much easier then what I had expected. Try not to make yourself crazy cleaning and preparing, its a breeze!

    Yolanda~ We have paid out-of-pocket for every cycle too. We usually utilize tax returns and have had family members contribute ALOT. This will be our last self pay because I recently started working for a company based out of CT and they have mandated IVF coverage. If this cycle doesn't work, they pay for two complete IVFs and even donor eggs, if thats the route we want to go. I'm just praying this works and we won't have to utilize it but it's sooooo nice not worrying about where the finances are going to come from for any future cycles. As if the stress of the actual IVF wasn't enough, the financial aspect only doubles the stress. Don't get me started on why IVF is not paid by ALL insurance policies!!

    Well, AF has not showed. I'm so depressed. I just left a msg for my IVF nurse to discuss my options. I am ALWAYS regular so I don't know what's going on with my body. I'm cramping and I also spotted a bit over the weekend but still no AF!! ARGGHHHH. I had this timed perfectly so that my husband's parents would be here from France during the 2ww so I would have some help with my 22 month old. Because my husband is a chef and works nights, I need someone to help get her bathed and in to the crib since I shouldn't be lifting anything heavy after transfer. Also, I have a HUGE week long event at work the first week of May and then leave for the beach the week after. Looks like we may have to postpone this cycle if AF isn't here in the next few days. POOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else have problems with Lupron delaying AF? I can't remember if this happened with my last DFET or not??? I'm just sooo mad.

    Hope all is welll with each of you!!

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