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  1. Congratulations Yolanda!!!

  2. Thanks Ladies,

    Well the results are in 220....Just needed to be 136 so I'm very happy with that. I'm so excited!!!!!! these last 4 days have been pure torture...LOL

    Here's our little pregnancy annc.

    I'll let you know how the u/s goes.....

  3. Congratulations Yolanda! that is a great number! So excited for you! When is the u/s?

    Very cute! (wow, she's got a lot of hair!!!


  4. Hi Ann,

    Thank you...Whats funny is she was born with peach fuzz on top of her head and I was so worried she was going to be bald and around 6 months her hair just sprouted and never stopped growing.

    I went for another beta on Friday and # was up to 689 (needed to be 660 or higher) So things are still looking good. My u/s is on April 13th.

    I have absolutely no symptoms at all....I know I should be happy right? Instead it makes me nervous. I can't wait for that u/s to get here.

    How is Sean doing?

  5. Happy Easter! How are you doing Yolanda?

    Sean is getting through his first ear infection and croupy cough, it has been a tough week. But he is doing better now, and in general he does great!


  6. Happy Easter to you too!

    I'm doing good...Still no symptoms to report other than a few dull pains in my side which I assume are growing pains.

    Glad to hear Sean is doing better. Madisyn fell and chipped her tooth last Thursday. She was riding on a little bike at Toys R Us and when she turned the bike tipped and she smacked her mouth into the ground. I couldn't believe it. She bit both her lips and her toungue, It was awful....I've been a nervous wreck with her ever since. I'm so afraid of her falling and knocking more teeth out!

    My u/s is tomorrow so I will let you know when i get home how it went. Keep your fingers crossed that it's just one....My family keeps calling them the triplets (I sure hope not...LOL)

    Here's Madi's picture with the Easter bunny...Didn't go so

  7. yoyo

    quick barge just to say I am so happy for you!! congrats!!


  8. Hi Amber~ Thank you...How are you?

    Well the u/s didn't go quite like I had thought it would. RE found 2 sacs which I was very excited about, but they were very small and he wasn't able to measure the babies or see their HB's. I am stressing out and RE seems to think it's just early and were fine. I wish I could be as calm as him. I am 6w2d today and when I had my u/s with Madisyn I was 6w4d and you could clearly see her and her twin and see their HB's. I don't know I guess only time will tell. My next u/s is on the 24th.

    I wish I could be happy, I'm just so afraid to let my guard down....

  9. Yolanda- ugh! how hard to not see a heartbeat yet! I know this is torture, hang in there! Are you afraid to have twins? I am! what are you doing to keep busy? try to keep your mind off it if you can...

    take care-

  10. Hi Ann,

    I'm ok with twins....I think if this works out and they both make it we will probably be done having kids though.

    I am going absolutely crazy....I called the RE's office this morning and moved my appt up to the 20th. I just need to know if the pregnancy is viable. I can't stand all the waiting. I will be 7w2d on the 20th so we should be able to see something by then. (I'm hoping anyways!)
    I just need to get through the rest of the week and the weekend. At least its supposed to be nice here over the next couple days so I can take Madi outside and hopefully forget about all this drama. Oh i didn't miss the IVF roller coaster at all....This sucks.

    Take Care,

  11. yoyo,

    all good here! I am cheering you on, and I hope you end up with 2 more beautiful babies!!


  12. Hope your staying busy Yolanda, how are you doing?

  13. good luck today yolanda!

  14. cant wait for your update! praying for great news!!


  15. Looks like were only having one...Baby B is measuring 8mm and has a HB of 123. Baby A's sac was empty. So it looks like we have a vanishing twin. I'm ok with it only being one...I was a little nervous at the thought of twins and a 22 mo old, but I would've survived. We go back one more time next Tuesday and if all is well I will be released to my OB. What a sweet sound to hear that little heart beating!


  16. Yolanda- Congratulations! I'm so glad that you heard a heartbeat! It is a little sad to know that one didn't make it... Keep us updated!


  17. Yoyo!

    I am thrilled for you!!! I will be stalking, I mean watching you...waiting for updates!!


  18. congrats yolanda!! sorry it took so long to respond. it's hard to post on my phone, but i can read the updates.

    i'm very happy for you and your family! hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    we have completed our h/s update and the new portfolios are done. we now sit and wait. and wait. and wait. i was ready for the wait last time. not so much this time. but the sense of urgency isn't there. hard to explain.

    hi to you too ann!!

  19. Cindy~ I hope you are matched very soon....

    Today was my last appt with my RE....The baby looked great. It was measuring 13.5 mm and the HB was 151. I have my 1st appt with my OB on May 11th...

  20. Congrats Yolanda! Keep us posted. How are you feeling?


  21. Hi Ladies,

    Bad News!!!!!!!!!!! Went for u/s today and baby had no HB, It looks like it probably quit growing a few weeks ago. So probably right after my RE released me. I have another u/s on Thursday to be certain and then I'm scheduled for a D&C on Friday. It just isn't fair.

  22. i am so sorry. i was hoping to be reading some good news while i had a minute. i've been there. if you need to chat, i'm here. hope you are doing ok. take good care of yourself.

  23. I am so sorry Yolanda! ugh, it is not fair... hugs.


  24. Thanks Ladies,

    Well I ended up m/c'ing the baby a few hours before my scheduled D&C on Friday. It was absolutely horrible. My OB still went in a cleaned out the uterus. She said that may have been the cause and since we were going to try again she thought it was a good idea. We haven't totally decided yet, but I think we may try again in August. The thought of starting all over again just kills me. I thought having Madi would make this m/c less painful, but it hasn't...I have the same emotions as I did with the m/c's before her. UGH!

    Cindy~ Any news on the adoption front?

    Ann~ How are you and Sean doing?


  25. yolanda - i'm just so sorry. i wish there was something i could do for you.

    there is NO news on the adoption front. there was a situation last week, but i don't even know if we were shown. we were almost picked a few months ago, but we weren't in state, which she wanted. so, we wait. and wait. i was ready to wait last time. not so much this time.

    hi to you too ann.

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