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  1. Cindy- how are you doing?

    Yolanda- how did the appt go?

    Here ds is on non-allergenic formula for a week to determine if he has food allergies. So, I'm pumping... it is nice to have dh get up in themiddle of thenight to feed! Ds is doing great, i think it is helping him alot so we will see how it goes to reintroduce breastmilk and cereal next week assuming all keeps going well.

    Take care~

  2. Cindy~ I will be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping that all is well.....

    Sarah~where are you???????

    Ann~ How is Sean doing?

    My appt didn't go too well....I went and the Dr was busy so they sent the nurse practioner in to talk to me and she had no clue what was going on and said she would have the Dr call me...Well I have left 2 messages and the Dr has still yet to get back with me. They have called me twice to set up my d&c and I told them I won't do it without talking to the Dr first. My period was very light this month so i'm thinking the BC pills might actually be helping. We'll see.......

    Madisyn is now crawling all over the place. We can't keep her still. She is also pulling herself up on things. Time to baby proof the house. I still can't get her to say Mama and mean it, but she sure knows Dada. She has also started to wave hi and bye to everyone. It is the cutest thing, she gets so excited.

    Well I hope everyone is doing well....


  3. Cindy- hoping everything goes well today!

    Yolanda- I've had the same thing happen to me the last two times I went to my ob, it is beyond annoying. I'm ready to change to another eventhough I really like my ob, it seems that she is more into pg patients/surgery than regular gyn patients...

  4. Hi Ladies,

    Sorry I've been MIA...We went on vacation teh week of Labor day and Madisyn came down with a cold the week after that and still has it so my computer time has been very limited.

    Cindy~ I do hope that all is well with you and you've just been too busy to post. Please let us know how you are doing when you get a chance.

    Ann~ I am really thinking about getting a new ob/gyn...I love her to death as a person, but as a Dr. I think she has taken on too many patients and is way too busy. She has been my Dr. for 11yrs and change is hard. Right now I am on BCP's and having very light periods, so I will continue with this for now and see how it goes.

    Here's a little video of my Dora fanatic dancing. She seems to only have rythm in her right leg for some reason...LOL


  5. hi girls. so sorry i haven't responded. i have essentially no internet access at work and this dial up at home is painful to use.

    so the following monday after the 2nd beta i had spotting and cramping. went in for another beta on tues. morning and it was 0. not going down. ZERO. stopped all meds immediately. pretty sucky.

    to make an extremely long story short, we are now waiting to see if a friend gets the OK from her OB to be a surrogate for us using donor embryos. it is an amazing offer, even if it doesn't work. if it doesn't, i already have info from my adoption agency to send back in to them.

    thanks for thinking of me girls. it means a lot.

    oh, i'm lactose intolerant myself, so feel free to ask questions about diet, but i hope everything is resolved by now.

    lastly, liam is a genious (according to parents as teachers), and back up to 50%ile for ht but down to 10%ile for wt because he burns all his calories playing NON STOP.

  6. Good to hear from you both!

    Cindy- I am sorry to hear the outcome of your cycle. So sad. It is so nice of someone to offer to surrogate! what an offer. I bet you are busy with Liam!!!

    Yolanda- It seems that there is a bit of a baby boom going on, so it may be hard to find a dr. that isn't super busy right now. I've had 2 friends get turned away more than once for inductions at the hospital because they were too full to take another induction!!! Though maybe you can find a dr. that isn't so busy, maybe a good question for the office when you call to check out a new dr.

    Sean's bloody stools have ceased, but now there is black in his stools that isn't blood, very strange. He got 4 teeth last month!! and it seems that we aren't going to get much of a break on that front! ugh. i haven't looked at the video yet. Our little guy is pretty busy and starting to babble and stand on his own and interact a bit with us. So fun!

  7. Cindy~ I am so sorry...That is so wonderful of your friend to offer to be a surrogate for you. My SIL was going to be one for us, but I guess it's illegal in Michigan to use a 3rd party when using donor embryos. I hope it all works out for you. Please keep us posted...

    Ann~ How is Sean feeling? Wow 4 teeth! Madisyn has her 2 bottom and that's it.

    Madisyn is starting to stand on her own...I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be walking just yet. She is such a little busy body. Shes gets into everything.

    Take Care,

  8. Hi Girls,

    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing??????

    Were doing good... Madisyn is growing so fast. I miss that sweet little baby that wanted me to hold her. "Now shes like put me down I got things to do". Her favorite words at the moment are NO NO NO, SIT DOWN and STOP! Of course she doesn't listen to any of these commands, but she sure knows how to yell them back at me!

    Here are her halloween and 9 month pictures...

    Take care,

  9. Cindy & Ann

    Hope thing's are going well for both of you...It's been quite a while since we all posted. How are Sean and Liam doing? Madisyn is such a little busy body, she has been walking since Thanksgiving and can talk your ear off. It is so hard to believe she is going to be one in a few days.

    We have decided to cycle again and will be doing the transfer in March...I will let you all know how it turns out...

    Take care,

  10. hi yolanda!

    sorry i haven't posted - internet access is a big issue. i can read easier than i can post.

    anyway, liam is great. he's a GENIOUS and incredibly handsome.

    our news is that next week is the beta from our surrogate/donor embryo cycle. we transferred 1 (after much drama getting that one.) the funny thing is when the nurse was telling me about them, she said the "problem" with it was that the father's blood type was B+. i told her that was liam's blood type. all she had to say was, oh!

    keep me posted on how things go in march. wishing you the best of luck!!

  11. Cindy~ That is wonderful news...I can't wait to here the results, don't keep me hanging for too long .

  12. didn't work.

  13. Oh Cindy that sucks big time!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo sorry.

  14. I'm sorry Cindy.

  15. Cindy- I'm so sorry!

    Sorry I have been mia. focusing on Sean these days, he is doing great. Climbing everything and says a few words (mostly just points and screams though

    Yolanda- good luck on the march cycle! I'll be checking back...

    We've sort of decided to not cycle again until next year. I am trying to get my body in shape for another pg, and investigating some health issues for me too, so that maybe if it works again I won't be so sick. I just started bc pills to give me some relief from af, and I think I'm having gallbladder attacks with severe nausea. Went to dr yesterday for tests. Dr. thought it was liver, which doesn't make sense to me. I've had lots of pain up high during af, which seems abnormal. I think I'm going to have to insist on some imagining of my abdomen. In the meantime I feel really crummy. Any advice? Going back and forth between ob/gyn and internist - seems so weird, why don't we have one doc for our whole body!

    Take care~

  16. thanks girls. it suck3d, but we just right back into adoption. the agency rec'd our check and now the graphic designer has rec'd both our old portfolio and the new pictures. she said she usually needs 25-40. i sent 80. oh well. it's hard when your baby is the cutest in the world!

    good to hear from everyone else.

  17. Cindy- are you using a graphic designer for your profile portfolio? how did you find someone to do it? That was always a big anxiety producer for me was the thought of doing a profile for birthmom's to look at.

    I'm glad you have a plan, hope you are matched quickly!

    I have been thinking of just going to infant adoption instead of going through another pg. We'll see what the tests show before I make any decisions like that though.


  18. Hi Ladies,

    Ann~How are you feeling? What did the Dr's say? Hope your feeling better...

    Cindy~ Any news on the adoption front?

    Our Transfer date is set for March 17th, so I'm hoping some of that Irish luck will rub off on us. I will let you both know as soon as I hear something.

  19. Hi Ladies,

    We transfered 3 nice quality embryos yesterday. My Beta is on 3/27. I'm sure I'll hpt way before that so I'll let you know.....


  20. sorry i didn't reply earlier! it's hard to get online. i've also been dealing with a sick little boy. actually, he had a cellulitis around his eye, which is better, but the augmentin is really hard on him.

    anyway, sounds great! were they blastocyst stage? (sorry i can't do the math in my head right now.) i'll be watching for your beta.

    my update is that our new portfolio is close to being done by the designer. it looks super nice. i also have our FBI fingerprint appt scheduled. the pediatrician wouldn't write a letter, so i have the chart notes from the last appt. i also have physicals scheduled for me and my husband with our dr. waiting to hear from the s/w when she wants to meet for our "interview." (like there is anything she doesn't already know! i guess my husband's district merged and changed names. and he got a promotion, so she could write about that.)

  21. Yolanda- Good Luck!!!!! Sorry I didn't reply earlier either, It WAS my gallbladder, i had it removed on the 9th, and have been recouping at my parents house. That and our hard drive went bad on the 7th, dh just got it up and running two days ago! I go home tomorrow and dh will have to take a break from all the overtime to see us! We figured I could get 24/7 help with ds since I"m not supposed to lift anything for 3 weeks, and dh could please the boss and hopefully keep his job. (he does stock stuff)

    Cindy- sounds like everything is coming together and we'll hope for a quick good match!


  22. Cindy~ glad to hear things are moving along....We transferred 3- 2day embryos

    Ann~ I'm glad they figured out what was wrong with you...just sucks you had to have surgery.

    I broke down and decided to cheat....I took an HPT yesterday and 2 today and they are all coming up +++++++. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I have never had a hard time getting pregnant, it's getting past that 6 week mark with me. I'm just praying that we have figured it all out and this pregnancy is going to work too. We are doing everything exactly like we did with Madisyn.

    I guess we'll see I go for beta on Friday....


  23. Yolanda- Congrats on the + HPT!!! Praying for all to go well. We had one early loss too (and a couple of bfn's) so I understand the anxiety to get past that first u/s. Let us know what you find out tomorrow. I'm home now and computer is back up and running so will check in to find out.


  24. Well my beta came back at 34...The nurse said they are happy with anything over 20. I'm nervous, but I know its not the amount of hcg it's whether it doubles or not so I guess the real test will be on Tuesday. Oh the waiting never ends with IVF ;-)

    I'll let you know how things turn out on Tuesday....

  25. Yolanda, that isn't bad for day 12 (10 days past 2day transfer right?). My RE never did betas until 14 days after 2 or 5 day transfer, I think... maybe I'm not remembering correctly??? Anyhow, wishes for a peaceful weekend... and great #'s on tuesday!


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