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  1. Beth~ I hope you get some good news and you didn't actually ovulate. Getting cx sucks!!!!!! Where you just on the estrogen? No Lupron? How frustrating.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Ann~ I agree with Cindy...The Lap isn't hard at all it's the anesthesia & gas pains that get you. I had an ovary removed when I had my Lap done. so my recovery was a little longer, but everyone else I know it was only a couple days like Cindy said.

    Cindy~I have a bi-racial (AA) Nephew. When my Sister 1st told the family she was pregnant, Alot of them weren't thrilled. Including my Dad, But When my Nephew was born my Dad just fell in love. My Dad will deny saying anything bad to this day, He & my Nephew are the best of buds.... There are still a few family members who don't agree with it, but that's their choice. When My Dh & I babysit him and take him to resturants and stuff we definitely get some looks, But I think it is far more accepted where we live. I agree with not putting a child through that if you know he/she is not going to accepted. My Nephew is still young and doesn't notice the difference in color yet. He just knows that he has Mommy's family and Daddy's family. I'm sure one day it will come up. I think with him being in our lives it would be easier for us to adopt a bi-racial child. You have to admit, They are so dang cute!

    Aren't baby ducks the cutest little things....I'm a photographer and we bought some a couple years ago for the kids to take pictures with. My Dad kept them for a while, but we ended up taking them to a farm where they would have more room and a pond. I just love it when their yellow and fuzzy....

    Ashley~ How's that lupron treating you? Feeling any better?

  2. Ok...well I am a go! I am still in shock, but apparently my progesterone is only a 2.3, therefore I did not ovulate - aaaah! My estrogen is in the 900's (is that normal?) I start crinone/progesterone tomorrow and go again on Tuesday AM for b/w and ultrasound, the thaw is Wednesday (happy spring!) and transfer Thursday (my donor's wedding anniversary!) I am finally there and letting myself feel a bit of excitement. Of course the dreaded 2ww wait is around the corner - aahhh!

    Cindy- We, too live in an area that is predominantly Caucasian and a small town (where everyone knows everyone else!). When we decided to adopt we really had to hash out alot and figure out what we could handle and what would be fair to our child. Neither DH nor I wanted our child to be known as the "adopted child in town". It was hard because I was really set on a little girl from China. We ultimately went to Russia and truth be told - I met my son and it was as if I had known him my whole life. He fits so perfectly into our family (not just in appearances).
    I have had people tell me "You went to Russia so you could have a Caucasian child" - well, truth be told - perhaps that is true, but unlike these people I suffered through infertility and how unfair is that?!
    OK, I have gone on long enough! Just thought I would share/vent - you and your DH will find the right path and the right child is just waiting for you to walk towards him/her Who knows - perhaps adoption and a pregnancy are in your future?!

    Yolanda - I love photos with kids and animals - aren't they just the cutest! We have our first Xmas photo with our son - he is feeding our dog cheerios

    Cindy- You mentioned a bird dog? As in bird hunting?! We have a German Shorthaired Pointer.

    Ann - Good Luck with the CMV results and the talk with the RE. I don't have any advice on the endo or a lap, although a friend has endo and is participating in a new drug study and her endo pain has lessened. I can sympathize with the BCP - I never do well on them either.

    Ashley - Welcome! Are your donor embies from the same batch as the one that gave you your daughter? We are hopeful that with 8 embies we will have a chance at more than one preganancy/child, too.

    Well, it looks like it is time to get the snowboots on and venture out sledding with the little guy


  3. Beth~ CONGRATULATIONS!! I know you must be getting so excited! Do you have the Anji relaxation cd? I swear that is what made the difference in my BFP cycle. I listened to it every night and if I were feeling anxious during the day, I would find a quiet spot and listen to it again. I'm not a "crunchy" or "earthy" person, but I truly believe these help to relax you.

    Yolanda~ I'm doing pretty good. I have found the exact spot on my tummy where the injections don't hurt at all. Heck, I rarely even feel it at all. No crazy emotional breakdowns yet. I'm totally dreading the headaches. I get them after about 2 weeks being on Lupron. Arghh....I keep thinking, "baby", "baby", "baby". That's what gets me through.

    Cindy~ I'm so happy for you! I know how hard the decision to adopt can be but I promise you, once you resign yourself to this path to motherhood, it is VERY exciting. DH & I went the adoption route after our last failed fresh IVF and actually, we were chosen by TWO birthmoms within a week of each other. We decided to decline both because we had done the donor embryo transfer and gotten our first BFP in 4 yrs. I would have loved to have said yes, but I knew that there was another family out there who needed to be allowed the same opportunity as we were to become parents. I will tell you, I have been blessed to have gotten the call to tell me a donor had chosen us as a receipient of her embies, a call to tell me I got my first BFP and a call to tell me that a birthmom had selected us to parent her baby. And let me tell you, I felt the same joy with each one. Each one was an amazing, overwhelming feeling of complete happiness.

    I wish you all the same! And if you have any questions about the adoption process, I'm here to help. It can be so overwhelming at first, but you work through it and when all is said and done, you WILL be a mommy!

    Ann~ I'm as jaded as the next person, trust me! I hate IF. I hate it.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  4. Beth~ Yes, these are the remaining embies. It seems we were the 4th couple to receive embies from this donor couple and the 5th positive cycle (original donor BFP + 4 other girls who got BFPs as donor embies.) My RE says this was a very POTENT donor. No kidding! Let's hope this last few embies will follow suit.

  5. Beth- apparently it is pretty common to have cyst like things on an ovary that disapear on their own or aren't any problem for FET. I don't know how that works really. My RE was talking about how you don't ovulate when your estrogen is over 600 or something like that, so 900 doesn't sound crazy in that frame of reference.

    ecocity - Wow those are some good embies you got! We've been through 6 embies, only one of which made it to a chemical pg. We have no idea whether or not previous cycles were successful when we took our donated embryos. And wow, being picked for embryos and by 2 birthmoms - you must rock! I'm so afraid we'd never get picked by a b-mom, like the kid who was always picked last in gym or at recess only there isn't a coach making sure everyone gets to play!

  6. Beth~ YAY!!!!!! You must be jumping for joy right now...Now at least you will be able to enjoy your weekend. Once again I'm not sure about the E2 level either... Sorry wish I could help... I bet your christmas card was really cute. I love the end result of the pictures, but it sure is stressful trying to get the kids and the animals to cooperate at the same time. I love doing it though!!!!!!

    Ashley~ Sounds like you have a very good set of embryos...I hope these ones follow suit for you too!

  7. Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I'm wondering what protocols most of your REs prefer. Mine just switched from unmedicated FETs to lupron FETs. I've taken depot lupron (for donor egg cycles) but never the normal strength stuff.

    Oh and we found our match on miracleswaiting as well. And it turned out to be a couple who were clients of my REs but wanted an open agreement so it was perfect for us.

    This board is really moving.

  8. Millie~ I'm on an LEP cycle: Lupron, Estrace, Progesterone. After AF, I believe I add in a baby aspirin, doxycycline and one other....hmmmm...I can't remember. No BCPs for me as I have normal cycles.

    After the transfer, I'll take it easy, maybe lunch with my mom and then home for a nap. But I plan to return to work the next day. I did this with my BFP cylce(vs. the BFN ones) instead of bedrest and I got a +. Maybe I'm superstitious, but I'm doing everything that I did for that cycle. Who knows what made the difference, but I figured why mess with what worked?

  9. hi girls! hope you all had a restful weekend (sunday was, but sat. was st. patricks day.)

    our adoption paperwork came in the mail sat., but it was late when we got home and my husband had to work yesterday, so we are going to look it over together and talk about it tonight (i've already read every single word.)

    yolanda - a friend of mine's sister was in the process of adopting a set of biracial children and told her grandmother. she was suprised how well the grandmother handled it - til she found out the grandmother thought biracial had something to do with religion.

    beth - yes, we have a bird dog, lincoln, but he is a rescue and probably couldn't hunt if his life depended on it (his life nearly depended on him being able to be crated and he couldn't be. thank goodness his foster mom found him when she did.) i took him to visit his pet ducks last night and he just sat there and shook he was so excited! he's so funny. we also have a cairn terrier. she plays flyball and does therapy dog visits.

    we'll see how the whole racial discussion goes tonight. i'm OK with full hispanic. maybe my husband doesn't realize just how "ethnic" he looks. he has black hair and matching eyes. no kid is going to look like me, but i'm used to that. i was the only blond in my family (straight blond hair and my brother has black curly hair.) my dad used to tell everyone the milkman was blond. (funny, except i look EXACTLY like him.)

    as for your estrogen level, in a fresh IVF cycle, they want 200 for every follicle, so your levels sound great for a couple of follicles! (especially if you consider that fertiles usually only have 1 dominant follicle per cycle.)

    ashley- that is a whole lot of good news all at once! wow! i think what is stressing me out is that if we start the adoption process, then get pregnant with twins, my husband will abandon adoption completely. even with the thousands of dollars already sunk in. of course, i've never even gotten to 8 weeks before, so i need to take it 1 step at a time.

    and i'm the same way - if lunch and a nap worked for you last time, do it again!

    millie - my dr always does lupron FETs. lupron for 10 days (drink lots of water), estrace, vivelle, progesterone. of course, there's always the extras like augmentin. please let me know if you have any questions about it. i like it because my body has a harder time screwing something up.

    i hope you all have a great week.

  10. Hi Ladies,

    Millie~ I have only did Lupron, Estrace and Progesterone FETS also. My Re thought about doing BCP's & stims this last cycle, but since I don't respond very well and get cysts he decided the other way was better....

    Ashley~ I wish I could be as brave as you....I'm a good girl and obey my RE's strict 72hr bed rest. I said with the last cycle that I was going to take it easy day of ET and then go back to normal the next day and my DH didn't want me too...I've always done the bed rest and got BFP's but none of them have lasted more than 6 weeks, So I wonder if I should do the bed rest again since it kind of works or not and possibly get a BFN??????? I guess we all have a 50/50 chance either way right?

    Beth~ Your turn is almost here......

    Ann~ Anything new to report?

    Cindy~ That's too funny about biracial being a religion...LOL I hope your talk goes well tonight!!!!!!! My Dad used to tell everyone my Brother and I were the milkmans kids too. We are both very tall I'm 6ft and he's 6'3 and my parents are D 5'10 and M 5'4. Were not really sure where the height came from....

    Well I thought AF was here, but I guess she's just teasing me...I have been spotting since Saturday but that is it. There's always tomorrow right!!!!!

  11. Cindy~ We still have $4000 paid to our adoption agency for a pending adoption. Unfortunately, the money is nonrefundable, so there it sits. If our remaining cycles don't work, then maybe we'll continue with adoption. Or maybe we'll count our blessings with our miracle baby and donate the money to another couple who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. We were still able to claim the tax credit on our taxes and got every penny of it back so we really don't feel like we "lost" all that money. We struggle financially like so many other IF families and we don't have money at will. We're going this week for yet another home equity loan to help pay for this cycle. I would LOVE to help another couple that is faced with similar challenges. I can't "payback" the anonymous donor couple who gave us the greatest gift we'll ever receive so we want to pay it forward.

    Yolanda~ I say stick with what works. For me, I felt like laying around slowed my heartrate and didn't "energize" my body to support a pg, so, I got up and went about my daily business as usual. I certainly didn't go to the gym, but I kept my body moving to get my heart pumping. And whether that is what made the difference or not, I'll never know. But I'll do it again and see what happens. I know, I'm probably CRAZY!

    Lupron headaches have set in and my DH is driving me mad. Things are starting to roll! I should see AF in the next week and then I'll get my transfer date. Why am I sooo nervous?

  12. Hey everyone!

    Yolanda - AF here yet???

    Cindy - how did the adoption discussion go?

    Ashley - do what works!

    Mille- I've only ever done estrace and prog. protocol. Though the first two FET's were vag. supp's and the last one was oral estrace and pio shots. I definately prefer the supps all the way around.

    Hi anyone I missed.

    I'm up to two estrace and it isn't treating me very well. I may have to discuss going back to the vag supp. protocol if we do this again. I just feel sick all the time - every side effect on the package label this time (last time I was spared the headaches.)

    We haven't heard back on the cmv issue, hopefully today. I plan on calling every day until I get an answer as the donor place is getting very antsy! and I'm just not sure what to do.

  13. ann,
    sorry the estrace is not treating you well! i laughed at my prometrium because it had a big warning label....DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. ummm, isn't that the point?

    the discussion went well. we went ahead and filled out our applications. the only things we are disagreeing on is what we are willing to accept, but i'm just going to let that be for now. i wrote the check to send with the ap. yesterday. my husband is waiting to talk to a friend who is a family law lawyer. why, i'm not exactly sure. i already told my husband that i'm not changing to a "local" agency and that i'm not going through a private lawyer (too risky.) but he seems to think he can save us money (which i doubt.) but i'll let him feel like he's doing something. i've already started looking through pictures to put in our profile! i have TONS of pictures, so it's hard to pick the best ones.

    how is everyone else doing? i feel bad that i've hounded my nurse enough recently, but i had to call today for some allergy meds - especially since my stupid insurance doesn't want to pay for it. so now she has to do even more work. but i had a headache so bad on monday that i almost went to the ER. 4 tylenol and 3 advil didn't help.

    how is everyone else out there??

  14. Well, just heard from the RE's office on the CMV issue, they don't have an answer yet, but they did have a question for me, so that means that we are going in the right direction. I'll update everyone when I do have a real answer.

    I'm glad you are able to move forward on the adoption front Cindy. Dh's like to feel like they are providing and exploring options to save money and being a part of it is important to them. Let him do his research, then evaluate what he finds together. Who knows, maybe he can save you a few bucks . I know I would rather just use an agency and have them do everything so I don't have to call around and do a bunch of extra work, but that is just me.

  15. Hi embies were thawed today I will meet with the Re before transfer tomorrow morning to see which two made it! Hoping they did not have to that more than 2 or 3 to get 2 good ones.

    I am starting to get really nervous...had b/w and ultrasound on Tuesday and the nurse told me my lining - it had gone down?! I asked if that was possible - she told me not to worry everything was OK. Of course, I worried - luckily my fav nurse called with my b/w results and I asked her - she said RE said "no worries" - could have been the particular nurse who measured or the monitoring machine - as long as there is no bleeding the lining is not going to go down.

    Cindy - Glad the adoption discussions went well - you are on your way!

    Ann- Update when you can

    Ashley - My doc says bedrest for 48 hours - not possible with a 2.5 year old, but I plan to take it easy - my mom is coming to help DH out with our little guy. Looking forward to relaxing a bit. I don't think I will be able to stay to still though - not my nature!

    Yolanda - Where oh where is that AF? She is just teasing you!

    Hi to everyone else! Hope everyone is well - will update after transfer. You ladies will have to keep me sane in the 2WW!


  16. Beth~ I am so excited for you!!!!!! We will be here rooting you on and we will all get through the 2ww with you. I have a good feeling about this.....Spring is offically here. I would've went crazy if they told me my lining went down... How weird, I'm glad RE said no worries YAY!!!!!!!!

    Ann~ I'm so sorry the meds are being so rough on you, I pray that it all goes away soon<<<<HUGS>>>>

    Cindy~ Glad to hear your talk went well....I agree let DH do his research, Maybe that is his way of feeling like he's doing something. I hope it doesn't take long and you get that sweet baby soon.

    Well today is day 5 of spotting, so mean ol' AF is definitely just teasing me. I highly doubt it is going to turn into anything other than this. We'll see.... I'm going to call RE on Monday if I don't start.

  17. ann,
    that is so odd to me that they test for something and then don't know what to do about it. my RE won't test for anything that he doesn't know how to treat. please let us know what he/she says.

    that is an exciting day when they thaw the embryos! please keep us posted on how they and YOU are doing!

    yes, i think he's just trying to be helpful, but this is stuff i thought about 2 yrs ago and he's doing it the day i'm ready to send off the ap. so i let him wait and not send it yesterday. lawyer friend did not call yesterday, so the ap is getting mailed today.

    hello to everyone else!!

  18. Beth- good luck today! let us know how it went, when you are allowed

    Well the verdict is in, we should not have an qualms about taking the embryos that have CMV antibody positive donors. In short, they don't think there is much risk to this. What happened was the donor's cryostorage facility tested for it way back when... but now it is not being tested for in any donor tissue... The RE's office needed to find someone who knew about it and what the risk to us/baby would be. That was all over the phone so we still need to get someone to sign the form when we go in next week for u/s. But we did fax in the form saying we'll take them or atleast put them on hold until we get the rest of the paperwork done.

    Other than that, I'm still not liking the estrace and can't wait until 4/2!!! Trying to find an accupuncturist to treat me this cycle and waiting for a call back today - hoping they can get me in for a couple treatments beforehand. Then I'll be all set up for next time as well. Whenever that might be.

    Yolanda - come on AF!!!

    Cindy yes that is annoying that dh is alittle behind the times... hang in there.

  19. Beth~ Thinking of you!!!!!!!!

    Ann~ I'm so glad you'll be able to accept the embies...How many are you getting? I can't believe your almost ready to transfer again...I'm so jealous...LOL Have you decided to do suppositories this time instead? I have never had any problems on the estrace, That is so weird that it affects you like that...Lupron is always my culprit. Hope your feeling better!!!!!

    Cindy~ I understand your frustration and don't blame you for putting it in the mail....

    I'm still spotting....No AF ugh!

  20. Thanks for all the thoughts girls!!! They began by thawing 2 of the 8 embryos and the first 2 made the thaw We transferred those...both blastocysts, one was hatching already and the other they did AH on just as an added bonus - they gave us pictures of the blasts to take home (cute!)
    The nurse was wheeling me to recovery (I had to lie down for an hour!) and said they were some of the nicests blasts she has seen.
    So, I am on bedrest (modified for life with a 2 year old) until tomorrow. I am bored already and itching to clean my house! My parents came up today to help DH with our little man - so the boys are all at Home Depot and my mom is cleaning my house. I just finished doing my guided imagery CD and I am stealing DH's laptop to update you all.
    My beta is not until 4/6 (Good Friday!), so I know I will break down and POAS before then - when is the question? When is it reasonable to test after transferring blasts?

    Cindy - Glad to hear the application is in the mail. My DH took a little time to come around to the adoption process too - I did alot of the paperwork to get started and once we got to the point of meeting our social worker he was on board.

    Yolanda - Oh, you are so patient! Your AF better come soon

    Ann - Glad everything is working out with the embryos - how many are there?

    Hi to everyone else...I will do more personals later!


  21. Beth~ How you feeling?? I hope you got some much needed rest over the weekend. It sounds like you had 2 really good embies transferred. Major patience vibes headed your way. I know you said you were going to POAS before your beta. I have no idea when it would be "safe" to do so because I have sworn those evil things OFF! I never even POAS after I got my +.

    I'm still waiting for AF. Where is SHE??? I'm ready to get my transfer scheduled. We have a beach trip planned for the 2nd week of May and I want to be sure my beta will be done before we leave. I can't remember how many dp4dt do you get the first one? 10 days maybe?


  22. Ashley and Yolanda = AF show up yet????

    Beth - how are you doing? Keeping busy?

    Sorry to be MIA, we've had a busy weekend/week which included a trip to the ER friday night because my RE wanted me checked for a blood clot to the lung - which they didn't find - so everything is ok. I just have a sore back/shoulder and nobody is sure why.... (lovely that it takes waiting 8 hours in the ER to find this out!) So now I am taking my estrace vaginally, to see if it helps my stomach feel better, which may in turn help my back/shoulder feel better, maybe. Either way, my stomach is feeling better and I'm less naseaus and dizzy so that is good! I'm thinking that we'll NOT be doing back to back cycles again.

    I also started accupuncture sat. I go again thursday and then she comes to the transfer and does her thing before and after? the transfer. Not sure how that works yet, but it is supposed to help the success rates. We thaw our last two embies next monday they are day 3.

    We are getting 6 blasts to use in the future. Though after this last week I'm thinking that natural FET is the way to go in the future and I'll have to ask about that at my u/s appt tomorrow to see if my clinic will allow me to do it next time, as I am reacting so much to the estrace. Anyone do a natural cycle FET? I'll have to find some postings on that, but I have a while to mull it over.

    How's everyone doing?

  23. Ann- Oh my goodness, what a scare! Thank goodness it was not a blood clot. I do estrogen injections and find them much easier than oral estrace. Good Luck onthe thaw next week - fingers crossed that they all make it!

    Ashley - You are so patient...I keep walking by the test aisle in the grocery store and CVS and deep breathing - do not pick up, do not pick up.
    Hoping AF arrives soon.

    Yolanda and others - How is everyone?

    I am trying to be positive and have faith, but it is slowly diminishing. My bb's were super sore and now they do not feel as bad - it comes and goes? I had cramping the day after transfer through Sunday and now nothing. Yesterday I cried at a song on the radio and today I do not feel weepy at all. I am 5dp5dt - if I were to POAS I am wondering which day would be best? I can't believe my beta is not until 4/6 - that is 15dp5dt -crazy? If I am not pregnant wouldn't I know by 9dp5dt (14dpo)? WHy wait 6 days more? I'd like to get off the estrogen and progesterone and get AF so I can try again if that is the case. This 2WW is torture!


  24. ann,
    so glad they didn't find a clot! do you have any blood clotting disorders? i have 2 - 3 genes total. my allergy headache last week scared the cr@p out of me because i had just started back on BCPs (for my endo.)

    i have never done a natural FET, but i like the concept. i wouldn't trust my body, though, not to screw up. so glad you are feeling better. and i've had friends do accupuncture at their transfers too.

    i would insist on an earlier beta. if you did a 5 day transfer, then you should only have to wait 9 days - if you all up the #s, it should equal 14 9dp5dt, 11dp3dt, etc. i wouldn't test before 12"dpo." some have it work earlier, but then you'd just wonder. although a friend who just delivered twins had a neg. HPT at 12 dpo (technically 7dp5dt.)

    our post cycle consult is this friday and our home study is next friday! we are excited to be moving right along. any ideas for our portfolio cover? our s/w recommends baby/family themed, NOT a picture of us.

    have a good tuesday girls!

  25. Beth- I agree 15dp5dt is torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a poll somewhere that if you test - on 11dp3dt that it is about 75% chance bfn. But, I wouldn't translate that into 9dp5dt as I think sometimes the blasts are slower for some reason waking up from the freeze. So maybe 11dp5dt would be a good time to test if you can't hold out to the beta. Hang in there, the hormones make you feel pg sometimes even if you aren't, and it really is way too early to have many real symptoms anyhow. Most people don't get ms until 7 weeks or something like that. Take more deep breaths and try to keep busy We're pulling for you!

    Cindy- we posted at the same time! maybe you are right on the earlier test day, a lot of places just do 2 weeks after transfer, no matter how many actual days that is... maybe you can get it done earlier Beth.

    I don't have blood clotting problems, it was just that I was miserable and in pain so they were concerned - anyone on high levels of estrogen can get blood clots I guess. Taking it vaginally is really helping my tummy and dizzyness - yeah. I only have to take the super high dose until wednesday, then I go back down a notch. I'll be glad when thursday arrives, except then we start the pio~ I guess I can't win

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