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  1. Hi Ladies,


    Time to get a fresh start and hope for the best for all of us......


  2. Hi, can I join? I'm currently on bcp and hoping to have my first fet with donor embryos in the next 3-4 weeks.

  3. Hi Millie - Welcome!

    Yolanda- thanks for starting the new thread!

  4. i'm here too! welcome millie!

    i spoke to my RE last night (how sad do you have to be to have your RE call you himself?) anyway, he wouldn't say whether we should try again or not til he looks at my file. post cycle consult is 3/30. i'm not convinced that batch of embryos was of the quality they thought it was, even though it was from a donor egg cycle.

    so i may just stalk you guys. hope that is ok.

  5. I start Lupron tomorrow for a donor embryo transfer in April. I have 21 month old little girl from my first transfer from this batch. I will transfer the remaining embryos: 1 blast, 1 8-cell and 1 7-cell. My RE decided to culture the cleaving embryos to day 19 and thaw the blast a day early (day 19 vs. day 20). We'll see what happens...

  6. ecocity - my RE thaws the embryos a day early too. he found his success rates went up when he started that.

    good luck!!

  7. Yolanda - you can have AF anytime you want her! This AF has been pure hell. No sleep, pain that advil can't touch and a constant headache, I'm worn out and this is only day 2...

    Cindy- thanks for your response on the other thread. We'll be happy to hear from you when you want to post.

    Welcome all new folks....

    We'll have consult on taking embryos with CMV positive donors tomorrow when I go in for my baseline u/s. I also had a blood test for it yesterday, so I would have more info to work with. I also had them pull a thyroid tsh level and cholesterol (since that was borderline high last time - a year ago) and I was supposed to have it retested in 4 months. oops. My RE didn't think that thyroid was an issue, but I wanted to be sure.

    Part of me just wants to move on to infant adoption so that I don't have to stay off allergy meds and can get my body feeling good. Cindy I don't know how you guys cycle almost constantly! But, I find myself getting angry that I then wouldn't be a birthmother and reading all the stuff on infant adoption they talk about honoring the bm and etc. which I know is right, but I start feeling like I won't ever have the revered status of 'woman who can bear children'. Man, I'm shallow. Does anyone else go through this?

  8. I like the sound of this thread better...Spring is always better then Winter...especially here in NY! I can't wait for warm weather! I am still waiting to get the final okay on the free cycle. They sent me all the paperwork again so it looks like it will be a go! Still in shock! There are actually 3 embryos left (I think actually 6 but the other 3 are really poor). So even though I'm only 28 (as of yesterday!), he will put back the 3 if they all survive the thaw. Looks like we will be starting again around the 2nd week of April (if AF arrives on time!). Looking forward to starting again but just ready to get moving already! If this doesn't work for us we're moving RIGHT onto adoption. We have already made our minds up about that, so it's nice to have a plan (not that it will necessary be an easy path). I'm sure we can all agree that we are just ready to be parents already...enough of this bad news! Glad to be going through all of this again with you girls!

  9. hi girls. i found out the waiting list at my dr's office is 6 people ahead of me, which would be about a 6 mo. wait. people are slow freaking slow. so self centered! ugh. my friend behind me took forever to pick but it was because new embryos were coming in (and the nurse told her to wait.) so that is understandable at least.

    ann - sometimes it seems like i'm not doing anything! my miscarriage was 1 yr ago (confirmed 1 yr ago today) and i bled for 8 weeks after my d&c. then i was on the pill for 8 weeks, so technically, that was only 2 cycles, but really it was 2 months. then i was on the pill for about 6 weeks for my fresh IVF. i thought i was going to have to do 2 cycles of the pill for this last round, but we ended up timing things perfectly - since i was in pain after the fresh IVF and asked to go on the pill right away, so i was already ready to go.

    i think some of the adoption things are going to be hard on my husband - he doesn't understand why the BM should get rent $$, etc etc, which, in some ways i agree with. but she can get pregnant and i can't. life isn't fair, is it?

    i have already spoken with an agency that my friend recommended. the exec. director and local social worker were very nice. my husband and i need to sit down and agree on what kind of match we are willing to accept (non-all white, etc etc.) my friend waited only a few weeks for her son - he is 75% american indian and 25% hispanic. i CAN'T WAIT to see how freaking cute he is!

    anyway, let us know what happens kitten! your RE sounds a lot like mine.

    ann - don't forget to let us know what your dr. says about the CMV issue.

  10. Wow this board is hopping!!!!

    Welcome Millie and ecocity......

    Ann~ I'm so sorry AF isn't being nice to you, I would gladly take her off your hands but I think she has lost the directions to my house. Please let us know what your RE says about the CMV tomorrow. I think the feelings you are having are normal. We have gone through alot of cr@p and it's only natural to feel that way. Hang in there!!!!!!!

    Jennifer~ Happy Belated Birthday!!! Glad to hear things are starting to move along. If I were you I would put back all three embryos too.

    Cindy~That's good that the list isn't too long...Of course it's still waiting which we all hate to here . Were you able to get on it or do you have to wait until your consult? You are welcome to stalk us all you want . We are here to supprt you in whatever decision you make.

    I have nothing new to report....I been sick for the last few days. Ann I think your flu bug found it's way to my house, If only I could get AF to do the same .

    I hope everyone else is doing good.......

  11. Hello to all the ladies from the old thread and welcome to the new ones! I wish you all the best of luck in your cycles!!

    Just wanted you all to know I am lurking and cheering you all on!

    Also, we have a 2 /12 yo son through domestic infant adoption, so if I can answer any questions as well, I'd be happy too. I know I posted my blog on the last thread, but here it is again: My Blog

    If you scroll down and click on older posts, you can go back to the beginning and read about our son's adoption. It wasn't easy, but it never is . . . but it all works out in the end!

    Also, those of you on waiting lists, check out Miracles Waiting which is where we found our donor embryos.

    16w2d from donor embies!

  12. yolanda-
    i am #7 on the waiting list and it sounds like only 1 couple is super picky, so that is good. hopefully the wait will be 6 mo. or less then. i really don't understand what takes people so freaking long! there's not that much to consider. do i want a hamburger with ketchup or mustard or both? of course, my dr. MAY decide to take me off the list, but at least i am on it now.

    i hope your period shows up soon. mine took about 2 days after my last FET, so mine should HOPEFULLY be showing up in the next day or so.

    suzz - i actually read your entire blog when i was lurking on the original thread. i really like reading your story. my husband has already agreed to post an ad on miracles waiting, but i am waiting for the clearance to try again from my dr. did you post a recipient ad and donors found you or did you reply to a donor ad?

    hello to everyone else!!

  13. Cindy~ When my Dh and I put our name on the waiting list at our clinic last Jan. (21st) We were #10 in line. The nurse said it could take anywhere from 6mo-1yr. I think I drove my nurse crazy, I called her once a month to see where I was on the list. We did a couple DIUI's to by some time. Of course I don't think I will ever waste my time doing that again. Out of 7 months we only got to cycle twice because I kept producing cysts instead of eggs and the 2x that we did cycle I only had one egg, so we weren't very hopeful that it would work. anyways, back to the embryos....We were presented with 3 sets in late August, but none of them were right for us. We weren't picky it was just that the 1st set had strict rules on religion from the donor couple and we didn't really want that. the 2nd couple had 12 embryos, but never had a child from this batch. We really felt we needed to go with a proven donor with our past and the 3rd had a rare blood disorder that had a 25-50% chance of passing on to the child, we weren't really comfortable with that either. So we passed on all of them, but we didn't take long to decide I think I called the Nurse back within 2 days and the embryos just went to the people behind us in line we didn't lose our spot. Then in Sept. our current set came up and the couple donated 15 embryos to us. They had a child from this batch 1st cycle and they got pregnant on their own last year so they didn't want anymore children. Their profiles were great, The only thing that was really wrong fertility wise was that the woman had endo and recurrent cysts on her ovaries. No MF so we thought for sure it would work no problem. Sorry i've just rambled on, I guess what I was trying to say is I was #10 and it only took 8 months, so hopefully your wait will only be half that time.

    Suzz~ Great to hear from you...I read your whole blog too. Amazing story...
    I emailed a couple on miracles waiting back in May and they never responded. A couple days later their embryos had matched next to them, So I figured that's why I didn't here from them.

    Beth~ How are things going? I believe you will be our 1st cycler on the new board...No pressure or anything!!!!!!! LOL

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!! It has been so beautiful here in Michigan for the last 2 days of course that's all about to change, But it was nice while it lasted.

  14. Hey everyone! We listed on Miracles Waiting when it first came up (for a whole year) and never got a single response from it, so we gave up there. Some people have had luck there though.

    Had my baseline u/s this am. They found 'something' on one of my ovaries and since it wasn't my regular doc doing the scan, they are consulting about it and will get back to me on whether or not we'll be doing a cycle or monitoring this thing or what. I am scared of surgery, but maybe it is time to face it and it will help? They said something about a cyst or endometriosis. I am almost at the point where i would do ANYTHING to help my painful periods. I'll update when I know more...

  15. Ok, nevermind my earlier freak-out. Dr. reviewed my scan pics and history and doesn't think it is a problem. I asked for a bit more info than that, but the nurse didn't have it, so... I'll look forward to hearing about that AND the CMV stuff maybe tomorrow. But in the meantime, we start estrace tomorrow with a transf. date of 4/2.

    Yolanda - sounds like you have excellent embies it surely will work one of these times!

  16. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I didn't know if it would be okay for me to be here since I did have success with donor embryos and I'm working for #2. But I've definitely btdt and my husband and I suffered with IF for 4 years before we were blessed with our daughter. I find myself still struggling with angry feelings when I hear that someone "just got pg". I'm not angry at the girl, per se, but more so at the fact that there are couples out there that want to be pregnant and do just that and in their own bedroom!

    Facing yet another cycle is bringing back all those IF emotions that I thought I had gotten over, but now I know that IF is apart of who I am. I've been very emotional today as I started Lupron. Wow! What a rush of emotions!

    I look forward to getting to know all of you and cheering everyone on!!


  17. Hi Girls,

    I have this poem up on my fridge and thought I would share it.....

    With every tear that falls, there is a lost heart that calls.
    It calls to say I'm here, don't despair, I will come to you when the time is right,

    When you least expect me and through the quiet night open your heart to me,
    Accept me, I will be there in the end.
    Your wait may be long, you may get frustrated by the whole ordeal.

    In the end I will be real. While others around you are succeeding your heart goes on bleeding.
    I would thank you for being patient,

    I would thank you for being the kind of person who shows persistence.
    If it were not for this, I may never get the chance to have an existence.
    In the chaos of your day, the calm of your night, let your heart soar and take flight.
    For so many tears, for so many years. You have been trying, thinking of giving up but never doing it.

    In the end you just keep on going in the hopes that I will come to you,
    The one who deserves me, the one who can love me as no other can.
    You will be that mother that you always wanted to be.
    Just you keep waiting for me.
    Author AussieShaz

  18. Here's a list of our user name and first names for anyone just joining....Thought it might help.

    figen -Yolanda
    eviefinlay -Ann
    frantiopi -Cindy
    aseman421 -Suzanne
    jeronimi -Maggie
    michelri -Amber
    stefano69 -Jennifer
    alifriqui -Beth
    etabeta -Sarah
    ecocity -Ashley
    mbalaskagr -Millie?

  19. Yolanda - Thanks for the poem I had tears in my eyes reading it - it is now on my fridge as well!
    Hoping AF finds her way to you and soon!!

    Ashley and Millie - Welcome!!!

    Ann- Glad the blurb on the u/s scan was nothing to freak about Good Luck with your estrace start tomorrow!

    Cindy - Hopefully you will just fly up that list and have donor embryos in no time! Can't go wrong trying an ad on miracles waiting - you never know. We found our donors on an IVF Message Board we belonged to 4 years ago!

    I go for b/w and ultrasound again on Friday - hope things are OK. I called about the LH level and the nurse told me I was right in thinking that a high LH level meant ovulation was imminent, yet she said there were no follicles on my ovaries so not to worry - they would check progesterone on Friday to be sure though. Keep your fingers crossed that I am still a go for 3/22!


  20. Ann~ So glad to hear it's nothing too serious...The thought of surgery can be a little scary. Have you been dx with endo before? In 2001 I was dx with stage 1-2 endo. My GYN did a Lap. and burned the majority of it off. I was in serious pain before the procedure and for awhile after, But it seems like since I've started all the stims and meds for IVF my symptoms have lessened. I know it sounds crazy, but my periods are actually lighter now and not as painful. (That's of course when they show up).

    Ashley~You are more than welcomed here...Just because you have had success once doesn't make your IF go away. Like you said we aren't able to create babies in the comfort of our own homes so we Women need to stick together.

    I totally hear you on the anger thing. It seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant. My 20 yr old sister and quite a few of her friends are having kids and that really hurts considering I'm 10 yrs older than them and have been trying since they were in Middle School. I find myself angry whenever I find out anyone just got pregnant right off the bat. It's like "we only had to try for one month and it worked" UUUGGGGHHH!!!!! My family has even got to the point now that they don't even tell me someone is pregnant until they can't keep it a secret anymore. I feel bad sometimes and I even think that I am being punished for having such hateful feelings toward other pregnant women, but I can't help it.... I guess you could say I'm more jealous of them than anything. How do you make these feeling's go away???????? Is it so bad that we just want what everyone else has? Just one time I would love to be able to call my MIL an tell her she is going to be a Grandmother without having to take it back......

    Beth~I am praying all goes well for you...I am so happy that the high LH level isn't anything to worry about. At least that's one less thing you have to worry about.

  21. hi girls. my husband and i talked about adoption last night and decided to go forward with it. the problem right now is what he is willing to accept as far as ethnic backgrounds. we'll deal with that as it comes i guess.

    the exciting news is that we bought 2 baby ducks last night! lincoln, our bird dog, was VERY excited to see them the first time, but when i took him into the garage to check on them before bed, he was scared of them. dork. and our "killer terrier" was KISSING them! bigger dork. they are so funny sometimes.

    ashley, i do get angry at people who don't appreciate the gift they've been given and do things like drink alcohol while they are pregnant. and no one is going to change my mind about that. and lupron will mess you up every time - no getting around that at all!

    yolanda - thank you for the list of names! that is helpful.

    beth - we'll put our name on miracles waiting after we get clearance from our dr. my husband was ready to write it up on monday!

    oh, and my period showed up last night finally. nothing like estrace fed endo to brighten your evening!

    ann, forgot to add that i am glad there is nothing to worry about!!

  22. Cindy- baby ducks! do you live in a rural area? they sound cute Don't worry about the ethnic background thing - you may just have to wait longer, and in that time maybe he will become more open. I struggle more with dealing with society and having to deal with a different culture and maybe researching that culture and working to make it real for the child than not being able to accept and love that child. It can help if you know anyone who has adopted cross-culturally so he can see how it works.

    Yolanda - Thanks for the list of names...

    Ashley - anyone doing donor embie is welcome here. I hope we aren't too jaded for you

    Beth - how many u/s and b/w are they doing during your cycle? 3/22 is just around the corner (I know easy for me to say )

    I've never been diagnosed with endo before, but I've had dr's bet they'd see something on the u/s and then not charge us for it because there wasn't anything there. I am aware however that it truely can't be diagnosed without a lap (which I am scared of - I am totally grossed out by the thought of it). But, I will likely face it one day just to see if we can't reduce my symptoms long term as the bcp i was on last year just had too many side effects to take them for another 20 years!

    We don't have the CMV test results back yet, and my RE wants those before we discuss the risks so no news there yet, maybe on monday.

  23. ann,
    (did i tell you that is my middle name? and my mom's. and my aunt's. and my cousin's.)
    yes, we live in a rural area - #1 co. in the #1 state for meth labs! but hopefully we are losing that rank as the laws get tougher. but we are only an hour from the st. louis arch.

    part of the reason i won't accept a bi-racial (AA) child is because i would never make that kid live out where we do. i'm not accepted and i'm blond! anyone not "from" there is not overly accepted. my husband is the most ethnic looking person in town!

    i had a couple of u/s's before my lap and nothing was ever said about endo. i had to DEMAND the lap. it really wasn't too bad - had another 1 9 mo. later. the worst part about it was the gas pains afterwards. and my RE did hte 2nd lap and did a MUCH better job of getting the gas out, so i was completely back to normal in 3 days instead of 10. the anesthesia is the worst part for me. if you have any questions about endo or laps, please feel free to ask.

  24. like my cycle may be cancelled

    This AM they saw something on my right ovary (possibly empty follicle were egg ovulated - I know it has a name, can't remember it though!) - nurse thinks with LH high last week that an egg may have ovulated and they missed it on ultrasound last week. She says we will not know anymore until progesterone blood work comes back later today.
    So I may be out - completely disappointed of course. Also a bit angry - they said ovaries were quiet (a week ago) and that I would not ovulate with the estrogen valerate injections - guess they were wrong!
    After all I have been through in the last few years I should have learned by now that nothing is clear cut and easy! Will keep you all updated.


  25. beth, i am so sorry. i had a follicle on CD1 (huge, by the way, especially for me) but it was completely gone on CD12. i hope they don't have to cancel, but if they do, try to remember you need to do what is best. even if it s#cks. please let us know what they tell you.

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