Things not to eat while in the 2ww or pregnant or later

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  1. I found these quotes on the web and to be honest I have been breaking a lot of rules... can we say ham and cheese on rye anyone? So I thought everyone else might want to know them too..

    The study found that women who consumed 200 milligrams or more of caffeine per day (that's two or more cups of regular coffee or five 12-ounce cans of soda containing caffeine) had twice the miscarriage risk as women who consumed no caffeine. "It's a good idea to drink decaffeinated beverages, especially during the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is highest," says Bridget Swinney, RD, author of Eating Expectantly.

    It's best to avoid cheeses such as Brie, goat, Camembert, feta, queso blanco, and blue or other veined varieties. Why? They may be unpasteurized and contaminated with listeria -- bacteria that can trigger food poisoning. These soft cheeses have a high fear factor because they're not aged, like cheddar or Parmesan, where the process kills bacteria naturally, says Hope Ricciotti, MD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Harvard Medical School and coauthor of I'm Pregnant! Now What Do I Eat? And because pregnant women have a weakened immune system, they are more prone to certain food-borne illnesses -- which, if contracted in the first trimester, can lead to miscarriage or preterm birth.

    Buying cold cuts at the deli for this week's lunches? Be careful; deli products might become contaminated with listeria if they're not handled properly at the manufacturing plant or at the deli itself. As a precaution, heat store-sliced deli meats until they're steaming-hot to kill the bacteria. And when preparing pork, beef, or lamb at home, cook it to medium or medium-well, says Dr. Ricciotti. These meats may be infected with toxoplasma, a parasite that causes an infection that, although relatively rare, can cause stillbirth or serious health problems.

    You probably already know that mercury, which is present in many fish, is dangerous for your baby. "Mercury is a neurotoxin that impairs fetal brain development," says Dr. Ricciotti. When mercury from pollution gets into the water, it works its way up the food chain from plants to small fish to larger fish, leaving those big swimmers most contaminated. Fish with high levels of mercury on the don't-eat list include: shark, tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish, and albacore tuna. But not all tuna is bad. If you love tuna sandwiches, just stick to canned light tuna, which has very low mercury levels, says Dr. Ricciotti, and limit it to once or twice a week (no more than 12 ounces). A mistake some pregnant women make is to swear off all fish -- salmon, for example, doesn't contain mercury, and it's a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which you need lots of during pregnancy. But no matter what type of fish you're eating, your best bet is to avoid anything raw or undercooked.

    No one is going to tell you to avoid eggs, which are a high-quality source of protein and contain important nutrients like choline. But eggs do have some risk of being contaminated with salmonella, which is more dangerous for pregnant women than for the general population. So be sure to practice good egg safety, says Swinney: Only buy refrigerated eggs, and toss any with cracked or unclean shells. Avoid eating runny eggs (go for scrambled instead of sunny-side up), Caesar salad dressing (if it contains raw egg), unpasteurized eggnog, and homemade ice cream. And don't taste-test that raw cake or cookie batter.

    The advice on alcohol is clear: In 2005, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a statement urging all pregnant women and all women who may become pregnant to avoid any alcohol consumption. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, too, states that there's no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy. That said, your doctor or midwife might tell you an occasional drink is harmless, and in some countries restrictions are much looser.

    Know this: Alcohol crosses the placenta immediately -- you drink, your baby drinks. Women who drink frequently or heavily put their unborn baby at risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which has effects ranging from mild to severe learning disabilities, physical abnormalities, and disorders of the central nervous system. And a 2007 study at Indiana University in Bloomington found that children of mothers who drank during pregnancy had behavioral problems later in childhood.

    Make sure you eat these

    Omega-3s: These fatty acids are vital for brain and central-nervous-system development, and they can also lower your risk of postpartum depression. Best sources: salmon, anchovies, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, and some brands of eggs (look for brands that say "omega-3 eggs" on the carton).

    Choline: This vitamin B-like compound plays a critical role in fetal brain development and may help prevent spinal-cord defects. Best sources: beef (with the exception of beef liver, which pregnant women shouldn't eat), chicken liver, eggs, soybeans, and wheat germ.

    Fiber Not only will a high-fiber diet help you avoid common pregnancy complaints like constipation and hemorrhoids, it also provides an even release of glucose in your bloodstream, helping you avoid surges and dips in energy. Best sources: whole-grain foods, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables.

    Calcium It's good for your bones, and women with a diet deficient in calcium may have more pregnancy complications, including high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Best sources: low-fat milk, hard cheeses, yogurt, and calcium-fortified orange juice.

  2. Pickles,

    Do I have to give up my coffee or do you think I can have my one (or 2) cups a day? What if I make it 1/2 caff? I'm having a cup right now.

    What have you been eating that breaks the rules?


  3. My "crime" was ham lunch meat. I picked up the habit of a ham and cheese on rye while in Czech for the transfer.

    I was googling to see if ... (OH @$#$#, I'll admit it and stop making excuses... I was googling because I am too baby obsessed to think about work and there was a computer in front of me There now I'm an honest woman)

    Anyway for whatever reason there I was looking at the page with the lunch meat warning with a ham sandwich not a foot from my keyboard. Talk about an ooops moment The good thing was that it was too soon for the babies to have implanted so there was no placenta for the listeria to cross yet. Good thing too... all I need is another cause for panic

    I think your cup of coffee is ok per what the Dr in Czech said. When I have caffiene I have to keep a steady level in my blood stream or I get migraines so I could drink a 2 liter of diet soda in a day and the have coffee in the morning so I think the real issues are more people like me. Luckily my body long ago said "Forget it lady we are not putting up with this @#@#$#%$ and now I am and have been caffeine free for years. Which is a good thing resisting the urge to POAS is hard enough I can't imagine giving up coffee if I had the habit still.

  4. Hi Pickles,

    So glad you told me to jump over here You crack me up, as always, first putting off work and looking at baby stuff, then having the ham sandwich right there...I would've paid money to see you face

    Yeah, I decided I'm not going to worry about the caffiene in my daily ONE cup of coffee (I will limit it to that, except when I'm working nights and then I'll have one then too) and I won't count my HUGE coffee mug as one either

    Did you get you progesterone level checked yet? I made them do it here and it was almost 40, yet they still upped my oral to 5 a day. What's your take on that? I'm jelous that you're a week ahead of me


  5. I didn't have my progesterone levels checked at the clinic they just put me on the 5 pills a day right off the bat because of my last miscarriage.

    It sort of made me nervous because of the way the RE did it. I had been very confident that the issue with the last miscarriage had been due to my embyos coming from an older couple (well older by genetic / reproductive standards) and the hospital / ob had supposedly done genetic testing on the babies to see why I had lost them and had confirmed that there were issues. When discussing progesterone delivery methods I told the RE I could not do POI (point of injection - as in using a needle) progesterone because I kept reacting to it and he asked me about my last pregnancy. When he found out that the mc was right after switching from POI to crinone he told me he was putting me on "a large dose of progesterone" and told me 5 pills and a crinone at bed time. I still don't know what to think about the genetic angle as the hospital wouldn't make things up just to make me feel better (I hope) but the STUPID RE from my last cycle really botched the progesterone issue.

    My body gets a knot at POI sites because of the carrier oil reacting badly with my system. Most people get a knot at the injection site but it goes away after a while, mine stayed and stay and looked like big red hives. Not that I really cared what my rear looked like at that point. What was bothering me was that with the knots not going away there was not a single place on my rear end to give me my injection without jabbing the oh so sore welts. It was to the point at the end where hubby had to do the shot and I would lay on the bed biting the pillow to keep from screaming while he did it because it was so painful. (Those POI needles are HUGE and even sitting on the sofa hurt) The old RE had been very set on POI and to be honest he did not seem very invested in my cycle because it was "only" a FET and less likely to take. He just put me on the crinone and didn't give me the pills so my dose was very low. Also, when he put me on the crinone it seemed like he didn't want to be bothered with me and just had the nurse tell me what to take and forgot about me. She said it was not that big of a deal and all I needed was 10 minutes of laying down to let it absorb. The Czech RE says I have to lay down for 2 hours and it is better to do it at bed time so that I will be sure to be absorbed. Anyway I mced almost right after switching from POI to crinone and the Czech RE wanted to be safe so he put me on the 5 oral plus 1 vaginal routine.

    Don\'t worry about taking too much... I called the local pharmacy and was told the maximum dose is 1200mg so we are fine and not likely to overdose. BTW the pharmasist was about to deliver an IVF baby so that was a nice suprise.

    Make sure to check about how to adjust for crossing time zones as you will need an extra pill or two depending upon where you live.

  6. Pickles, But have you had it checked now that you're home? Marcella called me last night and told me the 39.57 level is just slightly LOW as the standards of measure are not equal to U.S. They want them to be 40-50, so that now makes perfect sense that they upped it. I am not worried as it was barely low and they do not usually check it here until doing a beta, so I only had 5 days worth in my system. I will have it checked next Tuesday at home.

    Your previous cycle was in U.S. wasn't it. I wish I could PM you because I have some good stuff I found out that I can't post here, so turn on your PM, o.k.? Are you going to POAS today? Just remember it could be wrong and then you have something else to worry about all weekend


  7. Not yet but I will when they do my beta. PM is finally on. My brain seems to work better on VA time

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