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  1. Sheri is the chubby black woman with the long hair. She answered the first "what is IVF" question and she said "they take the embryo outside the woman and implant it with sperm."

  2. Oh, yeah yeah yeah. She needs to get on the stick, doesn't she? (of course she may be and we just don't know it). Grifo was quite politic but direct with her, I thought.

    I watch so little TV, so I had no opinion of Guiliana and her guy before the show. I found her to be pretty refreshing. Especially her comments about the celebrities getting pregnant later in life and that she realized later that there might be a little hollywood magic (ie. infertility treatments) going on there that she wasn't clued into in her 20s. Yes, she should probably get over the few pounds, but I'm willing to cut her some slack in the culture/profession she's in.

    I loved the guy with cr*p sperm. I'd take him, and I'm not even into that physical type.

  3. That guy with the "**** sperm" was in fact my husband! He is great, you're right. Hope we did you guys proud... I was a little freaked out being on camera, with 40+ pounds left to lose, but I think it went well. And yes, total props to Whoopi for telling Guiliana like it is.

  4. You ROCK Riri! Thank you so much for having the guts to go on national tv to talk about this. You looked fabulous and you handled the questions so eloquently. You really handled Barbara's incorrect side-tracking about your H not wanting to have children well and the issue of adoption well. In general and despite some obvious gaffes, I was very happy with how respectfully infertility was treated on this show and that it included those who have not yet been successful. FINALLY. It's a first really. I hope other shows step up and take notice and emulate it. I'm so happy that the lack of insurance coverage was mentioned several times. I was disappointed that they got stuck on the weight issue with Guiliana. It got a bit judgmental at that point. And weight gain may not be the magic solution for her. I hope it is, but I have my doubts. I was in a similar situation as her. I'm a skinny girl too who likes to work out. They told me to do the same things. I followed the advice. Didn't work for me, but every other skinny girl like me I knew stayed skinny and worked out and got pg when they wanted. I am very happy that the Rancics are being open about this.

  5. frans_L, you two did GREAT!

  6. That guy with the "**** sperm" was in fact my husband! He is great, you're right. Hope we did you guys proud... I was a little freaked out being on camera, with 40+ pounds left to lose, but I think it went well. And yes, total props to Whoopi for telling Guiliana like it is.

    Great job. Thanks for doing this.

  7. That guy with the "**** sperm" was in fact my husband! He is great, you're right. Hope we did you guys proud... I was a little freaked out being on camera, with 40+ pounds left to lose, but I think it went well. And yes, total props to Whoopi for telling Guiliana like it is.

    Well, hey there! Let your husband know he has an admirer. You both were great - very funny and honest. I'm so happy that people like you and riri and the other couple have the courage to talk about such personal but important issues on national tv.

  8. thanks you guys -- we're dying waiting until our friends and family watch on the west coast. Greg actually wrote an infertility guide book for guys called, "How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup" - and they're bringing him back in August to promote it! It's on Amazon right now, but isn't out until Aug. So excited!

  9. That is awesome! Your dh has such a great sense of humor. Thank you for being our voice and face to the public.

    So many issues were covered, it went by soooooo fast!

  10. frans_L and riri-West Coast watcher here and you both did great!
    I had tears in my eyes the whole time.

    Can I just say that I hate Elizabeth Hasselback and I want to slap her everytime she speaks? Sorry to anyone that likes her.

    And Barbara-listen next time...Riri didn't say her husband didn't want children. But I'll cut Barbara some slack because she made some valid points about adoption. Her comment about being ready to love an adopted child was a little off (I don't know if that is the right word), but I have a feeling it didn't come out the way she meant it. Holy shite, I am sticking up for Barb.

    Again, great job ladies!!

  11. frans_L - you guys did great. It was so refreshing to see a guy speak openly and honestly about the issue.

    Unfortunately, I missed Riri because I was on my way to get my port flushed (there's a tv in the chemo room, but, it happened in my travel time :-( ) DH, however, did see it and said she was really together and a great advocate. He also couldn't believe she was 47 - in other words, he thought you were hot, girl. I better get in shape sooner than later!

    I\'m hoping to catch riri's segment on hulu tomorrow.

  12. My observations:

    -Sherri\'s explanation of IVF made me cringe.
    -Barbara's defense of not adopting didn't come out quite right but was very well intentioned. Go Barbara!
    -So happy the Rancics brought up celebritites and donor eggs, etc.
    -The Giuliana weight conversation was valid but went on a little too long and she looked like she could cry (started getting a "blame the victim" vibe there).
    -Riri- you were lovely, well spoken, and brought up some really important issues.
    -frans_L- you and your DH were great. Love his sense of humor and so glad you said what you did about weight gain.

    I think the show overall was probably very informative for ppl unfamiliar w/ infertility.

    On that note... A very good (very fertile) friend of mine sent me this text today:. "The View is profiling your life and difficulties conceiving... as always I admire you and (dh) and pray you get that baby soon, so deserving." Damn near made me cry. Just thought I'd share that someone who hasn't been through it GETS it and I think this show helped (and I didn't even tell her to watch).

    BTW, she's the same friend who famously said something like "If this is God's will, then God is an idiot" so I already knew she was a smart cookie

    Yay for some recognition!!!


  13. "If this is God's will, then God is an idiot"

    Love that.

  14. I just caught this (thank you tivo). Riri, you are awesome -- total friend crush going here. Well spoken, composed - just awesome. And great points about the insurance coverage and how it's lacking.

    Hey Sherm, you guys were great.

    Even Guiliana and bill didn't grate on me too much and I found them pretty open and 'real' about this issue.

    That\'s what I liked about this segment -- everyone was very 'real'. No facades, no glossing over straight to the happy endings but what infertility really feels like. Instead of feeling like I'm an alien whenever I'd try to talk about this, I felt validated for all I've felt dealing with infertility because here were people I've never met from all walks of life who felt the same. So thank you everyone brave enough to go out there and do this.

    I loved Dr. Grifo. If I ever need to find another doctor (love the one I have), he's the one. I'd even remember to shave my legs for him.

    As for the View cast, well, first off, who is their fashion stylist because they all looked like train wrecks? What the he11 was Elizabeth Hasselback wearing? Glitter with THOSE boots? Lordy! And when Sheri said she spent $30,000 on IVF and how expensive it was I just chortled -- 'I spent $60,000 on just a diagnosis! Try $150,000+'

    All in all, I felt that this attempted to show the reality of infertility but it was still the View and therefore had a lot of fluff because it's kind of hard to explain IVF in 2 minutes or less to viewers, the vast majority who would never need IVF and didn't know that infertility exists because they and everyone around them have lots of babies.

  15. I wish I didn't have to work but it sounds like it was a real good show.
    I am actually happy that they talked about Juliana's weight as a potential issue. I am pretty certain that if she were to have been overweight that this might have been a bit more sensitive topic to address "head-on". Ultimately, we vets know that weight matters - it may not be the only cause but it doesn't help.

    Thanks to all Vet representatives and i love the title of your DHs book "how to make love to a plastic cup"

  16. Ok, I'm back home and catching up on emails and here. Everyone who emailed me - you are the best! I will try and catch up and respond to each of you. I am so appreciative of the support.

    Before yesterday, I had never watched the show and certainly wasn't familiar with the cast of characters. I didn't have much to do with EH, but she did come in while we were getting hair and make up and prance around in the gold sequin dress. Very appropriate for 11AM discussion of infertility. I mean, it's not like we were discussing Oscar movies!

    And now for the back story: they sent the script last night, and of course, I prepared all of my responses to promote the agenda I wanted, about the need for infertility coverage and more research dollars.

    At the last minute, the producer (and I mean LAST minute), the producer told me that Barbara had adopted and when she heard I didn't want to adopt, she wanted to get into it, and they had to remind her that the show wasn't about adoption, it was about infertility. And I think she even said something like that on screen. But clearly she had an agenda, and then she tried to tell me after that you really need to love an adopted child even more, as if I wasn't serious because I wasn't prepared to adopt (10 cycles isn't serious?). It was a little insulting, but she's an old bat. Sherri was amazing, even talking to me after (when I asked her if we can get her involved in advocacy).

    They did not stick to their script at all and so I was a little thrown off by some of the questions, and had to backtrack to try and get in some of the points I wanted to make. And I got sucked into the exchange about ex-H, I really didn't want to waste precious airtime on my story, but I couldn't let it be about me being this crazy psycho who forced her husband to go through all of this shite to the point where he had to leave me. Not when I went through he!! with him, taking care of him through his enormous and much bigger cr@p and still stuck by him. So, unfortunately, I couldn't get around to insurance as much as I wanted. But I did tell Sherri and Barbara after about some of the success we've had and how it's going.

    About Whoopi: obviously, she wasn't on for my segment, but I was standing there ready to go on when she came off the Rancic segment, and she was muttering under her breath about the absurdity of saying you want a baby but aren't willing to gain 5 pounds. It was hysterical and amazing. She is the most real person I've ever met. I hugged her and chatted a bit and she asked me to leave my contact info (for whatever that is worth!).

    Overall, I don't regret doing it, but wish I could have made more salient points about infertility treatment, research and insurance coverage.

    Thank you to all who watched! I hope that you post your comments on The View webpage, it seems that they really do read those comments.

    And the greatest news of all, although I'm hoping I don't jinx it: Ex finally signed the Settlement Agreement and I'm going at 5:30 to sign myself. Of course, that's the end of ever getting my embryos, but at least this part is over!!

    Again, thank you everyone for your kind words and support.


  17. I can't wait to see this on hulu!! sounds like we were well-represented!

    On the weight issue -- I'm really interested to see that part of the segment. I was at one point in my life extremely thin and people seemed to feel free to say the most awful and judgemental things about it. I think it's a different kind of nasty than what's directed toward people who are overweight.

    edited to add: good luck at 5:30, riri - that's a big milestone. will be thinking of you.

  18. Riri...what a big day for you! Good luck at 5:30. I'm sure it's a moment filled with a lot of emotions.

    Thank you for your willingness to go public. You are a brave and generous soul indeed.

  19. I can't believe that Tivo recorded for me but it was black, seems the cable box went out! I can't believe it, all day at work i was looking forward to coming home and watching riri. Sob
    At least I got to read all of these comments to get an idea.
    I checked the views website and hopefully I can watch online tomorrow unless someone knows where I can watch it right now?

    Riri, good luck tonight and congratulations. Today is a very special day for you. Even though I haven't watched yet, I am proud of your courage for all of us.

  20. I ended up tivoing it because DH wanted to run errands. We watched the first part together before leaving. It was interesting hearing DH talk about celebrities and the false image they create around infertility.

    So - Riri and frans_L - you guys did so well! Riri- I loved how you stayed calm and got things back on track. And both of you - thanks for pointing out some of the realities of the process, the hormones, etc.

  21. Somebody let me know when it's available to view online! And well done, cool about the Whoopi hug.

  22. It should be on Hulu tomorrow. They may have segments from today now, but not the whole show.

    And if people want to comment on the view's web page (and we all know we like to comment!) go to:

    I haven't had a chance yet, but I say we deluge them with our thoughts!

  23. Somebody let me know when it's available to view online! And well done, cool about the Whoopi hug.

  24. Hey Sherm and Riri ~ great job representing real women. Wishing you both success. I would have loved a whole hour on you two but we'll take what we can get. You are both beautiful women.


    ETA ~ hope no one minds a non vet posting, just wanted to let these ladies know I admire their courage.

  25. I just finished watching. Good job! Thank you so much.

    but it was so hard to see Riri's fabulous shoes!

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